Biomechanics    (BioMech 2006)

August 28 – 30, 2006
Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Editor(s): Manuel Doblaré
84 pages
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Track Tissue Mechanics and Modelling FreeSubscription
542-001 The Influence of the Tensor Fasciae Latae on the Loading of the Femoral Mid-Shaft
J.F. Williams, C.D.L. Thomas, J.G. Clement, and R. Bruns (Australia)
542-011 Research of Muscle Stiffness Characteristics Duality
M. Mariūnas and K. Daunoravičienė (Lithuania)
542-012 Contact Stress Analysis of Cemented Acetabular Implant
J. Jíra, J. Vyčichl, J. Jírová, A. Sosna, and D. Pokorný (Czech Republic)
542-020 Modeling and Simulation of the External Unilateral Mechatronic Orthopaedic Fixator - Bone System
W. Choromanski, A. Lesniewska, G. Dobrzynski, and J. Deszczynski (Poland)
542-024 Force-Time Characteristics of Posterior-to-Anterior Thoracic Spinal Manipulations under Simultaneous Longitudinal Axial Distraction of the Spine
M.R. Gudavalli and J.M. Cox (USA)
542-031 Measuring Strains on Fracture Femurs with Osteosynthesis Bone Plates using Fibre Bragg Sensors and Strain Gauges
P.M. Talaia, I. Abe, M.W. Schiller, P. Lopes, R.N. Nogueira, J.L. Pinto (Portugal), R. Claramunt (Spain), and J.A. Simões (Portugal)
Track Hemodynamics and Signal Processing FreeSubscription
542-003 Conceptual Study of an Integrated MEMS Micropump used for Medical Purposes
C. Ravariu, F. Ravariu, and O. Nedelcu (Romania)
542-008 The Research of Inter-Compensation of Manufacturing Deviation and Links Elastic Deformations of Leg Prosthesis
M. Mariūnas, A. Šešok, and I. Trimonis (Lithuania)
542-021 Mechanical Characterisation of Insole Materials used for Diabetic Insole Orthotics
C. Llobell Andrés, N. Porta Rosas, M.J. Fernández, A. Camp Faulí, G. Morey Klapsing, E. Montiel Parreño (Spain)
542-030 Effects of Dietary Calcium Deficiency on Morphological and Mechanical Characteristics of Caudal Vertebral Bone in Living Rats
D.G. Woo, C.Y. Ko, T.W. Lee, M.J. Joo, H.R. Lee, and H.S. Kim (Korea)
542-033 Weightlifting (Snatch) Optimization by Artificial Neural Networks
N. Jamshidi, M. Rostami, A. Reza Arshi, and F. Salaami (Iran)
542-801 Optimization of Antiangiogenic Therapy as Optimal Control Problem
A. Swierniak, G. Gala (Poland), A. Gandolfi, and A. d'Onofrio (Italy)
Track Motion Analysis and Kinematics FreeSubscription
542-009 Biped Walking with Body via Knee Bending - Experimental Results and Frequency Analysis
T. Kinugasa (France), S. Miwa, and K. Osuka (Japan)
542-013 Time Analysis of Chewing Patterns during Mastication of Hard and Soft Bolus
T. Goldmann, S. Konvickova, and L. Himmlova (Czech Republic)
542-014 Knee Stabilizers with Adaptable Kinematics for the Functional Treatment of Periarticular Fractures - Clinical, Experimental Research and Computer Simulation
W. Choromanski, G. Dobrzynski, M. Kaszynski, and J. Deszczynski (Poland)
542-017 Kinematics of Knee Replacement Patients During Gait
Z. Bejek, A. Illyés, R. Paróczai, and R.M. Kiss (Hungary)
542-018 Recovery of Gait Parameters of Lower Extremities after Unilateral Total, Cemented Hip Replacement
A. Illyés, Z. Bejek, R. Paróczai, I. Szlávik, and R.M. Kiss (Hungary)
542-036 Gait Analysis of Hip Joint Control of PGO for Paraplegics
S.-J. Kang, J.C. Ryu, I.H. Moon, K.H. Kim, and M.S. Mun (Korea)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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BioMech 2006 will highlight the latest research and developments in the fields of biomechanics. The topics to be covered include but are not limited to: • General Motion Kinetics • Posture and Postural Control • Balance and Stability • Running • Falling • Stairs and Inclines • Loading • Muscle Activity and Dynamics • Motor Development • Multi-Body Dynamics • Bones • Joints • Cartilage • Ligaments and Tendons • The Spine • Lumbar Functional Spine Units (FSU) • Knees • Feet • Hips and Femurs • Shoulders • Upper Extremities • Fracture Fixation • Joint Replacement • Prosthetics and Orthotics • Mechanics of Implants • Sport Performance • Sport Equipment • Sport Injury Prevention • Methodology and Instrumentation for Sport Simulation • Biomechanical Simulators • Design and Testing of Footwear • Training • Fatigue • Impact Biomechanics • Man-Machine Interaction • Labour Protection • Spinal Efforts • Ergonomic Systems • Clinical Rehabilitation Technology • Cardiac Mechanics • Respiratory Mechanics • Arterial Mechanics • Hemodynamics • The Heart • Cardiovascular Implants and Devices • Musculoskeletal System Dynamics • Structure and Function Properties of Bone Tissue • Bone Modelling • Muscle Coordination • Postural Sway and Joint Stiffness • Motor Programs • Reflexes • Disorders • Electrophysiology • Foot Pressure Measurement • Electromyography (EMG) • Kinematics Analysis • Motion Capture • Motion Analysis • Motion Synthesis and Animation • Finite Element Methods • Computational Biomechanics • Dental Biomechanics • Clinical Biomechanics • Forensic Biomechanics • Pediatric Biomechanics • Geriatric Biomechanics • Cellular Biomechanics • Biomaterials • Biological Remodelling Processes • Growth Biomechanics • Mechanotransduction • Biosensors • BioMEMS • Robotics • Drug Delivery

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