ACIT - Software Engineering    (ACIT-SE 2005)

June 20 – 24, 2005
Novosibirsk, Russia
Editor(s): Yu.I. Shokin, O.I. Potaturkin
150 pages
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Track Software Requirements, Methodologies, and Architecture FreeSubscription
489-011 Preserving Quality in the Development of Mobile Commerce Services and Applications
A.S. Andreou, D. Panayidou, P. Andreou, and A. Pitsillides (Cyprus)
489-017 Semantic Relation Modeling using Formal Concept Analysis in Russian Lexical Databases
G.M. Emelyanov and N.A. Stepanova (Russia)
489-032 Heterogeneous Software Repository: MPR a Text-based Model
Richard Pyne, Sophia McNamarah, N. Crooks, K. Green, S. Hall, S. Johnson, and D.-A. Neil (Jamaica)
489-050 Specifying and Separating Concerns from Requirements to Design: A Case Study
M. Kassab, C. Constantinides, and O. Ormandjieva (Canada)
Track Software Models and Modeling Software FreeSubscription
489-005 Frameworks for Program Decomposition in Cognitive Complexity Measurements
G.W. Rumantir (Australia)
489-009 Formal Modeling of Software Quality with xNoFun Language
S.P. Kovalyov and E.A. Ozhiganova (Russia)
489-013 Reliability Assessment Method based on Logarithmic Poisson Execution Time Model for Open Source Project
Y. Tamura, S. Yamada, and M. Kimura (Japan)
489-036 Simulation of Complex Transportation Systems
V.V. Okol’nishnikov and S.V. Rudometov (Russia)
489-051 A Visualization Tool for Reactive Systems Simulation
M. Sami, O. Ormandjieva, and V.S. Alagar (Canada)
489-800 On Measuring Structural Complexity of a Conceptual Model
T. Hussain, S. Shamail, and M.M. Awais (Pakistan)
489-805 Maintenance and Modification of Complex Software Systems WITHIN an Advance Practice
V.G. Promyslov, E.Ph. Jharko, and O.A. Promyslova (Russia)
489-807 Evaluation and Comparison of Rule Scheduling Approaches in Active Database Systems
R. Alesheykh and A.A. Barfroush (Iran)
Track Software Engineering I FreeSubscription
489-007 A 3D Texture-based Recursive Multi-Level Ray Casting Algorithm
S.I. Vyatkin and B.S. Dolgovesov (Russia)
489-021 Testability Analysis for Polymorphism
J.-C. Lin, Y.-L. Huang, and C-H. Liu (Taiwan)
489-046 Real-Time Volume Rendering Systems
B.S. Dolgovesov and M.Y. Shevtsov (Russia)
489-803 Effective, Computational Stability Parallel Algorithm for Construction of a Pseudo-Triangulation of a Simple Polygon
V.I. Dvortsov and S.A. Ivanovsky (Russia)
489-806 Mathtree - Tree Catalog of Mathematical Resources in the Internet
Y. Ershov, V. Filippov, O. Klimenko, and O. Trofimov (Russia)
489-808 Systematization and the Search of Mathematical Web-Resources
V. Barakhnin and O. Klimenko (Russia)
489-809 Formal Verification of Dynamic UML Diagrams using TLA+
M. Couzinier and L. Féraud (France)
Track Software Engineering II FreeSubscription
489-015 Software Component and Prediction for Network Processor based Application
H.Xiao, D. Wu, and L. Zhang (PRC)
489-016 Unsupervised Neural Networks Helpt to Develop Ontologies
S. Butakov (Russia) and D. Rubtsov (UK)
489-020 Natural Classification and Systematisation Methods
I. Borisova, A. Zagoruiko, and N. Zagoruiko (Russia)
489-041 Space-distributed Multicluster Computer System with Multiprogramme Regimes Supporting
V.G. Khoroshevsky, S.N. Mamoilenko, Y.S. Maidanov, and M.S. Sedelnikov (Russia)
489-043 Software System for Development of Algorithms for Digital Images Processing and Analysis
A.V. Chernov, M.A. Chicheva, M.V. Gashnikov, N.I. Glumov, E.V. Myasnikov, and V.V. Sergeyev (Russia)
489-804 Design and Application of the Library PLVIP for Parallel Image Processing
E.V. Rusin (Russia)
489-810 Knowledge Test System «Neuron-2»
A.V. Veselov and A.V. Shalaginov (Russia)
489-811 Parallelization of a 3D Fluid Flow Simulation Code using Software Engineering Principles
T. Bönisch (Germany) and N. Shokina (Germany, Russia)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Software Requirements, Methodologies, and Architecture; Software Models and Modelling Software; and Software Engineering.

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