Learning Management System and Guided Discovery: Innovative Tools to Teaching Computer-Application to Business Students

Zeenath R. Khan


Blended learning, Technology


As a decade rolls into the next in the twenty first century, educators are nowhere near finding an answer to the dilemma of the right method of teaching that will entice the right type of learning in students. Particularly when teaching a subject of one stream to students of another. The language, methods, pedagogical fit, text book, everything contributes to the success or failure of teaching that subject. This paper looks into the possibility of using guided discovery and blended learning with learning management system in and out of classrooms to enhance student learning. Particularly, it looks at successful adaptation and implementation of learning management system as an aid to learning delivery of a computer application subject to a class that is majorly populated by business students with little or no IT background. The paper concludes with final grade measure over a four-year period and student responses that strongly support the approach used by the author, and a brief synopsis of the handbook that was eventually developed as part of the study to help students in effectively using the chosen learning management system.

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