Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing    (ASC 2008)

September 1 – 3, 2008
Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Editor(s): A. P. del Pobil
220 pages
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Track Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems FreeSubscription
628-014 Classification using Adaptive Fuzzy Inference Neural Networks
P. Jahankhani, V. Kodogiannis, K. Revett (UK), and J. Lygouras (Greece)
628-021 Integration of Intelligence into a Semantic QoS Aware Service Retrieval Application
M. Alessandrini (Germany)
628-026 The HDM: Support for Darwin, Fuzzy-Logic or the Neural Model?
B. Bagot (Germany)
628-048 Air Quality Modelling by Kohonen's Self- Organizing Feature Maps and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
V. Olej and P. Hjek (Czech Republic)
628-052 An Organic Mechanism Simulation Class in CI
Y. Chai, L. Jia, Z. Zhang, and M. Guo (PRC)
628-061 Neurofuzzy PID-Type Stabilzation Strategy for Corporate Models: The Case of Sony Inc.
Y. Ito (Japan)
628-067 Hybrid Approach for Modelling of Internal Human Population Migration Classifiers
M. Kaparov, P. Jirava, and J. Křupka (Czech Republic)
628-089 Datalog-based Uncertainty-Handling
A. Achs (Hungary)
628-101 Stability Analysis of Fuzzy Elman Neural Network
L.F. Araghi, A.M. Nasrabadi, and F. Setoudeh (Iran)
Track Miscellaneous Applications FreeSubscription
628-017 The Set of Agents for the Modelling of Learner's Emotions in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
A. Anohina and L. Intenberga (Latvia)
628-029 Is it Possible to Control Robot Manipulator by Human Brain Wave Signal?
M. Shiraishi and H. Sumiya (Japan)
628-034 The Concurrent Genetic Method for Coherent Scheduling of Tasks and Resources
M. Drabowski (Poland)
628-046 Modelling and Solving the Train Stop Deployment Planning Problem
C. Hirai, T. Kunimatsu, S. Kondou, N. Tomii, and M. Takaba (Japan)
628-053 An Incremental Clustering Approach WITHIN Belief Function Framework
A. Ben Hariz and Z. Elouedi (Tunisia)
628-085 Efficient Computing of Correlated Equilibria in Multi-Player Games
M. Hrub and P. Čambala (Czech Republic)
628-088 Dealing with Imprecision in the Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome
D. lvarez-Estvez and V. Moret-Bonillo (Spain)
628-103 Agent-based Simulations using Data-Oriented Random Numbers
M. Hosoi and Y. Uchida (Japan)
628-802 Three Layer Conceptual Network Dialog Processor
Md.K. Rhaman and T. Endo (Japan)
Track Neural Networks and Applications FreeSubscription
628-023 Randomized Improved Correlation Matrix Memory in ANN-based Semi-Autonomous Robotic System
J.L.K. Soon and T.T.P. Lian (Malaysia)
628-024 Incomplete AHP Pairwise Matrix Reconstruction using a Neural Network-based Model
J.A. Gomez-Ruiz (Spain), M. Karanik (Argentina), and J.I. Pelez (Spain)
628-032 Classification with Softmax Neural Networks
A. Vesely (Czech Republic)
628-036 Modeling and Simulation of Human Operator Dynamics by Human/Vehicle Interaction Using Neural Network
B. Dobrucky, M. Alexik, and R. Holcek (Slovak Republic)
628-054 Vibration Analysis and Condition Forecasting for Rotating Machinery using Local Modeling Neural Networks
D. Martinez-Rego, . Fontenla-Romero, A. Alonso-Betanzos, M.V. Jarel, and A.B. Durn (Spain)
628-055 Moving Adaptive Mesh Generation on Surface in 3D Space based on Self-Organization
M.V. Bessmeltsev (Russia)
628-066 Multi-Layered Networks with Free Energy-based Competitive Learning
R. Kamimura (Japan)
628-082 Efficient Protein Classification by using 3D Structure Content Representation
K. Trivodaliev, S. Kalajdziski, A. Kulakov, D. Davcev, and G. Mirceva (Macedonia)
628-102 Investigation of the Flame Temperature for the Gaseous Fuels using Artificial Neural Network
Z. Majedi, A. Salem, and S. Shafagatian (Iran)
Track Machine Learning FreeSubscription
628-020 Parallel Java Implementation of a Kernel Ranking Algorithm
B.-J. Falkowski, M. Appelt, C. Finger, S. Koch, and H. van der Linde (Germany)
628-051 A Novel Hybrid Method for Feature Subset Selection
N. Snchez-Maroo, A. Alonso-Betanzos, and M. Tombilla-Sanrom n (Spain)
628-056 Verification of Learning Strategies for Servomechanism Time Suboptimal Control
M. Alexik (Slovakia)
628-071 Correlation-based Feature Selection using Evolutionary Programming
M. Sadeghzadeh and M.H. Shenasa (Iran)
628-078 A Temporal-Difference Prediction Approach for Multiplayer Games
T.-W. Yue and M.-P. Hsieh (Taiwan)
Track Knowledge-and Model-based Reasoning FreeSubscription
628-025 Horizontal Integration of Knowledge
D. Klimeov and V. Vostrovsk (Czech Republic)
628-028 Let AI Learn from Web 2.0. Tag Co-Occurrence based Text Categorization as an Example
T. Lints (Estonia)
628-062 A System to Maintain Knowledge Bases of Intelligent Agents in DLV's Weak Constraints
J.C. Acosta Guadarrama (Germany)
628-063 Attribute Selection and Intrusion Detection for Knowledge-based Authentication Systems
D. Nikolić, B. Vuksanović, and C. Nguyen (UK)
628-081 Localize Faults from Alias-Free Programs using Verification based Model
S. Soomro (Pakistan), S.A.A. Shah (Austria), and W. Shah (Austria, Pakistan)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: * Knowledge Acquisition * Knowledge Representation * Case-based Reasoning * Temporal Reasoning * Model-based Reasoning * Connectionist Models * Bayesian Models * Machine Learning * Learning Algorithms and Training * Man-Machine Interfaces * Intelligent Agents * Intelligent Control * Multi-Agent Systems * Cognitive Processes * Intelligent Databases * Expert Systems * Distributed Artificial Intelligence * Cooperative AI Systems * Intelligent Systems * Adaptive Intelligent Systems * Logic Programming * Probabilistic Reasoning * Chaos * Data Mining * Fuzzy Logic and Systems * Neuro-Fuzzy Systems * Fuzzy Modelling * Fuzzy Evolutionary Computation * Fuzzy Hardware * Neuro-Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithms * Neural Networks * Neuro-Computing * Genetic Algorithms * Genetic Programming * Evolutionary Engineering * Software Tools * Hybrid Systems * Causal Models * Engineering * Science * Education * Medicine * Business * Accounting * Finance * Marketing * Economics * Financial Markets * Law * Computing * Speech Generation and Recognition * Linguistics * Natural Language Processing * Planning and Resource Management * Optimization and Scheduling * Smart Sensors and Materials * Signal and Image Processing * Communication * Multimedia * Computer Vision * e-Business and e-Learning * Intelligent Transportation Systems * Smart Homes * Biometric Systems and Security * Collaborative Work and * Emerging Applications.

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