Applied Simulation and Modelling    (ASM 2009)

September 7 – 9, 2009
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Editor(s): P. Fonseca i Casas
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Track Modelling, Simulation and Applications FreeSubscription
682-014 Dst Index Prediction using Joint and Dual Unscented Kalman Filter
B. Kaewkham-ai (Thailand) and R.F. Harrison (UK)
682-015 The Modeling of the Electron Movements inside the Atom on the Base of the Non-Quantum Physics
V.A. Zhmud and S.V. Bugrov (Russia)
682-018 Applications of One Approach to Identification of Continuous-Time Systems in Self-Tuning Control
M. Kubalčík and V. Bobál (Czech Republic)
682-022 2D Analysis of Parallel Conductors with Polygon Shape using Special Boundary Segment Functions
E. Huijer (Lebanon)
682-025 Building a Modular Multi-Sensor Simulation Framework using Cots Software and HLA
M. Karlsson, F. Näsström, and G. Haapalahti (Sweden)
682-026 The Automatic Attaching Function of the Cellular Data System
T. Kodama, T.L. Kunii, and Y. Seki (Japan)
682-028 A Simulation Framework for Testing Flow Control Strategies
M. Gayer, M. Milovanovic, and O.M. Aamo (Norway)
682-031 An Integrated Approach for On-Line Fault Detection to Hydraulic Driven Systems
C. Angeli and A. Chatzinikolaou (Greece)
682-033 Using Fatigue Analyses from FEA to Study the Biomechanics of Restored Teeth with Intraradicular Posts
J.L. Sancho-Bru, P.J. Rodríguez-Cervantes, A. Pérez-González, and C. González-Lluch (Spain)
682-038 Evaluation of Radar Task Scheduling Algorithms based on Simulation Methodology
M.I. Jiménez, A. Izquierdo, L. del Val, J.J. Villacorta, and M. Raboso (Spain)
682-054 Estimation of Drag Coefficient from Free Flight Data of an Artillery Rocket using Neural Networks
G.G. Dutta, A. Singhal, and A.K. Ghosh (India)
682-066 Modeling and Simulation of Data Center Ethernet
L.L. Toh, Z.C. Thin, W.W.L. Kyaw, Y. Mon, E.M.Y. Tan, and K.M.M. Aung (Singapore)
Track Simulation Tools and Techniques FreeSubscription
682-030 A New Method for Numerical Simulation of 3D Motion Effects on Motion and Roundness Reconstruction based upon Parametric Mathematical Modelling
G. Miori, G. Parzianello, M. De Cecco, I. Cristofolini, C. Trevisan, G. Boselli, P. Gaboardi, and M. Da Lio (Italy)
682-062 Required Conditions to Identify Petri Net Models based on an Asymptotic Identification Approach
M.E. Meda-Campaña, A. Chavoya, and C. Lopez-Martin (Mexico)
682-064 Dynamic Arc Weight in Petri Nets
R. Melberg and R. Davidrajuh (Norway)
682-068 Development of a Genetic Algorithm for the Optimization of Hexapod Robot Parameters
M.F. Silva, R.S. Barbosa, and J.A. Tenreiro Machado (Portugal)
Track Applied Simulation in Bioenvironmental Sector FreeSubscription
682-024 Neural Networks for Estimating Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange using Incomplete Eddy Covariance Data
H. Niska, N. Shurpali, P. Martikainen, M. Kolehmainen (Finland)
682-037 Modelling Chinese Mercury Emissions, 1984-2004
K.H. Tiedemann (Canada)
682-040 Finite Element Modeling of Resonating MEMS Micro-Heater Structures for Design Verification and Optimization
J.V. Crosby and M.G. Guvench (USA)
682-058 Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Heat Transport WITHIN a Region WITH Thermal Springs
J. Kralovcova, K. Cisarova, J. Kopal, and J. Maryska (Czech Republic)
Track Applied Simulation in the Health Sector FreeSubscription
682-011 Dynamical Runaway Growth and Simulation of Cancer amongst Spatial Animat Agents
K.A. Hawick and C.J. Scogings (New Zealand)
682-034 Classification of Eye Movement Potentials using Time Frequency Analysis
R. Sudirman, W.M. Bukhari, and W. Daud (Malyasia)
682-039 Impact of Health Care Expenditures on Death Rates for Selected Causes of Death in Canada, 1979-2003
K.H. Tiedemann (Canada)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
682-009 The Modeling Tests of the New PID-Regulators Structures
A.A. Voevoda, V.A. Zhmud, P.Y. Ishimtsev, and V.M. Semibalamujt (Russia)
682-023 The Use of Modelling for the Speed Precision Phase Meter Metrological Attestation under the Condition of the Absence of Primary Standard Measuring Devices
A.A. Voevoda, V.A. Zhmud, A.M. Goncharenko, V.I. Gololobov, and A.V. Liapidevsky (Russia)
682-061 Accessing the Impact of Quantification Errors in Traffic Simulation Models
L. Vasconcelos, Á. Seco, and A.B. Silva (Portugal)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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