Software Engineering    (SE 2006)

February 14 – 16, 2006
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): P. Kokol
387 pages
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Track Tutorial FreeSubscription
518-815 Tutorial: Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
M. Oprea (Romania)
Track Special Session: Web Engineering FreeSubscription
518-809 Legal Issues in Web Contracting
E. Kafeza (Greece), F.W.-H. Chan (PRC), and I. Kafeza (Greece)
518-810 Web Application Development Employing Domain-Specific Languages
M. Nussbaumer, P. Freudenstein, and M. Gaedke (Germany)
518-811 From Single-Site Web Applications to the Design of Web-Site-Families
C. Eichinger and M. Schrefl (Austria)
518-812 Ontology-based Learning Applications: A Development Methodology
D. Kanellopoulos, S. Kotsiantis, and P. Pintelas (Greece)
518-813 A Visual Data Mapping Tool for Software Components Interactions in Service-Oriented Architectures
M. Brambilla, S. Ceri, S. Comai, and C. Tziviskou (Italy)
518-814 A Tool for Extracting Model Clones From a Conceptual Schema
E. Faliagka, M. Rigou, S. Sirmakessis, and G. Tzimas (Greece)
Track Web Service and Mobile FreeSubscription
518-045 Web Service Architectures Need Constraining Standards: An Agenda for Developing Systems WITHOUT Client-Side Software Adapters
T. Lahiri and M. Woodman (UK)
518-056 Modeling Authorization in an SOA based Application Scenario
M. Alam, M. Hafner, and R. Breu (Austria)
518-063 A Mobile Phone based Ubiquitous System for Capturing and Sending Images Automatically
A. Peñalver Benavent and O. Martinez Bonastre (Spain)
518-084 W2000 meets J2ME for the Fast Prototyping of Mobile Web Applications
L. Baresi and L. Mainetti (Italy)
518-096 Using Design Patterns in Mobile Communication Development
R. Kereskényi, B. Forstner, and H. Charaf (Hungary)
518-805 Development of a Web-based Project Management System Prototype with Strong Control Mechanisms
H.-M. Ho, S.-L. Hung, and L. Ma (PRC)
Track Formal and Visual Approaches FreeSubscription
518-043 Tool-Assisted Multi-Facet Analysis of Formal Specifications (Using Alelier-B and ProB)
J.C. Attiogbé (France)
518-071 A Visual Language for the Description of Algorithmic Semantics
Y. Watanobe, N.N. Mirenkov, and R. Yoshioka (Japan)
518-088 Formalization of Multiplicity in UML Association
Yong Yang (Singapore)
518-094 User-Extensible Compiler Front-End Generator
S.-J. Wang, L.-F. Jin, C.-Z. Jin, and L. Liu (PRC)
518-800 Formal Verification Framework for Safety of Real-Time System based on Timed Automata Model in PVS
Q. Xu and H. Miao (PRC)
Track Software Development FreeSubscription
518-007 A Visual Tool for Generating Extensible Mobile Application Skeltons to Reduce Failures in Java MIDP Applications
M. Palviainen, J. Yliaho, and J. Soininen (Finland)
518-011 Exploring Group Size on Software Inspection Performance: Report From 2 Controlled Experiments
P. Patara, N.J.C. Yaw, and L.P.W. Land (Australia)
518-020 A Component-based Software Building Environment
N. Matsuki and O. Ryabov (Japan)
518-022 A Method for Reverse Extraction of Object Statechart Diagram with Controllable Granularity
J. Zhang, T. Feng, D. Li, and Q. Yuan (PRC)
518-025 A Visual Control Flow Language for Model Transformation Systems
L. Lengyel, T. Levendovszky, G. Mezei, and H. Charaf (Hungary)
518-042 An Entity-Relationship Model based Conceptual Framework for Model Driven Development
Y. Duan, X. Fu, S.C. Cheung, and Y. Gu (PRC)
518-047 Organization of Embedded System Development Methodology for Developing Product Family
J. Lee, J.-H. Cho, K.-M. Park, and J.-S. Kim (Korea)
518-048 UML-based Modeling and Simulation Method for Mission-Critical Real-Time Embedded System Development
K.-S. Choi, S.-C. Jung, H.-J. Kim, D.-H. Bae, and D-H. Lee (Korea)
518-049 Data Migration using Iterative Methodology
A.K. Syed and V.V.S. Raveendra (India)
518-050 Towards an Acceptable DRM Solution
N. Voicu and C. Marinescu (Romania)
518-052 Visual Presentation Solutions for Domain Specific Languages
G. Mezei, T. Levendovszky, and H. Charaf (Hungary)
518-068 MOFCOM: A Tool for Model-based Software Development
Z. László and T. Sulyán (Hungary)
518-072 Software Design By Uncertain Requirements
D. Kumlander (Estonia)
