Developing an Operational Framework for the Design of Children’s Software

Michael A. Hosein and Rhea L. Seegobin


Computers and technology in education, software design , children’s software


There are many elearning packages available that can help children learn by using the computer without the traditional classroom environment. While these packages are useful, there may sometimes be some design problems with them that need to be addressed. For example, some packages teach bad pronunciation for words, others make drawing areas too small. Some packages do not have any relevant cultural information for countries other than the origin of the software and others have reward levels that are too hard to achieve etc. This project looks at how software design can be improved so that a better overall product for children‟s education can be implemented. The findings based on the investigation suggest that several deficiencies do exist in the packages examined and remedying these faults can lead to even more beneficial packages for children.

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