Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications    (IMSA 2009) Human-centered Multimedia Computing

August 17 – 19, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Editor(s): S. Panchanathan
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Track Web and Internet Systems and Tools FreeSubscription
655-008 Annotation Approach for Sharing Deep Web Annotations based on Ontology
A.Q. Al-Namiy (Oman)
655-017 An Web Community System for Citizen Groups with Low IT Skills
S. Yokoi and S. Matsumoto (Japan)
655-024 An Unreliable Concurrent Multipath Transfer Protocol over Multihomed Networks
C.-M. Huang and M.-S. Lin (Taiwan)
655-035 A Privacy-based Personal and Group Information Modeling in Semantic Web
K. Sato, S. Izumi, Y. Kato, and K. Takahashi (Japan)
655-037 Web-based Information-Sharing Tool Enabling Citizens to Participate in Rural Developments
C. Yoshida, T. Yasuda, and S. Yokoi (Japan)
655-042 A Study on Traffic Localization Issue for P2P Content Delivery
M. Shibuya, T. Ogishi, and S. Yamamoto (Japan)
655-065 Efficiency, Challenges, and Limitations of Web-based Exams for Astronomy Courses
S.S. Al-Shidhani (Oman)
Track Multimedia Information Systems FreeSubscription
655-014 Integrating Audiovisual Feature Extraction Tools in Media Annotation Production Systems
R. De Sutter, K. Braeckman, E. Mannens, and R. Van De Walle (Belgium)
655-027 Audiovisual Feedback for Foreign Language Learning
G. Demenko, A. Wagner, N. Cylwik (Poland), O. Jokisch, U. Koloska, and D. Hirschfeld (Germany)
655-036 Middleware to Control Application Speed for Maintaining Rich-Media Communication QoE
D. Kanetomo, K. Nakajima, and H. Nebayashi (Japan)
655-043 3D Archive System of Japanese Traditional Craftworks using 3DBlog Technology
Y. Nishio, S. Yokoi, and T. Yasuda (Japan)
655-050 A Real-Time 3D Motion Tracking and Interaction System for Virtual Reality
C.-S. Wang, E.-Y. Jean, and J.-T. Hou (Taiwan)
655-060 Indexing and Matching Scheme for Recognizing 3D Objects from Single 2D Image
Y.-S. Tak and E. Hwang (Korea)
655-800 Client Behaviour Prediction in a Proactive Video Server: New Considerations and Results
P. Kárpáti (Norway) and T. Szkaliczki (Hungary)
Track Data Management FreeSubscription
655-004 A New Join Query Algorithm for Distributed Multiple Data Streams
L. Ouyang and Q.-p. Guo (PRC)
655-023 Implementation of a SW-based Secure Storage for License Protection
S.-W. Lee and B.-H. Chung (Korea)
655-046 Multimedia Processing on Many-Core Technologies using Distributed Multimedia Middleware
M. Repplinger, M. Beyer, and P. Slusallek (Germany)
655-047 Extending a Data Model for a Drama Product Manufacturing System with Repurposing Support
B. Van De Keer, D. Van Rijsselbergen, M. Verwaest, E. Mannens, and R. Van De Walle (Belgium)
655-048 Providing an Individual Advertisement based on Detail Information Required in Buying a Product
M. Ogawa, F. Harada, H. Shimakawa, and Hirokazu Fukuda (Japan)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
655-013 Construction of a Dual-HD Videoconference System for Remote Lectures Connecting 18 National Universities
T. Sakurada, Y. Hagiwara, and T. Furuya (Japan)
655-029 A Unified Gateway for Home-Networking Environments
B. Park, T. Nam, S. Kim, and H. Kim (Korea)
655-038 Toward Seamless Collaboration between Mobile Devices and Computers
Hiroaki Fukuda and Y. Yamamoto (Japan)
655-056 Key Success Factors of Affiliate Marketing: A Case Study in Thailand
W. Limpchalerm, M. Thongmak, and A. Ngarmyarn (Thailand)
655-061 Actor Recognition for Interactive Querying and Automatic Annotation in Digital Video
S. Verstockt, S. Van Leuven, R. Van de Walle, E. Dermaut, S. Torrelle, and W. Gevaert (Belgium)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
671-041 Accessibility Evaluation of iPhone’s User Interface for Visually Impaired
M.M. Rana and U. Rana (UK)
671-043 Load Balancing Efficiency in P2P Media Streaming
M. Alhaisoni, M. Ghanbari (UK), and A. Liotta (The Netherlands)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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