Upgrading the Training of Undergraduate Students by Addressing Market Demands

Cicero F.F. Costa Filho, Orlewilson B. Maia, Marly G. F. Costa, Vicente F. L. Júnior, Ricardo E. V. S. Rosa, Adriano M. Gil, Paulo R. B. Mendonça, and Ozeney S. Silva


Interaction University-Company, applications, mobile devices


This paper presents results of an interaction between The Center of Electronic and Information Technology of Amazonas Federal University and companies of the Industrial Park in Manaus, Brazil, which aims at further training undergraduate students of electrical engineering, computer engineering and design programs. The students develop research and extension activities on issues of interest to industry. The benefits to the university include professional initiation and training of students, the creation of a laboratory infrastructure and greater participation of university teachers in the project. The details of this project, the student activities, the interaction model between university and company, and the methodology used in development of activities are described in this paper. In the end, certain applications developed by students for Nokia are presented here as well.

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