Intelligent Systems and Control    (ISC 2009)

November 2 – 4, 2009
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Intelligent Data Systems and Computing FreeSubscription
665-006 Towards Case-based Reasoning for Maritime Anomaly Detection: A Positioning Paper
A. Bergeron Guyard and J. Roy (Canada)
665-007 A Remote Interrogation of an Inheritance Knowledge Base via E-Mail
N. Tăndăreanu (Romania)
665-025 A Mobile Agents Approach for Knowledge Bases Processing
N. Tandareanu and C.I. Popirlan (Romania)
665-056 Time Series Simulation using Ultra High Frequency Cosine and Cosine Higher Order Neural Networks
M. Zhang (USA)
665-062 Aggregated Fuzzy System for Classification of EEG Spectrograms
D. Coufal (Czech Republic)
665-066 Determining the Number of the Components of Gaussian Mixture Models by Bayesian Hypothesis Testing
K. Fujiwara and S. Watanabe (Japan)
Track Data Systems and Applications FreeSubscription
665-002 A Hybrid Recognition Method for Document Images
Y. Zhang, L. Wu, and S. Wang (PRC)
665-019 Counterfeit Detection by Extracting Rules from Product Traces
L. Wang, N. Oertel, E. Müller, and T. Seidl (Germany)
665-022 Singular Value Decomposition based Particle Filter for Tracking in Complex Environment
Y. Huang and X. Luo (PRC)
665-027 Fast Orthogonal Neural Network for Rotation-Translation- and Scale-Invariant Image Recognition
B. Stasiak (Poland)
665-045 The Usage of Computer Vision for Identifying Vehicles during their Production Process
F. Mello, L. Schnitman (Brazil), and J.A.M. Felippe de Souza (Portugal)
665-057 A Novel Approach to Modeling System Dynamics for Control
J.W. Li, X.B. Chen, and W.J. Zhang (Canada)
665-063 Landmark Extraction using Corner Detection and k-Means Clustering for Autonomous Leader-Follower Caravan
A.B. Nevin and D.M. Bevly (USA)
665-084 Lossless Encoders in Compression of Arrhythmia Signals
D.M. Ballesteros and A.E. Gaona Barrera (Columbia)
Track Intelligent and Adaptive Control FreeSubscription
665-009 Brachistochrone on a 2D Curved Surface using Optimal Control
M.P. Hennessey and C. Shakiban (USA)
665-028 Global Stabilization of Full Model of a Human Posture in Space
A.R. Selman (Canada)
665-041 Investigating the Use of Fuzzy Logic for Smart Traffic Lights at an Overpass
N. Sangster, P. Persad, and D. Duncan (Trinidad and Tobago)
665-046 Mechanical Systems Position Control by Means of Adaptive Controller with Additional Measurement
P. Strakos and M. Valasek (Czech Republic)
665-047 Intelligent Control for Wind Turbines with LabVIEW
P. Ponce (Mexico), B. MacCleery, K. Wang (USA), and A. Molina (Mexico)
665-078 Active Control of Quadrupole Motion for Future Linear Particle Colliders
C. Collette, K. Artoos, A. Kuzmin, M. Sylte, M. Guinchard, and C. Hauviller (Switzerland)
665-087 Robust-Adaptive Flux Observers in Induction Motor Drive Systems
C. Filote, D. Alexa, I.V. Pletea, M. Micea, C. Ciufudean, and A.-M. Cozgarea (Romania)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
665-003 A Look-Ahead Interpolation of Continuous Small Line Segment Contour based on Transition Patterns
X. Liu, S. Wang, and D. Li (PRC)
665-015 Application of Three-Level Voltage Inverter on FPGA Chip for 3-Phase Induction Motor
