Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications / 779: Computer Graphics and Imaging    (SPPRA 2012)

June 18 – 20, 2012
Crete, Greece
Editor(s): M. Petrou, A.D. Sappa, G.A. Triantafyllidis
280 pages
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Track Computer Vision FreeSubscription
778-042 Optimization of Color-based Foreground / Background Segmentation for Outdoor Scenes
Louis St-Laurent, Donald Prévost, and Xavier Maldague
778-022 Road Region Detection by Spatio-Temporal Graph Segmentation of Optical Flows using On-Board Camera
Kenji Nishida, Jun Fujiki, Takumi Kobayashi, Chikao Tsuchiya, Shinya Tanaka, and Takio Kurita
778-004 3D Motion Recognition using HMM and Nearest Neighbor Method
Amin Safaei and Mehran Jahed
778-054 A Time-Saving Study on Tracking Sleeping Statuses of Multiple Drosophilae
Yu-Cheng Wu, Hung-Yin Tsai, Chien-Jung Huang, and Hong Hocheng
Track Image Processing FreeSubscription
778-050 Full-Body CT Segmentation using 3D Extension of Two Graph-based Methods: A Feasibility Study
Mariusz Bajger, Gobert Lee, and Martin Caon
778-025 Isthmus-based Order-Independent Sequential Thinning
Péter Kardos and Kálmán Palágyi
778-014 Barcode Detection with Morphological Operations and Clustering
Péter Bodnár and László G. Nyúl
778-040 Automatic License Plate Detection using Gabor Filtering and Cross-Cuts
Subhradeep Kayal
778-052 Robust Region-based Line Detection from Poor Quality Images of Aligned Rectangular Objects
Nikolaos Vassilas, Theocharis Tsenoglou, and Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
778-051 Noise Robustness of a Texture Classification Protocol for Natural Leaf Roughness Characterisation
Thomas Decourselle, Jean-Claude Simon, Ludovic Journaux, Frédéric Cointault, and Johel Miteran
Track Systems and Circuits FreeSubscription
778-034 An FPGA based Digital Lock-In Amplifier Implemented using MFIR Resonators
Jean-Jacques Vandenbussche, Peter Lee, and Joan Peuteman
778-037 Fault Accommodation in Systems Described by Structural Schemes
Alexey Zhirabok, Alexander S. Yakshin, and Evgeny Y. Bobko
778-055 An Optical Profilometer based on a CD-Pickup Head
Johannes Lettner, Jochen Oberreiter, and Bernhard G. Zagar
778-024 Compressive Sampling for Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NALM) using Current Waveforms
Ying Wang, Alessio Filippi, Ronald Rietman, and Geert Leus
778-026 Reduced Complexity Fractionally Spaced RBF Equalizer for Optical Channels
Kristina Georgoulakis, George-Othon Glentis, Chris Matrakidis, and Alexandros Stavdas
778-016 Understanding Power System Transmission Line Faults by Improved Prony Analysis
Bei Gou and Yuan Liao
Track Pattern Recognition FreeSubscription
778-044 Application of Machine Learning to Classify Diabetic Retinopathy
Pilar Pérez Conde, Jorge de la Calleja, Ma. Auxilio Medina, and Antonio Benitez
778-029 Modifying iDistance for a Fast CHAMELEON with Application to Patch based Image Segmentation
Xiaochun Wang, Xia L. Wang, and Don M. Wilkes
778-027 Integrated Web Multimedia Retrieval in a Law Enforcement Application
Mikołaj Leszczuk, Michał Grega, Jan Derkacz, and Andrzej Dziech
778-019 A Visible Light Iris Recognition System using Colour Information
Petru Radu, Konstantinos Sirlantzis, Gareth Howells, Sanaul Hoque, and Farzin Deravi
778-049 Multiple Kernel Learning for Adaptive Graph Regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Jingyan Wang and Mustafa A. Jabbar
778-018 Performance Evaluation of Transform based Feature Extraction Methods for Identity Authentication System using Fingerprint Matching
Shreyansh Daftry and Saloni Dawar
Track Signal Processing and Tomography FreeSubscription
778-006 Something About Processing, Analysis and Restoration of Periodic Signals
Vladimir I. Znak
778-017 Perimeter Estimation of Some Discrete Sets from Horizontal and Vertical Projections
Tamás Sámuel Tasi, Máté Hegedűs, and Péter Balázs
778-012 System Modeling for Active Noise Control with Reservoir Computing
Jens Nyman, Ken Caluwaerts, Tim Waegeman, and Benjamin Schrauwen
778-021 Vector Field Tomography: Reconstruction of an Irrotational Field in the Discrete Domain
Alexandra Koulouri and Maria Petrou
778-047 A New Framework for Speaker Adaptation using Uniform Styled Bilinear Model
Chunyi Guo, Weiqian Liang, Ming Fan, and Kejun Liu
Track Computer Graphics and Imaging Applications FreeSubscription
779-008 Graph Reconstruction from Drawings without Crossings
Hamdy Zidan and Gerik Scheuermann
779-009 An Optimized Method for Anatomic Skull Prosthesis Modelling
Marcelo Rudek, Osiris Canciglieri Junior, and Thiago Greboge
779-003 Quantitatively Visualizing Uncertainty Information using Volume Ray-Casting Rendering, Linked View and Scatter Plot for Volumetric Data
Ji Ma, David Murphy, Cian O'Mathuna, Michael Hayes, and Gregory Provan
779-016 Disparity Calculation: A Probabilistic Approach
Diego Montoya, Benjamin Menhorn, and Frank Slomka
779-024 Efficient Real-Time Generation and Rendering of Interactive Grass and Shrubs for Large Sceneries
Nico Hempe and Juergen Rossmann
779-011 Flame Detection for Video-based Early Fire Warning Systems and 3D Visualization of Fire Propagation
Kosmas Dimitropoulos, Filareti Tsalakanidou, and Nikos Grammalidis
779-022 A Novel Framework for Multimodal Retrieval and Visualization of Multimedia Data
Ilias Kalamaras, Athanasios Mademlis, Sotiris Malassiotis, and Dimitrios Tzovaras
779-025 Affordable Interactive Virtual Reality System for the Dynamic Hip Screw Surgery Training in Vitro
Amr Ahmed, Mohammad Maqsood, Hassan Saif, and Anas Salman
779-015 Modeling Multiple Visual Words Assignment for Bag-of-Features based Medical Image Retrieval
Jingyan Wang and Islam Almasri
779-026 Fast 3D Scene Object Detection and Real Size Estimation using Microsoft Kinect Sensor
Michael K. Demetriou, Tsampikos Kounalakis, Nikolaos Vidakis, and Georgios A. Triantafyllidis
779-027 Image based Touristic Monument Classification using Graph based Visual Saliency and Scale-Invariant Feature Transform
Grigorios E. Kalliatakis, Tsampikos Kounalakis, Georgios Papadourakis, and Georgios A. Triantafyllidis
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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