A Model of Meta-Learning for Web-Based Navigational Learning

A. Kashihara and S. Hasegawa


Meta-Learning, Navigational Learning, Web Contents, Hyperspace,Learning Affordance


Learning how to learn, which is called meta-learning, contributes to learning more effectively and efficiently. Meta-learning plays a crucial role particularly in self-directed learning such as learning on the Web. Web contents require learners not only to navigate Web pages to construct their knowledge but also to control the navigation and knowledge construction processes. Learning how to control the navigational learning process corresponds to meta- learning of Web contents. The main issue addressed in this paper is how to model the meta-learning process to create a model that can be a principle for designing a meta-learning tool. This paper also demonstrates meta-learning tools, that are designed according to the meta-learning models. The tools can enhance the capability of controlling the navigational learning process.

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