ASK-LDT: A Web-Based Learning Scenarios Authoring Environment Based on IMS Learning Design

D.G. Sampson, P. Karampiperis, and P. Zervas


Learning Activities, Learning Design, Authoring, Web-based Educational Systems


The need for e-learning systems that support a diverse set of pedagogical requirements has been identified as an important issue in web-based education. Until now, significant R&D effort has aimed towards web-based educational systems tailored to specific pedagogical approaches. As a response to pedagogical concerns towards standardization and interoperability needs, Educational Modelling Languages (EMLs) were introduced. These languages attempt to provide a formal way of representing the educational process in a commonly agreed manner. Nevertheless, there still exists very few web-based educational systems that support EMLs. One of the key issues to be considered when designing web-based educational systems to support EML is the adoption of easy-to-use tools for the definition of learning scenarios. In this paper we present the ASK Learning Designer Toolkit (ASK-LDT), a learning scenarios graphical authoring system that utilizes the IMS Learning Design specification, and preliminary evaluation results from its use.

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