Gang Chen, and Bo Jin


Position–posture trajectory, position–posture trajectory tracking, position–posture trajectory tracking gait, six-legged walking robot


This study examines the accurate position–posture trajectory tracking (PPT-tracking) of a six-legged walking robot. A six-legged walking robot platform designed for this study is introduced, and the D-H model of the robot is constructed. The PPT-tracking control of the robot is analysed and the model is built. The PPT- tracking control algorithm of the robot is proposed to implement the accurate PPT-tracking. Then, the PPT-tracking gait of the robot based on tripod gait is studied for the robot to track the accurate position–posture trajectory during walking. The motion models of the supporting and the swinging legs are constructed, respectively. The PPT-tracking gait planning of the robot is proposed to implement the PPT-tracking gait. A co-simulation by MATLAB and ADAMS as well as an experiment on the robot platform are conducted; the results verify the validity of the PPT-tracking control method. Two co-simulations by MATLAB and ADAMS with the tripod and the PPT-tracking gaits under the same circumstance are conducted, respectively. The comparison results of the two co-simulations demonstrate that the PPT-tracking gait successfully implements the accurate PPT-tracking for the robot.

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