Control and Applications    (CA 2004)

March 1 – 3, 2004
Marina Del Rey, California, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
161 pages
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Track Power and Energy Systems FreeSubscription
441-029 Wireless Sensing and Controls for Survivable AC Zonal Systems
E.V. Solodovnik, G. Yang, M. Ali, and R.A. Dougal (USA)
441-030 On Some New Facts in Comparing Frequency Domain, Optimal and Asymptotic Filtering
V. Černý and J. Hrušák (Czech Republic)
441-045 Control of a DC Transmission System using an Hydraulic Turbine-synchronous Generator as Power Supply
L. Teppoz, G. Bornard, and G. Besançon (France)
441-061 Measurement Related Issues in a Hybrid Power System
A. Kulatunga (USA)
441-064 Modeling and Compensation of Radial Distribution System Considering Induction Motor Load
M.-U. Lee, S.-Y. Jung, and G.-H. Choe (Korea)
Track Robotics and Manufacturing FreeSubscription
441-003 3-D Graphical Simulation of Complete Manufacturing Systems in Real-Time
E. Freund, R. Feist, D.H. Pensky, and R. Wischnewski (Germany)
441-028 2-D Visual Servoing with RBF Neural Networks and Velocity Observer
M.A. Moreno-Armendariz, W.Yu, A.S. Pozniak, and E. Gómez-Ramírez (Mexico)
441-046 Evolutionary Membership Adaptation for Mobile Robot Fuzzy Intelligent Behaviors
S. Zein-Sabatto, A. Sekmen, P. Koseeyaporn, and S. Colombano (USA)
441-049 Distributed Parallel Intelligent Agents for Critical Domain Robotic Control
G. Pitts, M. Eggen, B. Munsinger, and D. Nevin (USA)
Track Adaptive and Robust Control FreeSubscription
441-006 Robust Control of Unstable Distributed Parameter Systems
P.D. Olivier (USA)
441-032 Experimental Validation of Different MIMO-Feedback Controller Design Methods on an Automotive Vibration Test Rig
D. Vaes, J. Swevers, and P. Sas (Belgium)
441-052 Parameter Identification in Chaotic Systems with Delay
Y. Crispin (USA)
441-054 Robust Stabilization of Dynamic Nonholonomic Mobile Cart with Parameter Uncertainties
B.L. Ma and S.K. Tso (PRC)
441-063 Self Tuning Regulators with Multiple Identification Models
K.S. Al-Olimat, G. Girman, E.J. Kurtz, and H.J. Swarthout III (USA)
Track Control and Applications FreeSubscription
441-018 PID Stabilization of a Single-Link Biomechanical Model with Control Effort Constraints
A. Roy and K. Iqbal (USA)
441-035 Submodule Construction using the Control Theory of Discrete Event Systems
A. Khoumsi (Canada) and J. Drissi (USA)
441-037 Frequency Shaping Sliding Mode Control for Axial AMB Systems
N.-C. Tsai and C.W. Chiang (Taiwan)
441-041 Stabilization of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems via Linear Time-varying Approximations
S.F.F. Fahmy and S.P. Banks (UK)
441-048 Traffic Signal Timing Control for a Small-scale Road Network
J.-S. Yang (USA)
441-050 Sensitivity Equations for the Design of Control Systems
J. Borggaard and J. Vance (USA)
441-056 Control Design for a Piezo-Electric Dual-Stage Instrumented Suspension
N.K. Vestmoen Nilsen (Norway) and R.A. de Callafon (USA)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
441-019 Fuzzy Assessment of Defects in Tile-Walls of High-Rise Buildings
S.K. Tso, F. Tong, and M.Y.Y. Hung (PRC)
441-021 Search of Countinuous Nearest Target Objects along Route on Large Hierarchical Road Network
J. Feng, N. Mukai, and T. Watanabe (Japan)
441-033 Neural Net Modelling of Ultrasonic Propagation in Non-Homogeneous Media
L.A. Rentería, J.P. Oria, C. Rodríguez, M. Fernández, S. Robla, and E.G. Sarabia (Spain)
441-038 Load-Balanced Tree Approach in Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem
N. Mukai, J. Feng, and T. Watanabe (Japan)
441-039 Channel Coding and Modulation using Nonlinear Observer-based Chaotic Synchronization Scheme
T.-I. Chien and T.-L. Liao (Taiwan)
441-058 Ultrasonic Thermometer: Temperature Remote-Sensing Technique using the Ultrasonic System
C.-C. Tong, T.-C. Chang, K.-L. Wen, and W.-S. Jwo (Taiwan)
441-059 Cylinder Head Intake Flow Analysis
B.A. Jawad, J.W. Bradford, and C.H. Riedel (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Power and Energy Systems; Robotics and Manufacturing; Adaptive and Robust Control; Control and Applications; and Applications.

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