Computer Graphics and Imaging    (CGIM 2007)

February 13 – 15, 2007
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): E. Gobbetti
192 pages
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Track Graphics and Modeling FreeSubscription
553-005 Aspect Ratio- and Size-Controlled Patterned Triangulations of Parametric Surfaces
O.E. Ruiz (Columbia), S. Peña (Germany), and J. Duque (Columbia)
553-027 Surface Reconstruction by Moving Contours
G. Barequet and A. Zamansky (Israel)
553-033 Modeling and Visualization of Time-Varying Topology Transitions Guided by Hyper Reeb Graph Structures
P. Keller and M. Bertram (Germany)
553-034 A 3D Shape Retrieval Method based on Continuous Spherical Wavelet Transform
Z. Liu, J. Mitani, Y. Fukui, and S. Nishihara (Japan)
553-061 Out-of-Core MLS Reconstruction
V. Fiorin, P. Cignoni, and R. Scopigno (Italy)
553-083 The Feature Points Extraction for the Apparel Manufacture from 3D Human Body Scan Data
J. Shin and S. Ozawa (Japan)
Track Rendering Techniques FreeSubscription
553-010 NDVI-based Vegetation Rendering
S. Roettger (UK)
553-017 Real-Time Rendering of Ice
S. Seipel and A. Nivfors (Sweden)
553-025 Fast Implicit KD-Trees: Accelerated Isosurface Ray Tracing and Maximum Intensity Projection for Large Scalar Fields
M. Groß, C. Lojewski, M. Bertram, and H. Hagen (Germany)
553-048 Large-Scale, Realistic Cloud Visualization based on Weather Forecast Data
R. Hufnagel, M. Held (Austria), and F. Schröder (Germany)
553-055 Fast Rendering of Leaves
C. Rebollo, J. Gumbau, O. Ripolles, M. Chover, and I. Remolar (Spain)
553-080 A Memory-Efficient Scheme for Fast Spectral Photon Mapping
K. Ikeda, H. Takizawa, and H. Kobayashi (Japan)
Track Virtual Reality and Interaction FreeSubscription
553-051 Virtual Touch Screen: A Vision-based Interactive Surface
M. Tosas and L. Bai (UK)
553-052 Tracking Tree-Structured Articulated Objects using Particle Interpolation
M. Tosas and L. Bai (UK)
553-058 A Mobile 3D Archipelago
A. Nurminen (Finland)
553-805 Simulation and Visualization of Indoor-Acoustics for Robot Control
N. Schmitz, J. Wettach, E. Deines, P. Dannenmann, M. Bertram, K. Berns, and H. Hagen (Germany)
Track Image Processing FreeSubscription
553-016 A Nonoblivious Watermarking Scheme for Embedding Spread Spectrum-Like Watermarks in the Wavelet Domain
A. Zolghadr Asli and S. Rezazadeh (Iran)
553-019 Mathematical Details of the Refraction-based Computed Tomography
A. Maksimenko, T. Yuasa, and M. Ando (Japan)
553-026 Tracking-based Segmentation and Volume Rendering for Assessing Stenosis of Coronary Arteries in MS-CTA Images
D. Mueller, A. Maeder, and P. O'Shea (Australia)
553-032 Context Definition for Estimating Camera Motion through Planar Deformation
C. Jonchery, G. Koepfler, and F. Dibos (France)
553-037 Efficient Face Recognition for Wireless Surveillance Systems
N. Zaeri, F. Mokhtarian (UK), and A. Cherri (Kuwait)
553-041 Color Transient Improvement with Spatially Adaptive Image Fusion
J. Chang and M.G. Kang (Korea)
553-042 Edge-Adaptive Complementary Color Filter Array Demosaicking
Y.S. Han and M.G. Kang (Korea)
553-043 Improving Feature Extraction Methods for CT Texture Analysis
A. Giachetti, C. Melis, and B. Podda (Italy)
553-045 Simultaneous Enhancement of Spatial Resolution and Dynamic Range from Multiple Images
J. Choi and M.G. Kang (Korea)
553-046 Multi-Scale Image De-Noising and De-Cluttering using Cross-Scale Mathematical Morphology
A.D. Graham, M.J. Turner, and T. Hewitt (UK)
553-064 A Conformal and Statistical Mapping Method for 3D Pet Image Analysis
D. Pai, G. Zou, J. Hua, M. Dong, X. Gu, and O. Muzik (USA)
553-078 Bits Allocation of Matching Pursuit Video Coder based on Visual Properties
L. Liu and Y. Jia (PRC)
553-081 Combined Optic Flow Optimization Method using Pulse-Couple Neural Network
Y. Cao, P. Cook, and A. Renfrew (UK)
553-093 Robust Estimation of Camera Parameters using Combinatorial Optimization
S. Rupp, M. Elter, and C. Winter (Germany)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Computer Graphics and Modelling - * Computer Aided Design * Computer Graphics * Graphical Modelling * 3-D Object Extraction * Surface Reconstruction * Surface Modelling * Solid Modelling * Geometric Modelling * Geometric Algorithms * Computational Geometry * Physically-based Modelling * Multi-Resolution Modelling * Hair Modelling * Texture Models * Modelling of Natural Phenomena * Model Validation * Computer Art * Artificial Intelligence Techniques * Applications; Rendering - * Illumination Models * Volume Rendering * Rendering Algorithms and Systems * Parallel Rendering * Monti-Carlo and Finite Element Techniques * Image-based Rendering * Radiosity * Ray Tracing; Visualization - * Information Visualization * Scientific and Mathematical Visualization * Distributed Visualization * Collaborative Visualization * Graph and Network Visualization * Visualization Algorithms * Visualization and Knowledge Discovery * Human Perception * Virtual Reality * Augmented Reality * Visualization of Virtual Objects * Real-Time Visual Simulation * Visualization Software * Computer Games; Imaging and Image Processing - * Image Acquisition Techniques * Image and Pattern Analysis * Image Compression * Image Manipulation * Pattern Recognition * Image Segmentation * Image Synthesis Techniques * Digital Imaging * Internet Imaging * Digital Photography * Digital Video * Wireless Imaging * Color Imaging * Holographic Imaging * Volumetric Imaging * Multi-Spectral Imaging * Hyper-Spectral Imaging * Remote Sensing * Medical Imaging * Acoustic Imaging * Image Ontology * Computer Vision * Stereo Vision * Image Quality * Image Data Management * Software Languages and Tools for Imaging; Animation - * Computer Animation * Artificial Intelligence and Animation * Virtual Humans * Robotics and Animation * Human Figure Animation * Facial Animation * Behavioral Animation * Character Animation * Particle Systems * Motion Capture * Plausible Motion Simulation * Motion Control and Kinematics * Collision Detection * Animation Languages * Animation Systems * Algorithms and Techniques * Virtual Tours * Applications; Human-Computer Interaction - * Graphical Interfaces * Intelligent User Interfaces * Speech Recognition * Design Techniques * User Requirements * Collaborative System Design * Web Designing * Mobile Interfaces * E-Learning * Education * Interface Software and Tools * Interfaces and Agents * Applications.

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