Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing    (ASC 2006)

August 28 – 30, 2006
Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Editor(s): Angel Pasqual del Pobil
331 pages
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Track Data Mining FreeSubscription
544-045 Sequential Mining Method based on a New Criterion
S. Sakurai, Y. Kitahara, and R. Orihara (Japan)
544-062 Ontology-Guided Intelligent Data Mining Assistance: Combining Declarative and Procedural Knowledge
M. Charest and S. Delisle (Canada)
544-068 Core Equivalence for Economy under Rough Sets Information
T. Matsuhisa (Japan)
544-118 A New Approach of Shannon Entropy in Recommender Systems
J. López Herrera (Spain)
544-153 Selection of Clusters Number and Features Subset During a Two-Levels Clustering Task
S. Guérif and Y. Bennani (France)
Track Machine Learning and Reasoning FreeSubscription
544-033 An Ontology Gateway for Efficient Communication of Agents with Web Services
M. Pasha, A. Ali (Pakistan), H.F. Ahmad, and H. Suguri (Japan)
544-049 Temporal Case-based Reasoning - Case Representation and Retrieval for Forecasting
A. Grech and J. Main (Australia)
544-058 Speeding up the Learning of Equivalence Classes of Bayesian Network Structures
R. Daly, Q. Shen, and S. Aitken (UK)
544-065 Cumulative Growth of Production Rules with Fuzzy Hierarchy (PRFH)
R. Kandwal and K.K. Bharadwaj (India)
544-072 Declarative Expressions: A New Perspective for Handling Information Systems
M. Miró-Juliá (Spain)
544-080 Global-Local Learning Strategies in Probabilistic Principal Components Analysis
E. López-Rubio, J.M. Ortiz-de-Lazcano-Lobato, D. López-Rodríguez, E. Mérida-Casermeiro, and M. del Carmen Vargas-González (Spain)
544-093 Learning Context-Dependency of User Interests in Smart Homes: Comparison between SVM and CBR
E. Vildjiounaite and V. Kyllönen (Finland)
544-113 Situation Recognition for Reactive Agent Behavior
O. Zweigle, U.-P. Käppeler, R. Lafrenz, H. Rajaie, F. Schreiber, and P. Levi (Germany)
544-116 Automated Business Process Identifier from Text-based Input using Case-Matching
S.M.F.D. Syed Mustapha and H.-N. Chua (Malaysia)
544-132 A Semi-Supervised Approach to Customer Relationship Management
R.A. Dara, T. Khan, J. Azim, O. Cicchello, and G. Cort (Canada)
Track Neural Networks and Applications FreeSubscription
544-034 Identification of Gugarati Characters using Wavelets and Neural Networks
A. Yajnik and S.R. Mohan (India)
544-046 Optimized Synaptic Conductance Model for Integrate-and-Fire Neurons Optimized Synaptic Conductance Model for Integrate-and-Fire Neurons
F.J. Veredas and H. Mesa (Spain)
544-051 A Hybrid Neural Network Model for Daily Peak Load Forecasting using a Novel Clustering Approach
M.R. Amin-Naseri and A.R. Soroush (Iran)
544-055 Cardiac Problem Diagnosis using SPECT Images with Statistical Neural Networks
G. Bilgin and O. Altun (Turkey)
544-075 Supervised Neuronal Approaches for EEG Signal Classification: Experimental Studies
A. Frédéric (France), K. Nizar (France, Tunisia), B.K. Khaled, B.M. Hedi (Tunisia), B. Laurent (France), and D. Mohamed (Tunisia)
544-096 Higher Order Neural Networks and their Applications to Financial Time Series Prediction
R. Ghazali (Malaysia and UK), A. Hussain, and M. Merabti (UK)
544-102 Combining Technical Analysis and Neural Networks in the Australian Stockmarket
B. Vanstone and G. Finnie (Australia)
544-126 Recognition of Gestures in Arabic Sign Language using Neural Networks
O. Al-Jarrah, A. Shatnawi, and A.H. Halawani (Jordan)
544-138 Neural Network Approach to the Optimal LUT Assignment in FPGA for Parallel Multipliers over GF(2n)
T. Kurokawa (Japan)
544-145 Pattern Recognition Approach for the Automatic Classification of Data from Impact Acoustics
S. Yella (Sweden, Scotland), N.K. Gupta (Scotland), and M. Dougherty (Sweden)
Track Particle Swarm Optimization and Miscellaneous Applications FreeSubscription
544-032 Optimal Phase Shifter Coordination: A Multidimensional Problem
J. Verboomen (The Netherlands), D. Van Hertem, R. Belmans (Belgium), P.H. Schavemaker, and W.L. Kling (The Netherlands)
544-044 A Multi-Expert Classification Framework for Network Misuse Detection
T.P. Tran, T. Jan, and A.J. Simmonds (Australia)
544-087 A Method for Removing Unused Arguments from Logic Programs
E. Marakakis, C. Kounali, and K. Vassilakis (Greece)
