Artificial Intelligence and Applications    (AIA 2009)

February 17 – 18, 2009
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Machine Learning FreeSubscription
639-009 Detection of Changes in Patterns of Brain Activity According to Musical Tonality
T. Diethe, S. Durrant, J. Shawe-Taylor (UK), and H. Neubauer (Germany)
639-011 Web Page Classification using Rules and Heuristics
L. Karanikola, A. Katsaris, and I. Karali (Greece)
639-012 Applying Machine Learning Methods for Time Series Forecasting
B. Choi and R. Chukkapalli (USA)
639-013 An Autonomous Developmental Learning Approach for Robotic Eye-Hand Coordination
F. Chao and M.H. Lee (UK)
639-028 Boosting at Start
R.L. Milidiú and J.C. Duarte (Brazil)
639-054 Reducing the Number of Base Classifiers in Ensembles
M. Azam (Austria), F. Berzal (Spain), and K.P. Pfeiffer (Austria)
639-072 Application of a Machine Learning Algorithm to Model the Declension of the Albanian Nouns
A. Kadriu (Macedonia)
639-802 Know-How Extraction from Textual Data for Problem Solving
P. Soison and C. Pechsiri (Thailand)
Track Applications to Bioinformatics FreeSubscription
639-035 Identification of Wrist Movements from EEG Signals using Methods of Artificial Intelligence
V. Logar, A. Belič, and I. Škrjanc (Slovenia)
639-038 Analysis of Speech under Stress based on Short-Time Spectrum of Vowel Phonemes
M. Sigmund and Z. Brabec (Czech Republic)
639-039 BPM-based Software Integration Scheme for Various Bioinformatics Tools
S.-H. Jung, C.-H. Lee, S.-Y. Kim, S.-H. Nam, and J.-H. Na (Korea)
639-041 Physical Condition Evaluation WITHIN the Scope of an Intelligent System for Sports Advising
E. Mosquira-Rey, V. Moret-Bonillo, E. Rodríguez-Poch, D. Alonso-Ríos, and E. Soto-Martínez (Spain)
639-053 Medical Case-based Reasoning: A Review of Retrieving, Matching and Adaptation Processes in Recent Systems
M.M. Yusof and C.D. Buckingham (UK)
639-075 An Exploration of System Dynamics in Biological Reverse Engineering
J.-x. Chen, B. Jeng, and W.-S. Tzou (Taiwan)
Track Intelligent Data Analysis and Mining FreeSubscription
639-015 A Fuzzy System for Combining Different Outliers Detection Methods
S. Cateni, V. Colla, and M. Vannucci (Italy)
639-063 SVM-based Relevance Feedback Document Retrieval in Different Representations of Document Vectors
H. Murata, T. Onoda, and S. Yamada (Japan)
639-064 Improving the Quality of RFID Data by Utilising a Bayesian Network Cleaning Method
P. Darcy, B. Stantic, and A. Sattar (Australia)
639-065 Efficient and Accurate Algorithm for Mining RFID Data
S. Alsaleh and B. Stantic (Australia)
639-077 Comparing Different Methods for Land Cover Classification based on MODIS 250 m Vegetation Index Data
W. Wang, J. Hu, and H.-X. Hu (PRC)
639-801 Prepositional Phrase Attachment Ambiguity Resolution using Semantic Hierarchies
K. Nadh and C.R. Huyck (UK)
Track Genetic Algorithms FreeSubscription
639-004 Aerodynamic Wing Optimisation by Means of SOMA Evolutionary Algorithm
M. Červenka (Czech Republic)
639-006 Tabu Search and Genetic Algorithms in Par-Synthesis of Multiprocessors Systems
M. Drabowski (Poland)
639-073 Optimal Placement of Multi-Type FACTS Devices using Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
P. Jirapong (Thailand)
639-084 Multi-Objective Multicast Environments for QoS Routing and a New Crossover with No Maximum Delay Constraint
G.M.B. Oliveira and S.S.B.V. Vita (Brazil)
639-803 Enhancing GASAT by using the Discrete Lagrange-Multiplier Algorithm
Y. Kilani (Jordan)
639-808 Learning Policies for Blocks
A. González Romero, A. Gonzales Camargo, and R. Alquèzar (Spain)
Track Neural Networks FreeSubscription
639-005 Modeling of Thermal Annealing of ZnO:Ga Thin Films for Transparent Conductive Oxide using Neural Networks
C.E. Kim, P. Moon, S. Kim, H.W. Jang, J. Bang, J.-M. Myoung, and I.Yun (Korea)
639-007 Supervised Enhanced Learning to Simplify Internal Representations of Multi-Layered Networks
R. Kamimura and K. Aoyama (Japan)
639-020 Artificial Neural Network Approach for Modelling Overall Customer Satisfaction
M.H. Askariazad and M. Wanous (UK)
639-022 Assimilation of Individual Activities to Collective Ones to Produce Explicit Self-Organizing Maps
R. Kamimura (Japan)
639-050 Peak Load Forecasting using Wavelet Neural Network with RPROP
Y. Feng and L. Jin (PRC)
639-051 Application of Artificial Neural Network in Analysis of Acoustic Reflectometry Data
M. Hannula, A. Hirvikoski, H. Hinkula, and T. Holma (Finland)
639-069 Classification of Control Measures for Asthma using Artificial Neural Networks
N.H.H.M. Hanif, W.H. Lan, H.B. Daud, and J. Ahmad (Malaysia)
Track Object Recognition, Forecasting, and Prediction FreeSubscription
639-019 Question-Answer Programming and Modeling in Expert Systems
P. Sosnin (Russia)
639-027 Pack-Hunting Multi-Agent Animats
C.J. Scogings and K.A. Hawick (New Zealand)
639-030 Markovian Combination of Graphical Model Structures of Undirected Graphs
S.-H. Kim (Korea)
639-034 A New Alignment Algorithm of Fuzzy Fingerprint Vault WITHOUT Extra Information
W.Y. Choi, D. Moon, K.Y. Moon, and Y. Chung (Korea)
639-052 Recognizing Patterns in an Educational Computer Algebra System
N. Jurkovic (USA)
639-068 Adaptive Affinity Functions by Ellipsoidal Artificial Lymphocytes in an Artificial Immune System for Classification
K. Igawa and H. Ohashi (Japan)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
639-044 Fuzzy Rule-based Classification to Build Initial Case Library for Case-based Stress Diagnosis
M.U. Ahmed, S. Begum, P. Funk, and N. Xiong (Sweden)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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