UWB Industrial Radio Channel Coherent Paths Statistics Derived from Measurements

J. Kunisch and J. Pamp (Germany)


Ultra-Wideband, Radio Channel, Coherent Path, Multipath Envelope, Time of Arrival, Azimuth Spread


This paper presents results derived from 3-11 GHz direc tional radio channel measurements in an industrial envi ronment. We focus on two scenarios for communication and localization using sensors and access points, namely sensor-to-access point and access point-to-access point. Results for the distribution of time and angle of arrival and power of coherent paths, and power azimuth delay spectra are given. For example, we find log-logistic and Weibull marginal distributions for the arrival times. We analyse and adapt a Fourier technique to estimate the power azimuth delay spectrum from ultra-wideband array data. Further more, a robust approach to estimate the envelope of the dif fuse multipath background from the power azimuth delay spectrum is proposed, which is useful to identify coherent paths. As a side result, for the resulting envelopes the IEEE 802.15.4a NLOS envelope model gives a reasonable match similar to Franceschetti’s envelope derived from a stochas tic ray propagation model.

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