An Interoperability Architectural Model based On Complex System Theory for the Ultra-Large-Scale Systems

Shervin Ostadzadeh, Babak Rezaei Rad, and Fereidoon Shams


Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Systems, interoperability, Complex System Theory, architectural model


Software Architecture has been in center of attention in late 90s as a comprehensive and leading solution regarding the development and maintenance of information systems. With a trend towards becoming more and more information based, enterprises constantly attempt to go beyond the accomplishments of each other by improving their information activities. This leads us on increasingly complex systems that will exceed the size of current systems and systems of systems by every measure. The sheer scale of these systems that are called Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) systems, will change everything, necessitating that we broaden our understanding of software architectures and the ways we structure them. In this paper, we proposed a 4-layer architectural model based on complex system theory in order to improve the interoperability of ULS systems.

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