Advances in Computer Science and Engineering    (ACSE 2009)

March 16 – 18, 2009
Phuket, Thailand
Editor(s): V. Kachitvichyanukul
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Track Data Mining and Database Theory FreeSubscription
646-013 A Personal Information Retrieval System based on the User's Intentions in the Desktop Environment
K. Takano, Y. Kaneko, X. Chen, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)
646-025 Semantic and Emotional Music and Image Integration with Impression-based Correlation Computing
H. Fukai, A.I. Uraki, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)
646-039 SVDD based Probabilistic Ranking Scheme for Information Retrieval
K.-H. Jung and J. Lee (Korea)
646-050 Real-Time Multiversion Repeatable Read Isolation Level
J. Lindström (Finland)
646-078 ePattern Discovery of Topics in Network Forum based on Wavelet Analysis and Neural Network
H. Zhang, H. Zhong, and W. Cheng (PRC)
Track Computational Intelligence FreeSubscription
646-005 Applied Rough Set to Rank the Influence Factor in Cervical Cancer Screening
H.-T. Tu, M.-L. Chen, M.-L. You, and K.-L. Wen (Taiwan)
646-009 MVGPC+: An Integrated Approach to Machine-Learning Classification
C. Aranha and H. Iba (Japan)
646-014 Class Algebra
D.J. Buehrer (Taiwan)
646-024 Constraint based Tutor Generator for Intelligent Tutoring System
M. Siddappa, A.S. Manjunath, and H.V. Ramakrishna (India)
646-027 Optimization of the Trading Rule in Foreign Exchange using Genetic Algorithms
A. Hirabayashi, C. Aranha, and H. Iba (Japan)
646-800 It can be Beneficial to be "Lazy" when Exploring Graph-Like Worlds with Multiple Robots
H. Wang, M. Jenkin, and P. Dymond (Canada)
Track Computer Network and Communications FreeSubscription
646-008 2KAES: A New Port Knocking Technique
H. Zorkta, S. Alnazer, and H. Alhemma (Syria)
646-012 A Model for Personalised Communications Control in Pervasive Systems
E. Papadopoulou, S. McBurney, and M.H. Williams (UK)
646-022 User Preference Management in a Pervasive System Should be a Trusted Function
S. McBurney, E. Papadopoulou, N. Taylor, and M.H. Williams (UK)
646-029 PathFlange: A Bandwidth Estimation Technique for Congestion Detection in Networks
G.C. BhanuPrakash, B.C. Srinivas, and K.V. Ramakrishnan (India)
646-076 Information Sharing across Diverse Media Platforms with Reconfigurable User Grouping
R.Y. Shtykh, Q. Jin, G. Zhang, and R. Huang (Japan)
646-081 The Effect of Echo Delay on Voice Quality in VoIP Network
H. Hasbullah, A.M. Said, and K. Nisar (Malaysia)
Track Parallel Computing and Bioinformatics FreeSubscription
646-026 An Asynchronous Distributed Optimization Method for Solving Frequency Allocation Problems
M. Saito and M. Noto (Japan)
646-052 Using the Volunteer Computing XtremeWeb-CH: Lessons and Perspectives
N. Abdennadher (Switzerland)
646-058 Performance of a Multi-Frontal Parallel Direct Solver for HP-Finite Element Method
M. Paszyński (Poland), D. Pardo (Spain), and C. Torres-Verdín (USA)
646-059 Parallel Infrastructure for the Finite Element Modeling of the Accoustics of Human Head
M. Paszyński (Poland), L. Demkowicz, and J. Kurtz (USA)
646-064 Multiple DNA Sequence Alignment based on Genetic Algorithm and Star Alignment Method
M. Rafiqul Islam, S.M.S.A. Khan, and M.A. Yousuf (Bangladesh)
646-071 DNA Sequence Compression Method based on Approximate Repeats and Reverse Complements
M. Rafiqul Islam, M. Inzamam-ul-Hossain, and K.K. Pal (Bangladesh)
646-073 A Dynamic PDE Solver for Breasts' Cancerous Cell Visualization on Distributed Parallel Computing Systems
N. Alias, M. Rajibul Islam, and N.S. Rosly (Malaysia)
Track Software Engineering FreeSubscription
646-021 A Method to Assist the Maintenance of Object-Oriented Software Systems using Impact Analysis
M.Z. Kurian and A.S. Manjunath (India)
646-045 Checking Protocol-Conformance in Component Models using Aspect Oriented Programming
T.-B. Trinh, A.-H. Truong, and V.-H. Nguyen (Vietnam)
646-060 Novel Approach for Audio Video Synchronization in Digital Set-Top Box
M. Jain (India), J.M. Beaumont (UK), S. Jain, and P.C. Jain (India)
646-067 A Review on Object-Oriented Metrics as a Supporting Method to Extract Object-Oriented Concepts from Student's Source Code
N. Khamis and S. Idris (Malaysia)
646-069 Reduction of Musical Residual Noise using Spectral Bin Motion and Homogeneous Spectral Bins Merged Approach
C.-T. Lu, K.-F. Tseng, and L.-C. Liu (Taiwan)
646-091 How Stage Gate® Process Supports CbC: Case Study
R. Alvarez, K. Domínquez, M. Pérez, and L. Mendoza (Venezuela)
Track Computer Graphics and Web Technology FreeSubscription
646-018 An R-Tree Collision Detection Algorithm for Polygonal Models
M. Figueiredo (Portugal)
646-044 A Flowable Service Model for Seamless Integration of Services
Y. Zhu, R.Y. Shtykh, Q. Jin, and J. Ma (Japan)
646-048 Analysis of Character Animation Control in Virtual Taiwan-Puppet Show
Y. Wang (Taiwan)
646-075 Align-Encode with XOR-based Decompressors
N. Al-Awadhi, O. Sinanoglu, and M. Al-Mulla (Kuwait)
646-802 Prototyping of Task-Oriented Mobile Navigation System with Real Scale Mobile Services
M. Sasajima, K. Furutani, Y. Kitamura, T. Naganuma, S. Kurakake, and R. Mizoguchi (Japan)
646-808 Using Video Technology for Reducing Computer Energy
V.G. Moshnyaga (Japan)
Track Late Paper FreeSubscription
646-023 Multi-Level Processor Scheduling using ANT Optimization
S.H. Semnani and K. Zamanifar (Iran)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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