518-075 Using Classpects for Integrating Non-Functional and Functional Requirements
T. Marew and D.H. Bae (Korea)
518-090 Model-based Development of Real Time Systems using RTSM Tool
E. Kazanavicius, A. Liutkevicius, A. Vrubliauskas, R. Zukaitis, and V. Kazanavicius (Lithuania)
518-097 Template Matching on XML Streams
E. Höfig (Germany)
518-107 An Extension of UML 2.0 for Representing Variability on Product Line Architecture
Y. Choi, S. Yoon, G. Shin, and Young Jong Yang (Korea)
518-108 Developer Dependencies Meet Code Dependencies
S. Jucknath-John and J. Bochnia (Germany)
518-801 Experiential Learning: The Key to Teaching Software Development
D.J. Powell and J. Hollingsworth (USA)
518-803 The Development of MDA-based Software Product-Line Process and Supporting Tool
K.S. Hwang, M.S. Song, and Y.J. Yang (Korea)
518-808 Using AOP to Improve Design Patterns Modularity
M.L. Bernardi and G.A. Di Lucca (Italy)
Track Performance, Evaluation, and Assessment FreeSubscription
518-010 A Study on Performance of Infrared Data Broadcasting using Probability Approach
D. Cai and R. Kawashima (Japan)
518-053 Evaluating User Performance using KALDI: A Computer-Aided Usability Engineering Tool
G. Al-Qaimari (UAE) and D. McRosstie (Australia)
518-064 Architecture Requirements Engineering Accuracy and Error - The Analysis Method (Area-team): Islamabad Stock Exchange Case Study
M.A. Aman, M. Sulayman, and K. Rashid (Pakistan)
518-067 Using Queueing Model in Predicting the Response Time of ASP.NET Web Applications
A. Bogárdi-Mészöly, T. Levendovszky, and H. Charaf (Hungary)
518-074 Testing of Interorganizational Workflows
A. Lechner (Austria)
518-082 Information System Process Improvement: A Managerial Perspective and Proposal of a General Framework
A. Mishra, D. Mishra, and I. Akman (Turkey)
518-095 Superimposed Delegation
B.N. Jørgensen (Denmark)
518-098 Identifying Error Prone Paths in Software With Genetic Algorithms
J.R. Birt and R. Sitte (Australia)
518-109 An Explorative, Operational Method Supporting Usability Evaluation of Technology Changes in Work Contexts
L. Pareto and U.L. Snis (Sweden)
518-111 Towards a Unified Paradigm for Verification and Validation of Systems Engineering Design Models
L. Alawneh, M. Debbabi, F. Hassaïne, Y. Jarraya, P. Shahi, and A. Soeanu (Canada)
518-112 Analysis of Software Processes based on a Classification Method
L. Inchaiwong and A.S.M. Sajeev (Australia)
518-802 Building a Multi-Platform Performance Measurement Tool
K.S. Hwang and K.H. Lee (Korea)
518-807 A Novel Technique to Verify the UML Use Case Diagrams
Y. Kotb and T. Katayama (Japan)
Track Software Maintenance FreeSubscription
518-021 Combining Robust Analysis and Technology Forecasting: A Missing Combination in Contemporary Methods
G. Calås, S. Mankefors-Christiernin, and A. Boklund (Sweden)
518-027 Developing Software Evolution Estimation Methods for Software Industry
J. Koskinen, J.J. Ahonen, T. Tilus, H. Sivula, I. Kankaanpää, H. Lintinen, and P. Juutilainen (Finland)
518-028 Industrial Case Study of Software Maintenance Evaluations
J. Koskinen, H. Lintinen, T. Tilus, H. Sivula, I. Kankaanpää, J.J. Ahonen, and P. Juutilainen (Finland)
518-032 Nested Software Structure Maintained by aedNLC Graph Grammar
L. Kotulski (Poland)
518-044 Does God Class Decomposition Affect Comprehensibility?
B. Du Bois, S. Demeyer, J. Verelst, T. Mens, and M. Temmerman (Belgium)
518-069 Graph Repository as a Core of Environment for Distributed Software Restructuring and Refactoring
L. Kotulski and A. Nowak (Poland)
Track Software Testing FreeSubscription
518-003 The RATG System: Reducing Time with an Approach of Testing based on Combinatorial Design Method
D.V. Gopala Raju, K.V.S.V.N. Raju, and A. Damodaram (India)
518-009 Combining Partition and Random Testing
R. Torkar and S. Mankefors-Christiernin (Sweden)
518-041 An Approach for Specification based Testing for Platforms
R. Nadaf, R.P.J.C. Bose, and P. Singh (India)
518-078 Relational Operator Mutants Revisited
H.M. Pillai and D.A. Gustafson (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Web Engineering; Web Service and Mobile; Formal and Visual Approaches; Software Development; Performance, Evaluation, and Assessment; Software Maintenance; and Software Testing.

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