Software Engineering / 781: Control Applications    (SE 2012)

June 18 – 20, 2012
Crete, Greece
Editor(s): A. Alexandridis
370 pages
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Track Software Engineering FreeSubscription
780-019 Critical Challenges in Offshore Software Development Outsourcing: An Empirical Study
Siffat Ullah Khan and Mahmood Niazi
780-004 Supporting Social Driven Requirements Engineering Processes through Knowledge Sharing Platforms
Christian Sillaber, Joanna Chimiak-Opoka, and Ruth Breu
780-009 Feature Subset Selection in Software Cost Models using the Artificial Immune Algorithm
Tad Gonsalves and Yu Aiso
780-007 Ontology-Driven Generation of Multi-View Modeling Tools
Angelika Kusel, Stefan Mitsch, Werner Retschitzegger, Wieland Schwinger, Ralph Mayr, and Johannes Schönböck
780-005 Calculating Software Maintenance Risks - A Practical Approach
Harald Gruber, Reinhold Plösch, Stefan Schiffer, and Anja Hentschel
780-027 From eLearning Models to eLearning Requirements Engineering: The Vision and Scope Document
Jorge Buenabad-Chávez and José Rangel-García
780-020 Regression Test Selection Model using Decomposition Slicing
Amir Ngah, Malcolm Munro, and Keith Gallagher
780-021 Anticipating Software Fault Proneness using Classifier Ensemble: An Optimize Approach
Bushra Hamid, Eisa bin Abdullah Aleissa, and Abdul Rauf
780-028 Model Driven Development of Cross-Platform Mobile Applications
Mario L. Bernardi and Marta Cimitile
780-031 A Software Quality Resource Tool that Improves Quality Management of Scaled-down Development Environments
Khalid A Slhoub
780-030 Integrating Software Security into Computer Science Curriculum
Xiaohong Yuan, Huiming Yu, Joaquin Hernandez, and India Waddell
Track Nonlinear Control and Stability FreeSubscription
781-046 Nonlinear Control of Partially Unknown Systems based on Reinforcement Learning and Polynomial Representation
Yuta Tsuge, Kazuyuki Hyodo, Tatsuo Narikiyo, Michihiro Kawanishi, and Tanagorn Jennawasin
781-041 Transformation of Hybrid Systems: Application to Reduced Order Observer Design
Alexey Shumsky, Alexey Zhirabok, Bin Jiang, and Hao Yang
781-030 Simplified Nonlinear Control Design and Stability Analysis for Controlled Voltage Fed Induction Motors
George C. Konstantopoulos and Antonio T. Alexandridis
781-042 Stochastic Exponential Stability of Singular Linear Systems with Markov Jump Parameters
Amanda L.P. Manfrim, Eduardo F. Costa, Marco H. Terra, and João Y. Ishihara
781-037 Improving Transient Performance of Nussbaum Gain-based Controllers with Barrier Liapunov Functions
Haris E. Psillakis
Track Renewable Generation Control FreeSubscription
781-049 Voltage Regulation and Stability Analysis of a Photovoltaic System with a Boost Converter Interface
Konstantinos F. Krommydas and Antonio T. Alexandridis
781-055 Generator Control Methods for Active Damping of Oscillations in Wind Energy Converters
Alexander Broy and Constantinos Sourkounis
781-035 PI Control Design and Passivity/Stability Analysis for DFIG Wind Systems under Vector Control Constraints
Michael K. Bourdoulis and Antonio T. Alexandridis
781-057 Decoupling Concepts for Control Methods of Generator Systems for Wind Energy Converters
Constantinos Sourkounis
781-040 Vector Control based PI Controllers for Variable-Speed Wind Power Induction Generators
Grigorios E. Marmidis and Antonio T. Alexandridis
Track Modeling and Simulation FreeSubscription
781-016 On Development of Parametrical Regulation of National Economy Evolution Theory on the Basis of Non-Autonomous Dynamic Systems
Abdykappar A. Ashimov, Bakhyt T. Sultanov, Yuriy V. Borovskiy, Nikolay Y. Borovskiy, Rakhman A. Alshanov, and Bakytzhan A. Aisakova
781-027 A Review of SOPTD/FOPTD Frequency Domain Analysis
Aldo Balestrino and Emanuele Crisostomi
781-058 Modeling and Identification in Frequency Domain with Representations on the Blaschke Group
Alexandros Soumelidis, József Bokor, and Ferenc Schipp
781-059 PIM-based Controller Design for Systems with Network-Induced Time Delays
