Communication, Network, and Information Security    (CNIS 2007)

September 24 – 17, 2007
Berkeley, California, USA
Editor(s): P. Dasgupta
143 pages
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Track Cryptography and Information Security FreeSubscription
589-037 Linear Feedback Shift Register based Stream Ciphers
D.S. John, P.P. Deepthi, and P.S. Sathidevi (India)
589-038 J2: Refinement of a Topological Image Steganographic Method
R.E. Newman, I.S. Moskowitz, and M. Kumar (USA)
589-039 Algorithm Level Evaluation of Cryptosystem Resistance to Second-Order DPA
A. Sasaki and K. Abe (Japan)
589-066 Distributed Signcryption Scheme on Hyperelliptic Curve
I. Gupta, N.R. Pillai, and P.K. Saxena (India)
589-080 Architecture of an IKEv2 Protocol Implementation
S. Gro and V. Glavinić (Croatia)
589-081 Period Lengths of Chaotic Pseudo-Random Number Generators
J. Keller and H. Wiese (Germany)
589-084 Collusion-Resistant Threshold Decryption
S. Eskeland and V. Oleshchuk (Norway)
Track Authentication and Security Management FreeSubscription
589-041 Multi-Agent based Security Assurance Monitoring System for Telecommunication Infrastructures
E. Bulut (France), D. Khadraoui (Luxembourg), and B. Marquet (France)
589-046 An Efficient Algorithm for the Implementation of Fingerprint Authentication on Smartcards
M. Govan and T. Buggy (UK)
589-047 Integration of a Secure Mobile Payment System in a GSM/UMTS SIM Smart Card
I.G. Askoxylakis, M. Pramateftakis, D.D. Kastanis, and A.P. Traganitis (Greece)
589-053 Security, Privacy, and Usability: A High Common Ground
H.K. Lu and A.M. Ali (USA)
589-055 High Level Specification of Non-Interference Security Policies in Partitioned MLS Systems
J. Son and J. Alves-Foss (USA)
589-073 Prevention of SPIT using the Concept of Access Number (AN)
A.H. Khalil and D.J. Parish (UK)
589-078 FEDERACY: An Extensible Federated Identity and Access Management Framework Considering Legacy Systems
S.-C. Cha, H.-P. Lin, M.-G. Wang, and C.-W. Huang (Taiwan)
589-079 A Dynamic Fusion Approach for Security Situation Assessment
A. Siraj and R.B. Vaughn (USA)
Track Network Security FreeSubscription
589-020 Running a Port Forwarding Firewall System on a Bridge
T. Eggendorfer and D. Weber (Germany)
589-031 Security Enhancement Over Ad-Hoc AODV Routing Protocol
Z. Zhou (PRC)
589-034 New Practical Attack against Bluetooth Security using Efficient Implementations of Security Analysis Tools
K.M.J. Haataja (Finland)
589-043 DoS Detection in Cluster-based Sensor Networks
G.-H. Lai, C.-M. Chen, and B. Jeng (Taiwan)
589-060 The SMTP Tar Pit Simulator Compared to OpenBSD's SpamD
T. Eggendorfer (Germany)
589-062 Three Practical Bluetooth Security Attacks using New Efficient Implementations of Security Analysis Tools
K.M.J. Haataja (Finland)
589-071 A Novel Packet Header Visualization Methodology for Network Anomaly Detection
S. Tehsin and S.A. Khan (Pakistan)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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What are Digital Object Identifers?

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The relevant topics for this conference include, but are not limited to: Communication Security * Access control * Authentication * Cryptographic Protocols and Applications * Digital Signatures * Disaster Protocols * Hash Functions * Warning Systems Network Security * Computer/Network Disaster Recovery * Global Security Architectures and Infrastructures * Hacking and Intrusion Detection * Secure Deletion * Secure Email * Spam * Viruses and Worms * Web Security * WiFi Spying/Sniffing * Wireless Privacy * Wireless Security * Virtual Private Networks Information Security * Biometrics * Digital Rights Management * Digitally Embedded Signatures * DNA, Fingerprint, Iris, and Retina Scanning * Identify Theft * Information Hiding * Legal and Regulatory Issues in Communication * Operating System Security * Plagiarism * Privacy and Confidentiality * Software Security * Spyware * Standards * Watermarking.

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