Power and Energy Systems    (PES 2008)

April 16 – 18, 2008
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Editor(s): E. Fuchs
249 pages
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Track Fault Detection, Diagnosis, Protection, and Power Quality FreeSubscription
617-005 Investigation of Leakage Current on High Voltage Polymer (RTV SIR) Coated Insulators
D. Pylarinos, S. Lazarou, G. Marmidis, E. Pyrgioti, and E. Thalassinakis (Greece)
617-013 Power Transformer Protection using Support Vector Machine Network
Z. Moravej (Iran)
617-023 An Experimental Evaluation of Short-Time Flicker Index
J.Z. Klepacki, S.B. Tennakoon, and M. Al-Tai (UK)
617-050 Novel Energy Saving Motor Drive with Minimum Harmonics for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Application
M.H. Jodeyri and S.B. Tennakoon (UK)
617-055 Experimental Study on Shielding Effect of Trees on Direct Strokes to MV Distribution Lines
O.M. Adebayo and L. Matti (Finland)
617-060 Power System Smart Control and Verification
S. Bhattacharyya, J. Nutaro, L.E. Miller, T. Kuruganti, and M. Shankar (USA)
617-085 Harmonics Elimination and VAR Compensation for 3P3W and 3P4W Distribution Systems using Shunt Active Filters
R.D. Patidar, S.P. Singh, and J.D. Sharma (India)
617-096 Fault Diagnosis on Power Transformers using Non-Electric Method
W. Ma, C. Xie, M. Ao, and F. Cheng (PRC)
617-800 Development of Customized Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Automation System (DAS) for Effective Fault Operation and Fault Isolation
M.M. Ahmed and W.L. Soo (Malaysia)
Track Renewable, Distributed, Generation and Power Line FreeSubscription
617-015 A New Approach to the Design of a Small Power Network using a Self Control Re-Usable Energy Source
C.J. Hu and F.S. Barnes (USA)
617-020 Evaluation and Mitigation of Low Voltage Network Thermal Constraints
L.M. Cipcigan, P.C. Taylor, and P.F. Lyons (UK)
617-038 Vector Control of an Isolated Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Application
H.M. El-Helw and S.B. Tennakoon (UK)
617-041 Development of Fuel Cell Simulator
W. Shen (Malaysia)
617-056 Power Line Communication Denoising with Adaptive Wavelet Filters
E. Sheybani and N. Rashidi (USA)
617-064 Demonstrative PV Systems for an Isolated System
H.P. Ladner-García and E. O'Neill-Carillo (USA)
617-065 Study of Vegetable Oils Produced in Bangladesh as Alternative Fuel for Internal Combusiton Engines
J.R. Khan (Banglsdesh, USA) and I. Hossain (Bangladesh)
617-068 Power Dithering Algorithm to Avoid the Overcoming of the Voltage Limit in Presence of DG on Distribution Networks
V. Calderaro, V. Coppola, V. Galdi, and A. Piccolo (Italy)
617-090 A Proposed Approach for Small Scale Solar Electricity Generation, Use, and Distribution
W. Brodbeck (USA)
617-803 Performance Analysis of OFDM and P-Persistent CSMA/CD-based indoor PLC Networks
J. Li and Q.-A. Zeng (USA)
Track Power System Analysis, Operation, and Control FreeSubscription
617-039 Generation Expansion Effect on the Short Circuit Levels at the Transmission and Distribution Networks of the Libyan Power System
O.S. Alabaidi, S.O. Osman, and E.A. Elshaaleia (Libya)
617-043 Newton Optimization Method Applied to Unsolvable Load Flow Problems
L.V. Barboza (Brazil)
617-045 Impact of Large Industrial Customers on Power Quality of HV Transmission Power Grid: A Practical Case Study
K. Ellithy, A. Al-Subaie, A. Al Shafie, and A. Al Obaidly (Qatar)
617-047 Online Time-Domain Tracking of Low and Medium Voltage Cable Parameters under Intermittent Excitation
J.A. Taylor and S.M. Halpin (USA)
617-048 On the Current Desomposition based on Instantaneous Apparent Power Vector
M. Popescu, A. Bitoleanu, M. Dobriceanu, and M.A. Popescu (Romania)
617-061 Intentional Islanding Maintaining Power Systems Operation during Major Emergencies
E.F. Fuchs and F.S. Fuchs (USA)
617-073 Power Oscillation Damping using UPFC in Automatic Power Flow Control Mode with Constant Power Reference
D. Aravindan, G.S. Ilango, C. Nagamani, and A.V.S.S.R. Sai (India)
617-081 Using Phase Measurements in Existing State Estimation Programs
G.L. Kusic (USA) and N. Talaat (Egypt)
617-082 Live Line Measurement to the Inductance Parameters of T-Connection Transmission Lines with Mutual Inductance
Z. Hu, L. Fang, X. Xie, and Y. Fan (PRC)
617-084 Generation Rescheduling with Dynamic Voltage Stability Consideration
D. Bo, J. Zhang, C.Y. Chung, and L. Jun (PRC)
617-093 Torque Estimation for a Switched Reluctance Motor using Direct Flux Measurements
R.A. McCann and W. Traore (USA)
Track Electricity Market FreeSubscription
617-016 Models for Security Investment in Electricity Market
N. Zhang (USA)
617-040 A Proposal for Reactive Power Pricing for Gencos
G.A. Vaidya, N. Gopalakrishnan, and Y.P. Nerkar (India)
617-063 Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reductions in Argentina, Peru, Philippines and South Africa
K.H. Tiedemann (Canada)
617-069 A Multi-Criteria Decision Framework for Optimal Augmentation of Transmission Grid Addressing a Tool for Sensitive Zone Detection in Electricity Market
M.R. Hesamzadeh, N. Hosseinzadeh, and P.J. Wolfs (Australia)
617-071 Forecasting Market Participant Behavior in Power Market
B. Kashanizadeh, M. Ehsan, and M.F. Firuzabad (Iran)
617-079 Genetic Algorithm based Economic Load Dispatch with Valve Point Effect
B. Vanaja, S. Hemamalini, and S.P. Simon (India)
617-087 Improved Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network Input Parameters for Load Forecasting
C. Senabre, S. Valero, M. Ortiz, and A.Gabaldón (Spain)
617-089 Orchestrating Utility Supply and Demand in Real-Time via the Internet, Home Networks, and Smart Appliances
R.F. Cruickshank III (USA)
617-091 Cold Load Pick-up Algorithms for Line-Voltage Thermostats in a Winter Climate
C. Le Bel and L. Handfield (Canada)
617-092 Unit Commitment Scheduling by using the Neural Network-Weighted Frequency Bin Blocks Model based-Next Day Load Forecasting
U.B. Filik and M. Kurban (Turkey)
617-802 A Performance-based Markov Modelling for Reliability Evaluation of Competitive Electricity Markets
A. Ehsani, A.M. Ranjbar, and M. Fotuhi-Firuzabad (Iran)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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The publication covers the following topics: Electricity Infrastructure & Weather and Reliability (Storm Monitoring, Grid Hardening, Restoration, Blackouts); Renewable Energy and Distributed Systems (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, Ocean Energy); Planning, Operations, and Analysis; Regulation, Policy, Economics, Markets, and Risk Analysis; Modelling, Simulation, and Real-Time Applications; Communication and Control; and Nuclear Energy.

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