An Online Graduate Computer Science Program Delivered via Simulteaching

J.M. Pullen, R. Simon, and P.M. McAndrews


Web-based education, synchronous distance education, open sourcesoftware, online degree


There is widespread and growing interest in distance education conducted online over the Internet. The authors have presented and supported online courses for several years in a mode called simulteaching, where the instructor presents to a group of students in the classroom simultaneously with another group online. Since 2002, the authors have participated in an expanding program of Computer Science and Information Technology that uses a system consisting of open source software components. The system, developed by our laboratory, is called Network EducationWare (NEW). Whereas traditional synchronous online teaching can be complex and costly, the combination of simulteaching and the NEW software results in a system that is well accepted by students and faculty and also costs very little to operate. This paper describes the style of teaching, the open source software it uses, the graduate degree program it enables, and the initial student outcomes that have been measured.

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