Alliances, Mergers, and Acquisitions    (AMA 2004)

November 8 – 9, 2004
MIT Cambridge, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Strategic Alliances FreeSubscription
435-005 Moving Beyond Local Search: Innovative Performance and the Role of Alliance Networks
V.A. Gilsing and C.E.A.V. Lemmens (The Netherlands)
435-009 Maintaining the Privilege of Patent Opinions in Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions
D.J. Dykeman and D.W. Kopko (USA)
435-011 Price Effects of Airline Consolidation Evidence from the Transatlantic Markets
V. Bilotkach (Ukraine)
435-035 Networking Capability as a Prerequisite for Cooperative Innovation Success – An Individual Manager's Perspective
C. Prange, B. Bojkowszky, and B. Wieshofer (Austria)
Track Mergers and Acquisitions: Theory and Experiences FreeSubscription
435-008 Experimental and Model Learning and the Propensity to Make Exceptionally Large Acquisitions
T. Laamanen, M.V.J. Maula, and M. Mullagiri (Finland)
435-013 Enterprise Resource Optimization Following a Merger or an Acquisition
J.F. Shapiro (USA)
435-019 The Eclipse of LBO Research in Strategic Management
M.R. Braun (USA)
435-020 A New Look at Industry Recipes: Theory of Conventions
J.M. Roch (Canada)
435-041 Acquirer and Target Competitive Strategy & Operational Effectiveness and Their Effect on Acquisition Performance
P.A. Mudde and T. Brush (USA)
435-042 Are M&A Markets Efficient?: Examining Factors that Predict Whether Firms are Acquirers or Targets
P.A. Mudde (USA)
435-801 Why Don't Event Studies Detect the Anticompetitive Effects of Horizontal Mergers?
P. Lasserre (Canada) and M. Souissi (France)
435-807 A LOGIT Model Applied to Predict Corporate Takeovers
D. Dhayanithy and K. Vasudevan (India)
Track Social Scope of AMA FreeSubscription
435-007 Selection Process for Restructuring Strategies for Sick Companies
A. Ashta (France), F. Diaz (Spain), and L. Tolle (France)
435-024 A Social Network Approach to Post-Merger Integration
K. Marmenout (Canada)
435-039 When Worlds Collide: The Need for Cultural Assessment and Integration
J.R. Carleton (USA) and A. Stevens (UK)
435-040 Supporting M&A Integration with International HR Assignments
H. Mayerhofer (Austria) and L.C. Hartmann (Australia)
435-043 Integrating Merging Firms – The Importance of Informal Socialization in Merger Success
P.T. Whalen (USA)
Track Implementation and Integration: Case Studies FreeSubscription
435-015 A Case Analysis of a New Strategic Alliances Attempt from the IT Sector of an Up and Coming Market; Turkey
M. Ferman and B. Uyan (Turkey)
435-021 Mergers and Acquisitions in the Logistics Service Industry: Case Study Findings
L. Häkkinen (Finland)
435-026 International Co-operation and Value Creation, Experiences from the Boardroom in Optimizing International Co-operation Strategies
H.J.C. Bakker, M.N.F. Babeliowsky and F.J.W. Stevenaar (The Netherlands)
435-031 Integration Processes and Organizational Combinations in Horizontal Mergers and Acquisitions
F. Leroy (France)
435-800 ABB-Flakt Merger in India: A Case Analysis
K. Ghosh Ray (India)
435-808 The Impact of Acquisitions on Firm Performance Evidence from Private & Closely Held Companies
C. Gioia (Denmark)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Strategic Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions: Theory and Experiences, Social Scope of AMA, Implementation and Integration: Case Studies.

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