An Empirical Study on Test Driven Development Process for Android Applications

Juncheng Chen, Yunzhi Xue, and Zhao Chen


Test driven development process, mobile applications, automatic GUI testing


The rapid expansion of mobile device market requires software vendors to deliver mobile applications with high quality within a short time limit. In this paper, we present an iterative test driven development(TDD) process for mobile applications running on Android. In each iteration of this process, developers can specify a new feature or improvement by specifying GUI elements and corresponding GUI behavior in a test case, then write or refactor code to pass the test. This process utilizes mGUITester, a test engine specially designed for Android's applications, to execute the test cases automatically. Empirical studies on two typical applications show that the TDD process can help semi-skilled developers improve product quality within limited time, but does not work equally well for beginners and professionals

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