Websites that Develop Access to Mathematics Teaching Bring Mathematics to Real Life

Said Taan EL Hajjar


Mathematics, Websites, Tools, Animation, Technology, Software


Pupils nowadays are overwhelmed with scientific websites, gaming, and portable communication appliances. Following up with these appliances needs new methods of teaching. It is vital that new techniques are integrated into an online learning situation in order to build a society and stimulate students. I have found that websites significantly develop an online mathematics course. As a trivial pursuit, websites have need of students to seek the internet for solutions to real life difficulties, to make deductions and form a conclusion from that search. This study will present how the use of websites makes mathematics a little differently. Students seek for tools, software and resources they may use to enhance learning material based on precise standards, rationale and categories and then discuss benefits and shortcomings. Specific mathematical websites instances will be presented with the resulting online discussions, supplying students with an entry that releases into additional explorations of mathematical concepts.

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