Service Oriented Organizational Interoperability Architectural Framework

Fantahun A. Zikie, Awel S. Dico, and Dida M. Debela


Organizational interoperability, business services, architectural framework, SOA


In the electronic provision of services to customers (citizens and businesses), issues of organizational interoperability remain challenging with the fact that strong and encompassing solution is yet to be realized, at least currently. In this ongoing research, a framework of organizational interoperability is developed, by considering standardization and specification of business services as a primary concern and making the business services a fourth layer as a necessary and sufficient condition to allow organizational interoperability. It is motivated by the fact that the existing claim to describe business process interoperability by considering cross organizational business process design fail as a result of difficulty in standardizing business processes across organizations. In this paper, the context of organizational interoperability is redefined, and a framework that depicts realization architecture, methods and approaches is proposed and discussed. Part of the work is encouraged by the global endeavors of standardizing services (as with products) and the long sought power and principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to design business services and the information technology that supports them, turning the business IT alignment vision and metaphor to strong reality.

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