V. Tipsuwanporn, W. Sawaengsinkasikit, A. Numsamran, and R. Jaisue (Thailand)
665-031 Robust Magnetic Attitude Control of Low-Orbit Small Satellite
V. Malyavej, P. Artitthang, and M. Aorpimai (Thailand)
665-032 Generalized Dynamic Inversion Control of F-16 Fighter-Jet Lateral Maneuvering
A.H. Bajodah (Saudi Arabia) and I. Hameduddin (USA)
665-039 Multi-Dimensional Detection Metrics for Automotive Three-Way Catalyst On-Board Diagnostic Monitoring
J.S. Kirschman, K.R. Muske, J.C. Peyton Jones, and J.W. Howse (USA)
665-040 Linear Matrix Inequality Solution of the Direct Data Domain Approach
M. Yilmaz, N. Yilmazer, H. Liu, and S. Bhumkar (USA)
665-059 An Improved Sensor-Less Detector for Loss-of-Synchronism in Stepping Motors
W.-X. Sun and N. Hori (Japan)
665-079 The Improvement of Tissue Contour Extraction Method in Medical Image
L. Zheng, G. Li, and Y. Bao (PRC)
665-090 Fuzzy Traversability Evaluation for AVG's
A. Corona, R. Soto, A. Diaz, and J.L. Gordillo (USA)
Track Systems, Stability, and Optimization FreeSubscription
665-038 Time Evolution Analysis of Bearing Faults
S.L. Volpi, B. Lazzerini (Italy), and D. Stefanescu (USA)
665-042 Optimal Investments in Clean Technology and Reforestation in the Control of Global Warming using Fuzzy Cost Function
M.A.L. Caetano, D.F.M. Gherardi, T. Yoneyama (Brazil), and J.A.M. Felippe de Souza (Portugal)
665-043 Automatic Buildings Recognition using a 3G Smartphone
C. Vázquez, I. Vertiz, C. Salazar, A. Preciado, J.J. Mendoza, and G. Vertiz (Mexico)
665-067 Real μ-Analysis by Stability Feeler
T. Matsuda, M. Kawanishi, and T. Narikiyo (Japan)
665-068 Real μ-Analysis by Stability Feeler - Estimation of Lower Bounds and Reduction of Conservativeness
T. Matsuda, M. Kawanishi, T. Jennawasin, and T. Narikiyo (Japan)
665-070 Development of Parametrical Regulation Theory on the Basis of One Class Computable General Equilibrium Models
A.A. Ashimov, B.T. Sultanov, Zh.M. Adilov, Yu.V. Borovskiy, N.Yu. Borovskiy, and As.A. Ashimov (Republic of Kazakhstan)
Track Identification and Control FreeSubscription
665-013 DCM and Quaternion Partial Matching Methods for Transfer Alignment
T. Kim, Y. Lim, and J. Lyou (Korea)
665-021 Disturbance Attenuation based on an Observer with a Function of Estimating Unmeasurable Inputs and its Application
T. Narikiyo, K. Fuwa, S. Kadowaki, T. Mori, and H. Kando (Japan)
665-065 Control of Chaos in a Power-Factor-Correction Boost Converter
A.N. Natsheh (Jordan), J.G. Kettleborough (UK), and G.N. Dheim (Syria)
665-072 Output Feedback for Linear Time-Varying Systems
B. Marinescu (France)
665-074 Fault Diagnosis of Railway Rolling Bearing based on Wavelet Packet and Elman Neural Network
G. Cai, L. Jia, J. Yang, and D. Yao (PRC)
665-086 Deviation Detection by Self-Organized On-Line Models Simulated on a Feed-Back Controlled DC-Motor
M. Svensson, M. Forsberg, S. Byttner, and T. Rögnvaldsson (Sweden)
665-092 Function Analysis of a Second Order Sliding Mode Observer for Mechanical Systems
M. Mohamed, B. Safya, and K. Nahla (Tunisia)
665-094 Estimation of Time-Varying Bias Terms in Linear Systems
A.K. Leros (Greece)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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