Optical Communication Systems and Networks    (OCSN 2006)

July 3 – 5, 2006
Wireless and Optical Communication MultiConference
Editor(s): A.O. Fapojuwo
572 pages
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Track WDM Networks and Systems FreeSubscription
509-009 Increasing the Upstream Capacity of Passive Optical Networks by Pulse Amplitude Multiplexing
D. Gutierrez, F.-T. An, J.W. Lee, and L.G. Kazovsky (USA)
509-011 Reduction of Crosstalk in WDM Networks with Optional FEC Coding
Y. Pointurier, M. Brandt-Pearce (USA), and B. Xu (PRC)
509-013 Optimization Analysis of Optical Time Slot Interchanges in All-Optical Network
H. Zeineddine, P. He, and G.v. Bochmann (Canada)
509-023 Fair Matching Algorithm: Fixed-Length Frame Scheduling in All-Photonic Networks
N. Saberi and M. Coates (Canada)
509-033 The Impact of the Extra Offset-Time based QoS Mechanism in TCP over Optical Burst Switching Networks
M.-G. Kim, H. Jeong, J.Y. Choi, J.-H. Kim, and M. Kang (Korea)
509-034 Benefits of Class-based Priority Queueing with Lower Real Time Utilisation Threshold on Optical Burst Switching to Overcome Effects of Self-Similarity
C. Watagodakumbura and B. Borgedal (Australia)
509-035 Maximization of Throughput under a Fairness Constraint in DWDM-based Optical Networks
Y. Qu and P.K. Verma (USA)
509-039 A Multiperiod Minimal Spanning Tree Problem
R. Kawatra (USA)
509-801 A Comparative Study of Schemes for Robust Logical Topology Design in Wavelength Routed WDM Networks
S. Bandyopadhyay, A. Jaekel, Y.P. Aneja, and S. Saha (Canada)
Track Optical Technologies FreeSubscription
509-006 Phase Sensitive and Polarization Adjustment Interferometry for Surface Profile Measurements
H.-K. Teng and K.-C. Lang (Taiwan)
509-012 Theoretical Analysis of Optical CDMA Encoder/Decoder using an Array of Superstructured Fiber Bragg Gragings
S. Kim and S. Shin (Korea)
509-024 Design and Implementation of an Ultra Fast Pipelined Wavelength Scheduler for Optical Burst Switching
Y. Chen, J.S. Turner, and Z. Zhai (USA)
509-042 A Novel Offset-based Restoration Mechanism for Optical Burst Switched Networks
S.Y Said, H.T. Mouftah, and H. Elbiaze (Canada)
Track Optical Systems and Components FreeSubscription
509-005 Acquirement of 2-D QPC Signature Code for Optical CDMA System
C. Li, D. Zhao, Y. Chen, X. Sun (PRC), and J.-M. Jeong (Korea)
509-010 Performance Analysis of 2-D Time-Wavelength PPM-OCDMA Systems
T.M. Bazan, D. Harle, and I. Andonovic (UK)
509-015 Influence of Visibility on Availability of Free Space Optical Link
V. Kvicera, M. Grabner, and O. Fiser (Czech Republic)
509-027 An Optical Backplane Connection System with Pluggable Active Board Interfaces
R. Pitwon, K. Hopkins, and D. Milward (UK)
509-038 A Photonic Microwave Notch Filter with a Negative Coefficient based on Cross Polarization Modulation in a Single Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
C.K. Oh, T.-Y. Kim, S.-H. Baek, and C.-S. Park (Korea)
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This multi-conference was published as ONE proceeding and includes the following conferences: - Communication Systems and Applications (CSA 2006), Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies (WNET 2006), Optical Communication Systems and Networks (OCSN 2006), and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN 2006). This particular conference covers the following topics: WDM Networks and Systems; Optical Technologies; and Optical Systems and Components.

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