Amit K. Bedaka, Chyi-Yeu Lin, and Shen-Tung Huang


Industrial manipulators, motion planning, robotics simulation, CAD,intelligent automation


This paper presents a low-cost autonomous computer aided design (CAD) model–based industrial robot motion planning platform for smalland medium-sized enterprises. The proposed approach is based on OPEN CASCADE open source libraries, which allow the users to independently develop and directly generate a robot path from CAD models. The core idea involves integrating CAD and robotics information to design and develop a virtual platform for 3D model importation, path planning, pose visualization, and robot script generation and modification within the same environment. The proposed platform fully utilizes geometric information from both the 3D object and the machine tool embedded in the CAD models and transforms them into the robot path required for an assigned task. This developed platform offers friendly interaction in an intuitive way so that in a few minutes, any user can generate a robot path and visualize the simulation graphically. To show the versatility of the generated paths from the proposed platform, three simulated tasks (path marking, glue dispensing, and laser cutting) using a 6-degree-of-freedom industrial manipulator were performed. To demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of the generated paths and the developed platform, tasks such as path marking and glue dispensing were mapped to a real site. This innovative platform can help many industries achieve a higher level of intelligent automation and increase quality while reducing the cost of production.

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