Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Engineering    (KSCE 2004)

November 22 – 24, 2004
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Editor(s): M. Boumedine, S. Ranka
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Track Applications FreeSubscription
430-015 Applying a Wearable Voice-Activated Computer to Instructional Applications in Clean Room Environments
C.A. Graves and M.L. Lupisella (USA)
430-040 Sharing Knowledge Across Projects: Limits to ICT-Led Project Review Practices
J. Swan (UK), S. Newell (USA), and H. Scarbrough (UK)
430-052 Augmenting Museum Experiences with Mixed Reality
C.E. Hughes, E. Smith, C. Stapleton, and D.E. Hughes (USA)
430-069 VCAD – A Virtual Enterprise Collaboration Model Impacting the Semiconductor Industry
W.-E. Matzke, G. Strube, H. Schmidt-Habich (Germany), and L. Drenan (USA)
430-075 Web-based Expert System for Property Valuation using Mobile Agent Technology
A.O. Ajayi, G.A. Aderounmu (Nigeria), and M.O. Adigun (South Africa)
430-081 Improved Workflow Management System based on XPDL
F. Puente, A. Rivero, J.D. Sandoval, P. Hernández, and C.J. Molina (Spain)
Track Collaborative Systems Issues FreeSubscription
430-044 Use of the Bales Model for Analysis of Small Group Communications in Computer-based Asynchronous Conferences
P.J. Fahy (Canada)
430-045 Application of an Event-Trigger-Rule System to Agricultural Homeland Security
S. Degwekar, S.Y.W. Su, H. Beck, C. Harmon, and G. Wisler (USA)
430-049 Patterns of Virtual Collaboration in Online Collaboration Systems
R.P. Biuk-Aghai (Macau) and S.J. Simoff (Australia)
430-051 Issues and Architecture for a Distributed Education Campus
R.T. Abler and I.G. Wells (USA)
430-057 Abstraction Flexibility in a Collaborative Infrastructure
V. Roussev (USA)
430-059 Querying XML Documents through SQL
F.J. Cartujano Escobar, A. García Mejía, R. Lozano Espinoza, C.A. Coutiño Gómez, and J. Torres Jimén
Track Information Processing and Mining FreeSubscription
430-021 On Traceability for Concurrent Engineering Environments
P. Mason and K. Cosh (Thailand)
430-027 Better Software Defect Prediction using Equalized Learning with Machine Learners
K. Kaminsky and G.D. Boetticher (USA)
430-074 (Semi-)Automatic Topic Map Generation from a Conventional Document Index
C. Köhler, A. Korthaus, and M. Schader (Germany)
430-087 Using Noun Phrase Centrality to Identify Topics for Extraction based Summaries
Z. Xie, P.C. Nelson, W. Xiao, and T.M. Tirpak (USA)
430-089 Optimization of Regression Models based on the Analysis of Risk Functions
R.M. Kil and I. Koo (Korea)
430-809 Extracting and Structuring Subcellular Location Information from On-Line Journal Articles: The Subcellular Location Image Finder
R.F. Murphy, Z. Kou, J. Hua, M. Joffe, and W.W. Cohen (USA)
Track Knowledge Acquisition and Extraction FreeSubscription
430-011 Dynamic Ontologies in Information Retrieval
J. Puustjärvi (Finland)
430-029 Heuristic Approximation of Optimal Paths in Spatial Databases by using Fuzzy Motivation Functions
A. Vancha-Am, A. Morris, and G. Vert (USA)
430-055 Acquiring and Filtering Knowledge: Discovery and Case-based Reasoning
E. Ajala and K. Ahmad (UK)
430-058 Innovation Systems and Knowledge Management: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
J. Ljungberg (Sweden)
430-088 Algebraic Signatures to Semantically Describe E-Commerce Data Sets for Integration
C. Adiele and S.A. Ehikioya (Canada)
Track Knowledge Management FreeSubscription
430-022 Analyzing the Evolution of KM: Theory and Practice
M. Robertson, J. Swan, and C. Oswick (UK)
430-030 Knowledge Management and Innovation in Health Care
H. Scarbrough, M. Robertson, and J. Swan (UK)
430-034 Supporting the Search for Co-operation Partners in Product Development, Design and Planning
O. Görlitz and R. Neubert (Germany)
430-035 Modelling Software Organizational Knowledge through Context
R. Mendes de Araujo (Brazil) and P. Brézillon (France)
430-039 Knowledge Construction in a Virtual Community of Teachers
A. Ninck, M. Lawniczak, and A. Röllinghoff (Switzerland)
Track Knowledge Management System Issues FreeSubscription
430-050 MEDUSA-Framework for Secure Peer-to-Peer Sharing of Topic-Map based Knowledge
B. Brügge, P. Renner, M. Strassberger, and M. Adamski (Germany)
430-056 Ubiquitous Computing for Knowledge Management
D. Rathi, V. Singh, and J. Gebauer (USA)
430-080 Knowledge Intranet: A Socio-Cultural Perspective on Knowledge Sharing and ICT Use
U.L. Snis and L. Svensson (Sweden)
430-094 Design of a Collaborative System
M. Wang and G.C. Fox (USA)
430-102 Robust Methods for Databases and Robotics
C.Rodríguez Lucatero (Mexico), M. de Rougemont (France), and R. Lozano Espinosa (Mexico)
Track Special Session: Knowledge-based System for Learning FreeSubscription
430-099 An Ontology and Knowledge Representation of a Financial Audit System
J.A. Akinyemi, S.A. Ehikioya, F.G. Olumofin, and C. Adiele (Canada)
430-802 A Software Agent Infrastructure for Timely Information Delivery
J. Beach, S.N. Minton, and W.E. Rzepka (USA)
430-803 Semantic Web Technologies – Not Just for the Web
G.T. Capraro, G.B. Berdan, M.C. Wicks, J.S. Peretta, and R.A. Liuzzi (USA)
430-804 Extraction of Elusive Information from Text
E.D. Liddy (USA)
430-805 Choosey Program Managers Choose Web-based Collaborating and Reporting Tools
W.A. Bosco and F.H. Born (USA)
430-806 Multi-INT Applications for Graph Pattern Matching
S.E. Marcus and B. Thomason (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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