Design and Implementation of a PC-based Controller for a New Cable Driven Robot

A. Alikhani, F. Ghahremani (Iran), S. Behzadipour (Canada), and B. Ebrahimi (Iran)


Cable Driven Robot, PC-Based Control, Communication and Signal Processing


Cable driven robots are essential facilities for fast and precise transfer of suspended loads over long distances. A control scheme suitable for cable driven robot must not only ensures that the robot follows the desired reference trajectory, but also guarantees that all cable tensions always maintain positive values. This paper presents a new modular, parallel, distributed configuration design and implementation for a new developed nonlinear cable driven robot control system based on compatible Personal Computer with 80x86 architecture. The robot is a high speed redundant cable driven robot with six axes in control; three of which are force control and the rest allocated for position control. The control system uses two parallel timed-loops on a dual core processor and utilizes a non-deterministic optimization function. The controller is divided into two parts: a real-time controller and a user interface. Distributed parts communicate through a network. Experimental results for sophisticated trajectory tracking demonstrate effectiveness of the implemented control scheme.

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