Meaningful Learning through E-learning

Carmina V. Tolentino


e-learning, meaningful learning


ABSTRACT Meaningful learning happens when students start to believe and gain interest to what they are doing, and then demonstrate skills and exhibit personalities that can be positive or negative. Through e-learning, students gain values, and connect with their projects thus meaningful learning occurred. However, the process of how students experience meaningful learning through e-learning was the focus of this study. The study interviewed 15 students who used e-learning as a form of instruction in the tertiary level and students who are enrolled in the expanded tertiary education equivalency and accreditation program. They believed that as IT students, e-learning is part of the curriculum, and through it they experienced meaningful learning. Pre-service teachers believed that classroom interaction among classmates and teachers can bring more meaningful learning although, they also believed that they can experience meaningful learning through e-learning if used more often and in a longer period. On the other hand, ETEEAP engineering students via distance education have problems experiencing meaningful learning due to limited interaction with their instructor and colleagues. Although, they believed that if given more time, with deep immersion and having a well-trained instructor for on-line courses and suitable media and instructional method, meaningful learning could occur.

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