Applied Ontology for Requirements Engineering: An Approach to Semantic Integration of Requirements Model with System Model

Masood S. Mir, Nitin Agarwal, and Kamran Iqbal


Modelling languages, modelling and simulation, requirements engineering, ontology


Requirements Engineering (RE) involves requirements elicitation, analysis, negotiation, specification, validation, and management. The latter three steps benefit from the presence of a system model conceived using a systems modeling language like SysML. As system design proceeds, semantic information interchange between requirements model and system model is required, frequently. During this process, manual reasoning and interpretation of the concepts and relationships in the models introduces inconsistencies due to lack of semantic mapping. In this paper, we introduce an applied Ontology for Requirements Engineering (ORE), which overcomes the aforementioned limitations. ORE is designed to be completely compatible with Systems Modeling Language (SysML), thus enabling a seamless integration of semantic information in models. Complete mapping between ORE and SysML model is demonstrated in the paper. Automated Reasoning is used to infer implicit information in the model and detect hidden inconsistencies. A comprehensive and functional case scenario is presented to demonstrate ORE’s capability to capture the semantics of a requirements model designed in SysML.

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