Control and Applications    (CA 2013)

August 26 – 28, 2013
Honolulu, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Applications FreeSubscription
805-004 Performance Analysis of a Power System using a Robust Control Technique
Alfonso López-Martínez, Manuel A. Andrade, Daniel Alaniz-Lumbreras, Marco T. Mata-Jiménez, Jesús de León-Morales, María Araiza-Esquivel, and Efrén González-Ramirez
805-027 Dynamical Analysis of Trunk Load Caused by Different Weight Distribution of Prosthetic Arm Systems
Masashi Sekine, Kento Sugimori, Le Xie, and Wenwei Yu
805-065 The Active Power Control Strategy of a DFIG based on Grid Dispatch
Deliang Zeng, Rui Shen, and Man Zhang
805-005 Integration of Navigation Satellite System and Vision System for Precise Positioning
Chi-Ho Park and Nam-Hyeok Kim
805-048 Power Quality Disturbance Recognition Employing State Vector Machine Methods
Jiansheng Huang, Zhuhan Jiang, Leanne Rylands, and Michael Negnevitsky
805-070 Multi-Variable IMC-PID Control for Coal-Fired Boiler-Turbine Units
Le Wei and Fang Fang
805-067 Quantifying Brain Rhythm with Data-Driven Subscale Entropy
Young-Seok Choi
805-080 Adaptive Power and Rate Control for Wireless Networks with Time-Varying Delay
Cunwu Han, Dehui Sun, Yuntao Shi, and Song Bi
805-085 Quality of Service in MPLS Networks
Abdoul Rassaki and Andre L. Nel
805-077 Design of Portfolio Optimization Strategies and Limitations of Performance Analysis
Srikanth Sridharan and Armando A. Rodriguez
805-073 Development of a Thermo-Feedback Vision Assistive System
Wadee S. Alhalabi and Sara H. Ba Abdullah
Track Control FreeSubscription
805-071 Realization Theory as a Tool of Stability Analysis for Kinetic Systems
Dávid Csercsik and Gábor Szederkényi
805-050 Nonlinear H-Infinity Control Strategy for Differential Braking System of a Passenger Car
Ali Fellah Jahromi, Wen-Fang Xie, and Rama B. Bhat
805-063 Analysis and Multi-Model Control of a Nonlinear Boiler Model
Deliang Zeng, Man Zhang, and Rui Shen
805-046 Detection and Diagnosis of Plant-Wide Oscillations using Granger Causality
Vitor O. Thomaz and Celso J. Munaro
805-059 The Method of Trajectories Formation for Dynamic Objects Spatial Motion in Conditions of Control Signals Saturation
Alexander V. Lebedev
805-061 An Applying Multi-Parametric Quadratic Programming Algorithm for Contrained Control Allocation System
Van Phuoc Bui, Sang Won Ji, and Young Bok Kim
805-016 Application of Adaptive Tracking in Fengyun Antenna System
Qing-shuo Li, Zhi-gang Wang, Jiang-shui Yue, and Guo-qing Huang
805-037 Studies on Stable Stabilizing Controllers for a Rotational Pendulum
Seiji Tanaka, Xin Xin, and Taiga Yamasaki
805-076 Model Predictive Control for Uncertain Stochastic Systems
Jie Sheng, Liqian Zhang, and Shengyuan Xu
805-012 Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration based on the Kalman Filter Method
Etienne Aubin Mbe Mbock
Track Identification and Estimation FreeSubscription
805-032 Parametric Control of Regional Unions on the Basis of the Econometric Models
Abdykappar A. Ashimov, Yuriy V. Borovskiy, Bakhyt T. Sultanov, Rakhman A. Alshanov, Nurlan T. Sailaubekov, Bakytzhan A. Aisakova, and Dauren T. Aidarkhanov
805-020 Dynamic Model and Identification of a Spur Gear System
Steffen Buechner, Stephan Zschaeck, Arvid Amthor, Christoph Ament, and Mike Eichhorn
805-010 Proposal of Method for Personal Identification with Flick Input
Shuhei Kobata, Yuki Terabayashi, and Ryuya Uda
805-075 Experimental Evaluation of Input Designs for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Open-Loop System Identification
Kurt E. Häggblom and Jari M. Böling
Track Modelling and Simulation FreeSubscription
805-047 Deployable Stratospheric Airship Dynamic Modeling and Characteristic Analysis
Binbin Zhang, Kemao Ma, Youyang Qu, and Jie Ma
805-057 Modeling Vehicular Cyber Physical Systems based on AADL
Lichen Zhang
805-033 Study on Microbial Depolymerization Processes of Exogenous Type by Modeling and Simulation
Masaji Watanabe and Fusako Kawai
Track Robotics FreeSubscription
805-003 Traffic Sign Recognition using Multi-Modal Representation for Intelligent Vehicles
Zixing Cai and Mingqin Gu
805-018 Safe Control of Omnidirectional Mobile Robots in Consideration of Trouble Detection
Nobuhiro Ushimi and Kazuhiro Tsuruta
805-072 Differentially Flat Trajectory Control of a 6-DOF Industrial Robot Manipulator
Elisha D. Markus, John T. Agee, and Adisa A. Jimoh
805-084 Simulation-based Approach to Teach the Motion Systems Design and Control
Cyrus Raoufi
805-026 Model Predictive Control of a Two-Wheeled Robot
Ronald P.M. Chan, Karl A. Stol, and C. Roger Halkyard
805-025 Guidance, Navigation, and Control of an Unmanned Hovercraft
George Vachtsevanos
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
777-025 Learning Ontology from Relational Database: An Automatic Ontology Construction Approach
Maruf Pasha, Abdul Sattar, and Haider Abbas
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