544-105 A New Technique for Synchronous Machine Parameters Estimation from Frequency Tests
K.M. El-Naggar, A.K. Al-Othman, and H.K. Ebraheem (Kuwait)
544-106 A New Digital Technique for Identification of Symmetrical Components for Power System Protection
A.K. Al-Othman, K.M. El-Naggar, and W.S. Borisly (Kuwait)
544-149 Simulation-based Optimisation using Local Search and Neural Network Metamodels
A. Persson, H. Grimm, and A. Ng (Sweden)
544-157 Studying the Human Visual Cortex for Improving Prehension Capabilities in Robotics
E. Chinellato, Y. Demiris (UK), and A.P. del Pobil (Spain)
544-800 A Particle Swarm Digital Identification of Synchronous Machine Parameters from Short Circuit Tests
K.M. El-Naggar, A.K. Al-Othman, and J.S. Al-Sumait (Kuwait)
544-801 Managing Digital Libraries using Semantic Web Technologies
A. Al-Zobaidie (UK) and S. Al-Sudani (Iraq)
544-807 Knowledge Modeling and Processing for Supervision of Process Facilities
A. Lisounkin (Germany)
Track Fuzzy Logic and Systems FreeSubscription
544-030 S-Curve Regression of Fuzzy Method and Statistical Application
C.-W. Chen, C.-H. Tsai, K. Yeh, and C.-Y. Chen (Taiwan)
544-037 Neural Network Representation of Fuzzy Systems
A. Veselý (Czech Republic)
544-041 A Rule - Base Modification for Time Delay Systems
H.M. Genç, İ. Eksin, M. Güzelkaya, and E. Yeşil (Turkey)
544-047 A WAM Implementation for Flexible Query Answering
P. Julián-Iranzo and C. Rubio-Manzano (Spain)
544-059 Gesture Recognition using a Neuro-Fuzzy Predictor
G. Bailador, G. Triviño, and S. Guadarrama (Spain)
544-074 Fuzzy Logic based Tuning of PID Controllers for Time Delay Dominant Systems
E. Yeşil, M. Güzelkaya, and İ. Eksin (Turkey)
544-130 Road Sign Detection and Recognition using Fuzzy ARTMAP: A Case Study Swedish Speed-Limit Signs
H. Fleyeh, S.O. Gilani, and M. Dougherty (Sweden)
544-143 Disaggregate Mode Choice Analysis for Work Trips using Genetic-Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
Y. Shafahi and S. Nazari (Iran)
544-150 Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Facility Location Problems
K.R. Žalik (Slovenia)
Track Genetic Algorithms FreeSubscription
544-035 Parallel Genetic Algorithm for a Multiobjective Rescheduling Problem
H. Iima (Japan)
544-036 Receding Horizon Control of Sampled Data Systems based on Dividing Genetic Computation
T. Kawabe and T. Motoyama (Japan)
544-054 Influence of the Selection Method on the Solution of an Inverse Stefan Problem using Genetic Algorithms
D. Słota (Poland)
544-070 Office Layout Support System Considering Usage using Interactive Genetic Algorithm
K. Hosono, M. Yanaka, and Y. Osana (Japan)
544-088 An Evolutionary Method to Solve the Real-Time Scheduling Problem
E. Ferro, R. Cayssials, O. Alimenti, and J. Orozco (Argentina)
544-104 Pattern Search Optimization for Solving the Load-Flow Problem
W.S. Borisly and A.K. Al-Othman (Kuwait)
544-152 Definition of Selective Pressure Control Methods for Optimization of Genetic Algorithms in Air Traffic Control
G.M. Camargo, J.B. Camargo Júnior, J.K. Naufal Júnior, and G. Matiussi (Brazil)
544-805 A Coding Mechanism for Business Process Optimisation using Genetic Algorithms: Initial Thoughts
M. Stelling, R. Roy, A. Tiwari, and B. Majeed (UK)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
544-073 Description of RANNs and their Generalisation Capabilities by Means of Rule Extraction by Genetic Programming
M. Gestal, J.R. Rabuñal, J. Dorado, and J. Pereira (Spain)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: • Knowledge Acquisition • Knowledge Representation • Case-based Reasoning • Temporal Reasoning • Model-based Reasoning • Connectionist Models • Bayesian Models • Machine Learning • Learning Algorithms and Training • Man-Machine Interfaces • Intelligent Agents • Intelligent Control • Multi-Agent Systems • Cognitive Processes • Intelligent Databases • Expert Systems • Distributed Artificial Intelligence • Cooperative AI Systems • Intelligent Systems • Adaptive Intelligent Systems • Logic Programming • Probabilistic Reasoning • Chaos • Data Mining • Fuzzy Logic and Systems • Neuro-Fuzzy Systems • Fuzzy Modelling • Fuzzy Evolutionary Computation • Fuzzy Hardware • Neuro-Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithms • Neural Networks • Neuro-Computing • Genetic Algorithms • Genetic Programming • Evolutionary Engineering • Software Tools.

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