Intelligent Analytics for Business Education

Waqar Haque and Erin M. Lutzer


Business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing, multidimensional analysis


Business Intelligence (BI) involves using complex analytics for strategic, tactical, and operational decision making. Among other things, this involves an understanding of concepts related to multidimensional online analytical processing, development of efficient data warehouses, identification of data mining algorithms and use of visualization tools. Relevant research in these areas is somewhat limited to commercial vendors and, therefore, many of the tools available are of proprietary nature. In this paper, we present a modularization of the analytics process and identify several areas where research can be focused from the academic perspective. To demonstrate the power of analytics, we have included an application which illustrates that the research can be carried out within business programs, and can have interdisciplinary focus, without extensive dependence on intense IT background. The chosen application also demonstrates that this technology is well within the reach of small-to-midsize businesses and can provide executives and business managers with better visibility of the organization through visualization, data mining, and ad hoc queries.

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