Signal and Image Processing and Applications / 716: Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing    (SIPA 2011)

June 22 – 24, 2011
Crete, Greece
Editor(s): I. Andreadis, M. Zervakis
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Track Medical Applications FreeSubscription
738-067 Signal Analysis in a New Optical Pulse Waveform Profiler for Cardiovascular Applications
Tânia Pereira, Tatiana Oliveira, Manuel Cabeleira, Patrícia Matos, Helena C. Pereira, Vânia Almeida, Elisabeth Borges, Helder Santos, Telmo Pereira, João Cardoso, and Carlos Correia
738-040 Implementation of a 3D Renal Calculus Tracking System for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
Ioannis Manousakas and Jia-Jyun Li
738-005 An Estimation of Nonlinearity Measures for the EEG of Schizophrenia Patients in Emotional States
Saime Akdemir Akar, Fatma Latifoglu, Sadık Kara, and Vedat Bilgiç
738-029 Computer Assisted Diagnose of Intra Pleural Lung Nodules using Non-Parametric Classifiers
Andre Hallack and Joceli Mayer
Track Signal Processing and Applications I FreeSubscription
738-013 Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in Structural Damage Assessment
Eleni Vrochidou, Petros Fotios Alvanitopoulos, Ioannis Andreadis, and Anaxagoras Elenas
738-017 Application of RMR Method for Noise Prediction on Latvian Railway
Andrei Baranovskii
738-045 Application of Cross TF ε-Filter to Impulse Noise Reduction
Tomomi Abe, Mitsuharu Matsumoto, and Shuji Hashimoto
738-043 New Techniques used for Designing Improved Nyquist Filters
Alexandra Ligia Balan, Nicolae Dumitru Alexandru, and Sorin Pohoaţă
Track Signal Processing and Applications II FreeSubscription
738-010 Multisensor Systems with Variable Sampling Rate
Luigi Bruno, Stefano Marano, and Vincenzo Matta
738-069 3D Issues of Electrical Capacitance and Resistance Tomography Sensors
Jiangtao Sun and Wuqiang Yang
738-016 A Two-Step Post Processing Method for ADC Output Compression and Linearity Improvement
Nikos Petrellis, George Adam, and Dimitrios Ventzas
738-056 Analysis of Current Source Circuits with Consideration of Non-Ideal Parameters
Hongwei Bian and Wuqiang Yang
Track Signal Processing and Applications III FreeSubscription
738-047 A Comparison of Bell-Shape Pulses
Sorin Pohoaţă, Nicolae Dumitru Alexandru, and Adrian Popa
738-038 Optimized Multibit Watermarking
Joceli Mayer
738-049 Peak Searching Algorithms and Applications
Dimitrios Ventzas and Nikolaos Petrellis
Track Speech and Sound Processing FreeSubscription
738-072 Design of Speaker Independent Turkish Speech Control System in Noisy Vehicle Environment
Fatma Patlar and Akhan Akbulut
738-070 Estimation of a Sound Image Flow using a Moving Image Processing Technique
Kenji Ozawa, Kodai Saito, Yuichiro Kinoshita, Satoshi Oode, and Akio Ando
738-068 Modulation Domain Adaptive Gain Equalizer for Speech Enhancement
Muhammad Shahid, Rizwan Ishaq, Benny Sällberg, Nedelko Grbic, Benny Lövström, and Ingvar Claesson
738-057 A Novel Adaptive Audio Watermarking using a Random Waveletpacket Tree and Singular Value Decomposition
Sivaram Prasad Mudunuri and Sathidevi Puthumangalathu Savithri
738-058 Time and Pitch Scale Modification of Speech using Wavelet Packet Transform and Sinusoidal Modeling
Sathidevi Puthumangalathu Savithri and Sunny Dayal Vanambathina
Track Advanced Imaging I FreeSubscription
738-018 A Rapid Crowd Density Estimation based on Proper Reference Sub-Region
Ning Li and Yan Zhang
738-051 Multi-Exposure Image Fusion based on Illumination Estimation
Vassilios Vonikakis, Odysseas Bouzos, and Ioannis Andreadis
738-041 Simple Automatic Procedures to Enhance Low-Quality Ancient Color Manuscripts
Francesca Martinelli and Anna Tonazzini
738-021 Order-Independent Sequential Thinning in Arbitrary Dimensions
Péter Kardos and Kálmán Palágyi
738-055 People Counting using Skeleton Graph and Tracking
Kheir-Eddine Aziz, Djamel Merad, Bernard Fertil, and Nicolas Thome
Track Advanced Imaging II FreeSubscription
738-034 High-Quality Volume Ray Casting with Extreme Point and Inflection Point Sampling
Yu Chen, Liqiang Zhang, and Changwen Zheng
738-024 A Complete Wavelet based Perceptual Video Coder
Prashant G. Koparde and Sreelekha Ganapathy
738-059 A Real-Time System for HDTV Video Transmission over IP Networks
Konstantia Moirogiorgou, Grigorios Th. Tsagkatakis, Michalis Zervakis, and Euripides G.M. Petrakis
