Biomedical Engineering    (BioMED 2007)

February 14 – 16, 2007
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): J.W. Gardner
468 pages
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Track Keynote Paper FreeSubscription
Track Modelling, Simulation, Systems, and Control FreeSubscription
555-009 Estimating Shoulder Complex Mobility
B. Tondu (France)
555-015 Control Problems Arising in Combined Antiangiogenic Therapy and Radiotherapy
A. Swierniak (Poland)
555-034 Effect of Crown Material on Teeth Restored with Prefabricated Glass Fibre Posts: Stress Distribution
P.J. Rodríguez-Cervantes, J.L. Sancho-Bru, A. Barjau-Escribano, A. Pérez-González, and L. Forner-Navarro (Spain)
555-042 Some Considerations about an Experimental Modelling of the vas deferens Physiology
C. Tanase (Ireland)
555-064 Stabilized Linear Model for Neuromagnetic Source Localization
Y.-S. Chen, C.-Y. Cheng, T.-J. Lin, J.-C. Hsieh, and L.-F. Chen (Taiwan)
555-080 How to Transmit Artificial Information in Peripheral Nerves WITHOUT Disturbing their Natural Information Flow
M. Hannula and E. Alasaarela (Finland)
555-086 Prediction of One Repetition Maximum in Weight Lifting with Multilinear Regression Model
M. Hannula, J.-P. Rontu, and J. Jauhiainen (Finland)
555-088 New Parameter for Modelling of Hip Motion at Patient with Coxarthritis
R.M. Kiss (Hungary)
555-090 Evaluation of SAR Induced in Human Head Tissue Layers Exposed to Microwave Frequency
S. Mouna, H. Ammor, and M. Khalladi (Morocco)
555-103 A Brief Foray into Philosophical and Practical Issues Concerning Micro-Current Frequency Stimulation and Related Modalities
H.E.R. Rudolph and J. Halpern (Australia)
555-105 CMAC-based Modelling the Influence of Temperature on Tissue Biosensor for Measurement of Dopamine
V. Rangelova and D. Tsankova (Bulgaria)
555-109 Optimizing A-V and V-V Delay in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Simulations Including Ventricle Heterogeneity
R. Miri, M. Reumann, D. Farina, B. Osswald, and O. Dössel (Germany)
555-114 Cancer Outcome Prediction by Cluster-based Artificial Immune Networks
D. Tsankova and V. Rangelova (Bulgaria)
555a-025 Application of Advanced Computational Modelling in the Comparison of Stent Induced Coronary Flow Disturbances
J. Murphy and F. Boyle (Ireland)
Track Signal Processing in Biomedical Engineering FreeSubscription
555-025 Framework for Creating New Discriminants: Combined Diffusion and Perfusion Studies in Stroke Patients
S. Takagi, K. Sakai, K. Yamada, K. Kudo, Y. Yasuhara, K. Koyamada, and T. Nishimura (Japan)
555-056 Improved Detection of Boundaries of Phonemes in Speech Databases
P. Bergl and R. Cmejla (Czech Republic)
555-807 The Development of the Melody of the Infant Cry to Detect Disorders during Infancy
G. Várallyay Jr, Z. Benyó, and A. Illényi (Hungary)
Track Medical Imaging and Signal Processing FreeSubscription
555-068 Method for Suppressing Seam Line Artifact in Spatially Compounded Ultrasonic Diagnostic Images
M.H. Choi, J.H. Park, K.-J. Lee, C.-A. Kim, and J.-K. Lee (Korea)
555a-031 Correlation between Shear Stress and Wall Thickening in Human Carotid Artery: I. Preliminary Repeatability Studies of MRI Data
I. Khan, J. Oshinski, and C. Aidun (USA)
Track Medical Devices and Healthcare Technology FreeSubscription
555-021 Diagnostic Ultrasound Image Subtraction based HIFU Effect Estimation Method by using Wavelet Decomposition Coefficient Energy
Y. Feng, Z. Chen, J. He, F. Sun (PRC)
555-809 Performance Tests of a Novel Electroencephalographic Data-Acquisition System
A.B. Usakli and N.G. Gencer (Turkey)
