Control and Applications    (CA 2011)

June 1 – 3, 2011
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Editor(s): C.W. de Silva
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Track Nonlinear Systems and Control FreeSubscription
729-011 A Series Method to Analyze Nonlinear Volterra Systems under Periodic Excitation
Shuming Chen and Stephen A. Billings
729-038 Control Synthesis for Enlarging the Robust Domain of Attraction in Uncertain Polynomial Systems
Graziano Chesi
729-050 Analytic Model based Design of Experiments for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems with Constraints
Markus Stadlbauer, Christoph Hametner, and Stefan Jakubek
729-024 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Rotary Crane System using On-Line Optimization
Chung-Fu Lee and Yau-Zen Chang
729-105 Nonlinear Control Techniques for Micro Electrostatic Actuators in the Presence of Parasitics and Parametric Uncertainties
Mohammad H. Salah, Ahmad M. Al-Jarrah, and Enver Tatlicioglu
729-095 Time Sub-Optimal Controller for Triple Integrator Applied to Three-Level Hydraulic System
Pavol Bisták
Track Optimal Control, Filtering, and Applications FreeSubscription
729-101 Stability Issues of Stochastic Optimal Control Strategies
Jan Rathouský and Jan Štecha
729-084 Optimal Multi-Loop PI Controllers for the Multivariable Systems
Xian Hong Li, Hai Bin Yu, and Ming Zhe Yuan
729-096 Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Design for Fuzzy Uncertain Systems
Dan Xiong, Ye-Hwa Chen, and Han Zhao
729-089 Optimal Balancing Control of a Standing Biped Subject to Constraints
Yuming Sun and Qiong Wu
729-074 Optimal Linear Filtering for Stochastic Descriptor Systems with Unknown Inputs
Chien-Shu Hsieh
729-009 Hybrid Gauss Pseudospectral and Generalized Polynomial Chaos Algorithm to Solve Stochastic Optimal Control Problems
Gerald C. Cottrill and Frederick G. Harmon
Track Modeling, Estimation, and Identification I FreeSubscription
729-033 Estimation of Cardiac Output and Peripheral Resistance using Square-Wave-Approximated Aortic Flow Signal
Jin-Oh Hahn
729-012 Exact Time-Discretization of Differential Riccati Equations with Variable Coefficients
Hiroaki Shiobara and Noriyuki Hori
729-013 Exact Discrete-Time Model of a Time-Invariant System with Variable Sampling Periods
Noriyuki Hori, Hua-Feng Chen, and Alain C. Rabbath
729-019 Design of a New Composite Observer for Vehicle Velocity and Attitude Estimation
Jiwon Oh and Seibum B. Choi
729-031 Rotation Potential Method based Axial Compressor Low-Speed Characteristics Expansion Prediction in Aero-Engine Modeling
Xianghua Huang, Tianhong Zhang, and Chao Tian
729-044 Identification of Air-Fuel Ratio Dynamics in SI Engines using Linear Parameter Varying Techniques
Rohit Zope, Javad Mohammadpour, Karolos Grigoriadis, Matthew Franchek, Reza Tafreshi, and Houshang Masoudi
Track Modeling, Estimation, and Identification II FreeSubscription
729-099 Disturbance Attenuation Control via Minimal-Order Observer with a Function of Estimating Unmeasurable Inputs
Katsuhiko Fuwa and Tatsuo Narikiyo
729-075 Linear-Form Discretization and its Application to Lewis Oscillators
Triet Nguyen Van and Noriyuki Hori
729-093 A Novel Cascade Approach to Multibody System Modeling
Jin Huang, Ye-Hwa Chen, and Konghui Guo
729-097 Modeling and Detection of Sporadic Strut Failures on Mining Haul Truck
Mohammad Hajizadeh and Mike G. Lipsett
729-088 3-Dimensional Maneuvering Target Tracking with Online Observed Colored Glint Noise Parameter Estimation
Seyed Alireza Banani and Bita Imam
729-100 A Switch Model Approach for UEGO Sensor Diagnostics in the Presence of Asymmetric Faults
Hassene Jammoussi, Matthew A. Franchek, Karolos Grigoriadis, Imad H. Makki, Stephen B. Smith, and James M. Kerns
Track Nonlinear and Process Control FreeSubscription
729-008 Predictive Control of an Industrial Toluene Distillation Column with Economic Objective
Carlos R. Porfírio and Darci Odloak
729-076 Design of Sliding Surface for a Class of Mismatched Uncertain Systems to Achieve Output Tracking
Chih-Chiang Cheng, Yan-Si Lin, and Wen-Chi Chiu
729-045 Implementation of Model Predictive Control in an Industrial Continuous Annealing Furnace
Lukas Bitschnau, Martin Kozek, Stefan Jakubek, and Florian Leeber
729-017 A New Output Feedback Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control
Alireza Gholami and Amir H.D. Markazi
729-104 Fuzzy Logic Control Design for Advanced Vehicle Thermal Management Systems
Ahmad M. Al-Jarrah, Mohammad H. Salah, and Asma A. Al-Tamimi
729-061 On-Line Fault Detection in Non-Linear Systems using Self-Organizing Maps
Anshu Gupta and Arun K. Tangirala
Track Dynamic System Design and Applications FreeSubscription
729-042 Performance of a Switching Controller for Pursuit-Evasion Scenarios with Noisy Measurements
Brian J. Goode, Andrew J. Kurdila, and Michael J. Roan
729-091 Combinatorial Formulation Guided Local Search for Inland Waterway Routing and Scheduling
Tatjana Davidović, Jasmina Lazić, and Vladislav Maraš
729-090 Timed Event Systems and Automata
Abdelaziz Fellah
729-041 Batch On-Line Analytics Challenges and Solutions
Willy K. Wojsznis, Terrence L. Blevins, Mark J. Nixon, and Robert A. Wojewodka
729-060 Green Approaches to Process Control in Thermal Rooms
Danilo Rairan and Max H. Garzon
729-040 Pole Placement and State Observer for Linear Time-Varying Discrete Multi-Variable Systems
Yasuhiko Mutoh and Tomohiro Hara
Track Networked and Cooperative Control FreeSubscription
729-018 Cooperative Federated Multi-Agent Control of Large-Scale Systems
Qing Dong, Kristen Bradshaw, Frank Ferrese, Li Bai, and Saroj Biswas
729-078 Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control for Leader-Follower Formation of Marine Surface Vehicles with Uncertain Dynamics
Zhouhua Peng, Dan Wang, Gang Sun, Tieshan Li, and Weiyao Lan
729-053 Event-based Control for a Second Order Continuous System
Dario Amaya, João M. Rosário, and Deivy J. Mayorquin
729-057 Adaptive Power and Rate Control for Wireless Networks with Time-Varying Uncertainties
Cunwu Han, Dehui Sun, Yuntao Shi, Zhe Dong, Zhijun Li, and Lipu Wu
729-039 Robust Estimating Design for Unreliable Networked Singular Systems
Ching-Min Lee
729-094 A Nonholonomic Transferable Utility Game
James Lindsay and Sidney N. Givigi Jr.
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
747-024 The Effects of Mobility on Handheld Device in Text Reading
Eunil Park and Ki Joon Kim
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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