738-044 Parameter Setting of Center Weighted Median Filter using HOG Feature Distance
Mitsuharu Matsumoto
Track Detection and Tracking Systems FreeSubscription
738-030 An Adaptive Approach to Detect Warning Traffic Signs using SOM and Windowed Hough Transform
Hasan Fleyeh, Rubel Biswas, and Nizam U. Bhuiyan
738-012 Accurate Vehicle Tracking by Shadow Removal in the Transformed Space
Chang Liu, George Chen, Yingdong Ma, Yajun Ding, and Jinwu Wu
738-006 An Advanced Multi Feature based Gait Recognition
Saeid Fazli and Hadis Askarifar
738-054 Face Detection using Color based Skin Localization and Facial Features Extraction
Piotr Boryło, Tomasz M. Orzechowski, Mikołaj Leszczuk, Jan Derkacz, and Andrzej Dziech
Track Interdisciplinary Applications FreeSubscription
738-022 A Multibit Message Coding for Robust Authentication of Documents after Multiple Passes over the Print and Scan Channel
Joceli Mayer, Kapali Viswanathan, Yogesh Sankarasubramaniam, and Marcelo Thielo
738-061 A New Scheme for Digital Fingerprinting of Images based on Low Density Parity Check Codes
Resmi K. Rajan, Deepthi P. Pattathil, and Sudhish N. George
738-062 Hardware Efficient Implementation of Encryption and Key Exchange based on Elliptic Curves
Jilna Payingat, Lalmohan K. Sreekumari, and Deepthi P. Pattathil
738-064 Embedding Secrecy in Channel Coding with Low Density Parity Check Codes
Ashok Lakkepogu, Deepthi P. Pattathil, and Celine M. Stuart
738-019 Ridge Feature Map based Biometric Encryption
Shanthini K. Sreenivasan and Deepthi P. Pattathil
738-050 Performance of Video Reception on T-DMB Embedded Receivers using Simulink Modeling
Tahar Ayed, Adnane Cabani, and Joseph Mouzna
Track Soft and Approximate Processing FreeSubscription
716-034 Validation of Subjectively Determined Risk Premia in High-Technology Ventures Investments using a Novel Framework for Converting Fuzzy Cognitive Maps into Rule-based Fuzzy Inference Systems
Lars Krüger, Ralf Salomon, and Peter Heydebreck
716-054 Greedy Search among Decomposable Models
Vladislav Bína
716-050 Visualization on Pareto Solutions in Multi-Objective Optimization
Shin-ichi Ito, Yasue Mitsukura, Takafumi Saito, Katsuya Sato, and Shoichiro Fujisawa
716-060 Adaptive Meta-Network Design Employing Genetic Algorithm Techniques
Ben B. McElroy and Gareth Howells
716-053 Time Series Classification by Reconstruction and Approximation of Phase Space
Petr Podhorský and Miroslav Skrbek
716-058 A Hierarchical Fuzzy Clustering Framework for Training RBF Networks
Antonios D. Niros, George Leventis, Dimitrios Tsolakis, George E. Tsekouras, and Michael Kenteris
Track Artificial Intelligence FreeSubscription
716-027 Extracting Non-Compositional Verb Particle Constructions using a Bilingual Corpus
Bahar Salehi, Afsaneh Fazly, and Mansoor Zolghadri Jahromi
716-038 Managing Exceptions, Defaults, and Inconsistencies in Semantic Web Ontologies
Neli P. Zlatareva
716-062 Integration of a Declarative Language based on Fluid Qualities in a Service Oriented Environment
Matei Popovici, Cristian Giumale, Lorina Negreanu, Alexandru Agache, Mihnea Muraru, and Ciprian Dobre
716-043 Evaluation of Utterances based on Causal Knowledge Retrieved from Blogs
Motoyasu Fujita, Rafal Rzepka, and Kenji Araki
716-057 Depth-k Skyline Query for Unquantifiable Attributes in Distributed Systems
Yi-Chung Chen and Chiang Lee
Track Expert Systems FreeSubscription
716-005 ANFIS Applied to the Prediction of Surface Roughness in Grinding of Advanced Ceramics
Mauricio E. Nakai, Hildo G. Junior, Marcelo M. Spadotto, Paulo R. Aguiar, and Eduardo C. Bianchi
716-046 Application of IDSFLA and ISFLA Approaches for TNEP Problem Considering the Loss and Uncertainty in Load Growth
Saeid Jalilzadeh, Ali Kimiyaghalam, and Ahmad Ashouri
716-006 Application of an Adaptive Spectrogram Signal Processing Algorithm in Detection of the Red Palm Weevil
Ehab A. Elsehely and Said A. Mabrouk
716-049 Fuzzy Modeling and RFID to Enhance Drilling Projects Selection
Maki K. Rashid
716-009 The Explanation of the Design Patterns by the Symmetry Concepts
Siniša Vlajić, Dušan Savić, and Ilija Antović
716-067 Activity/Posture Recognition using Wearable Sensors Placed on Different Body Locations
Hristijan Gjoreski and Matjaž Gams
716-039 Formation Coordination with Path Planning in Space of Multinomials
Martin Saska, Vojtěch Vonásek, and Libor Přeučil
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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