555a-015 X-Ray Fluorescence Microtomography Analysis of Breast Tissue Samples under Various Excitation Conditions
G.R. Pereira, H.S. Rocha, M.J. Anjos, R.T. Lopes, P. Faria, and C.A. Pérez (Brazil)
Track Medical Devices, Measurement, and Technology FreeSubscription
555-018 The Locomotion Systems for Self-Propelled Endoscopes: A Review and a New Proposal
Y. Shi, Z. Yu, L. Kong, and H.-Y. Hsu (Australia)
555-032 Two Unconstrained Methods for Blood Pressure Monitoring in a Ubiquitous Home Healthcare
J.S. Kim, K.K. Kim, Y.G. Lim, and K.S. Park (Korea)
555-045 Semantic Support for Medical Image Search and Retrieval
W. Wei and P.M. Barnaghi (Malaysia)
555-051 Towards a Low-Cost Optical Biosensor System for Biomedical Immunoassay Applications
J.W. Gardner, A. Apostolidou, M. Cole, C. Dowson, S. Edmunds, and G. Sehra (UK)
555-076 Investigation of Photoplethysmmographic Signals and Arterial Blood Oxygen Saturation Values (SpO2) during Blood Pressure Cuff-Induced Hypoperfusion
P.A. Kyriacou, K. Shafqat, and S.K. Pal (UK)
555-116 Features of Voltage Pulse Plethysmography
M. Melinščak and A. Šantić (Croatia)
555a-054 Using DICOM in Medical Grids: Secure Image Communication and Integration of External DICOM Devices in Globus Grids
M. Vossberg, D. Krefting, and T. Tolxdorff (Germany)
Track Medical Imaging and Image Processing FreeSubscription
555-027 Detection of Masses in Mammograms using Enhanced Multilevel-Thresholding Segmentation and Region Selection based on Rank
A. Rojas Domínguez and A.K. Nandi (UK)
555-038 The Interpreting System for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Analysis with Image Processing
K. Wong-ek, L. Boonchu, S. Suntiwatanakul, and S. Sriboonsrong (Thailand)
555-040 Morphometrical Feature Extraction on Color Histological Images for Oncological Diagnostics
A. Nedzved, A. Belotserkovsky (Belarus), T.M. Lehmann (Germany), and S. Ablameyko (Belarus)
555-053 Phonocardiogram Segmentation by using Hidden Markov Models
C.S. Lima and M.J. Cardoso (Portugal)
555-058 A System Design for Content-based Image Retrieval and Analysis of Mammograms using PostgreSQL with Image-Handling Extension
D. Guliato, E.V. de Melo, R.C. Soares (Brazil), and R.M. Rangayyan (Canada)
555-100 Human Body Movements Classification
A. Hlaváček, V. Hanžl, and J. Havlík (Czech Republic)
555-800 Prediction of Parkinson's Disease Tremor Onset using Artificial Neural Networks
S. Pan, K. Warwick, J. Stein, M.N. Gasson, S.Y. Wang, T.Z. Aziz, and J. Burgess (UK)
555a-022 Robust Pre-Processing and Noise Reduction in Microarray Images
A. Mastrogianni, E. Dermatas, and A. Bezerianos (Greece)
555a-044 Heart-Rate Adapting Match Filter Detection of T-Wave Alternans in Experimental Holter ECG Recordings
L. Burattini (Italy), W. Zareba (USA), and R. Burattini (Italy)
555a-047 Total Aberrations vs. High Order Aberrations in Operated Eyes
F. Viola, J.M. Dias, and A. Castanheira-Dinis (Portugal)
Track Molecular Engineering FreeSubscription
555-802 Two-Step Plasma Surface Modification of PDMS with Mixture of HEMA and AAc: Collagen Immobilization and In Vitro Assays
A. Karkhaneh, H. Mirzadeh, and A.R. Ghaffariyeh (Iran)
555a-012 Abrasion Tests on Human Enamel under Wet and Dry Conditions
G. Guidoni, T. Schöberl, G. Dehm, and I. Jäger (Austria)
555a-029 Renewable Materials for Tissue Repair/Biocompatibility of Cellulose Nanocrystals
E.-M.U. Egertsdotter and C.K. Aidun (USA)
555a-042 Studying Tumor Extravasation using a Microfluidic Chip
K.C. Chaw, M. Manimaran, F.E.H. Tay, K.J. Leck, and S. Swaminathan (Singapore)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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