Suhaila Badarol Hisham and Noriyuki Hori
781-031 Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Noise in Biological Systems
Henri C. Jimbo and Matthew J. Craven
Track Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems FreeSubscription
781-044 Modelling, Simulation and Fuzzy Decision Making of Distributed Production Control and Supply Chain Methodologies
Dieter Roller and Erik Engesser
781-061 Generating Fuzzy Singleton Controllers to Ship Course Control
Juan Contreras
781-054 Implementation of Genetic Algorithms in PV Modules Power Optimization: Simulations and Experimental Results
Despoina I. Makrygiorgou, Eleftheria C. Pyrgioti, and Antonio T. Alexandridis
781-048 A Fuzzy Maximum Power Point Tracker for Photovoltaic Systems
Ioannis E. Karagiannis and Peter P. Groumpos
781-052 Mathematical Modeling of Control Systems using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: Challenging Issues
Peter P. Groumpos
Track Optimization FreeSubscription
781-007 Optimally Overlapped Ultrasonic Sensor Ring for Minimal Positional Uncertainty and Maximal Detection Range
Sungbok Kim and Hyunbin Kim
781-013 Optimization of the Modeling Loss Contributing to the Sensitivity Function
Csilla Bányász and László Keviczky
781-004 PI Controller Tuning based on Integrating Plus Time Delay Models: Performance Optimal Tuning
David Di Ruscio
781-033 Coordination of Mobile Networks with Arbitrary Convex Sensing Patterns
Yiannis Stergiopoulos and Anthony Tzes
781-011 On an LQ Control Problem Anomaly and a Possible Solution
László Keviczky and József Bokor
Track Industrial Control Applications FreeSubscription
781-060 Experimental Validation of Lateral Vehicle Control for Autonomous Valet Parking System
Heejae Choi, Dohyun Kim, and Bongsob Song
781-062 A Dynamic Sliding Manifold for Air-fuel Ratio Control in Lean-Burn Spark Ignition Engines
Behrouz Ebrahimi, Reza Tafreshi, Javad Mohammadpour, Houshang Masudi, Matthew A. Franchek, and Karolos Grigoriadis
781-021 Averaged Model for PWM DC-DC Converters Operating in DCM Considering Conduction Losses
Mohammed S. Al-Numay and Adamali Shah
781-053 Advanced Telemetry and Telecontrol using Smart Sensors
Maria Charalampidou, Spyridon G. Mouroutsos, and George Pavlidis
781-056 Inverter Control Effects to the Mechanical and Electrical Behaviour of an Electric Vehicles Drive-Train Modulated as a Two-Mass-System
Philip Dost and Constantinos Sourkounis
Track Robotics FreeSubscription
781-005 Skin-Muscle Deformation Modeling under Surface Force and its Application to Relax-Massage Robot Motion
Stamatis Manesis, Panagiotis Zafeirakis, and Dimitrios Kalamaras
781-063 Convergence Analysis of Temporal Difference Learning Algorithms based on a Test Problem
Onder Tutsoy, Martin Brown, and Hong Wang
781-024 Mobile Robot Path Planning in Unknown Environment using Improved Rolling Windows based on Behavior Dynamic Algorithm
Feng G. Liu, Kyung D. Kim, and Suk G. Lee
781-045 Modeling and Analysis of an Actuated Platform used for Precision Pointing Control
Gerardo Zarate, Eric Diaz, Jessica Alvarenga, Khosrow Rad, and Helen Boussalis
Track Predictive Control and Applications FreeSubscription
781-006 An Application of Nash Game to Distributed Multi-Rate Predictive Control
Samira Roshany-Yamchi, Avi A. Cornelio, Kieran Delaney, and Joseph Connell
781-022 Modeling and Supervisory Control Design for a Combined Cycle Power Plant
Salah G. Abokhatwa and Reza Katebi
781-043 Prevention of Loss-of-Synchronism in Stepping Motors through Self-Tuning Current Regulation
Keisuke Yagi and Noriyuki Hori
781-028 Simulation and Control of Electromagnetic Wave Launching in Thermonuclear Fusion Experiments
Christos Tsironis, Iordanis K. Giannopoulos, Ioannis D. Kakogiannos, and Dimitrios Kalligeropoulos
781-036 High Dynamic Process Control of a Large Scale Industrial Incineration Power Plant
Lukas Haffner and Andreas Voigt
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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