Biomedical Engineering (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2)    (BioMed 2010)

February 17 – 19, 2010
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): A. Hierlemann
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Track Vol. 1: Biomedical Modelling and Simulation FreeSubscription
680-099 Encryption System with Indexing DNA Chromosomes Cryptographic Algorithm
O. Tornea, M. Borda, T. Hodorogea, and M.-F. Vaida (Romania)
680-125 FPGA Implementation of Database Search Engine for Protein Identification by Peptide Fragment Fingerprinting
I.A. Bogdán, D. Coca, and R. Beynon (UK)
680-148 Evaluation and Error Models of Experimental Data from Laboratory Research of Neurodegenerative Diseases
L. Houdová (Czech Republic)
Track Vol. 1: Biomedical Signal Processing FreeSubscription
680-013 Non-Invasive Fetal Heartbeat Detection using Third-Order Cumulant Slices Matching and ANN Classifiers
W.A. Zgallai (UK)
680-053 Phonocardiography in Preterm Newborns with Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Á.T. Balogh, F. Kovács, and Z. Molnár (Hungary)
680-091 Heart Rate Estimation using Ultra Wide Band Pulse Radar
E. Conte (Italy), A. Filippi (The Netherlands), and S. Tomasin (Italy)
680-096 Correlation Analysis between Remifentanil and Other Signals Recorded during ICU Anesthesia
F. Robayo, D. Sendoya, R. Hodrea, C. Ionescu, and R. de Keyser (Belgium)
680-110 Optimizing EEG Channel Selection by Regularized Spatial Filtering and Multi Band Signal Decomposition
M. Arvaneh, C. Guan, K.K. Ang, and C. Quek (Singapore)
680-113 A Simple Bio-Signals Quality Measure for In-Home Monitoring
K. Sweeney, S. McLoone, and T. Ward (Ireland)
680-151 The Relationship between Muscle Fatigue and Recovery during Isometric Handgrip Task
Y. Soo, M. Sugi, H. Yokoi, T. Arai, R. Kato, and J. Ota (Japan)
680-174 Three-Mode Classification and Study of AR Pole Variations of Imaginary Left and Right Hand Movements
T.A. Cassar, K.P. Camilleri, and S.G. Fabri (Malta)
Track Vol. 1: Biomedical Instrumentations FreeSubscription
680-024 Development of a Combined Myoelectric and Near-Infrared Sensor for Prostheses Control
S. Herrmann and K. Buchenrieder (Germany)
680-031 Preliminary Study on Capsule Endoscopes Propelled by Variable Threads
Y.-S. Hong, J.-Y. Kim, Y.-C. Kwon, and S.Y. Song (Korea)
680-067 A PCB System Implementation for Neural Signals Recording and PNS Stimulation
D. Loi, C. Carboni, G. Angius, and M. Barbaro (Italy)
680-131 Kinematic Analysis in Femur Fracture Reduction
S. Wang, Y. Chen, R. Ye, and W.-P. Yau (PRC)
680-159 A Study on the Method to Predict Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) by using Finger-Toe Index (FTI)
M.-K. Byeon, S.-W. Han, S.-H. Lim, and W. Huh (Korea)
Track Vol. 1: Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing FreeSubscription
680-048 Vision Improvement for Patients with Retinal Degenerations
W. Al-Atabany (UK, Egypt), M.A. Memon, S. Downes, and P. Degenaar (UK)
680-139 Medical Image Enhancement Algorithm based on Local Contrast Enhancement and Human Visual Characteristics
M. Alwani, D. Goyal, and A.K. Tiwari (India)
680-178 Chromosome Segmentation using Skeleton Generated from Rule-based Contour Vector Matching
S. Pornsuksiri and R. Lipikorn (Thailand)
Track Vol. 1: Health Care Technology FreeSubscription
680-027 Analysis of Grasping Motion using a Virtual Prosthetic Control System
O. Fukuda, N. Bu, and N. Ueno (Japan)
680-038 A Low Cost Wearable Wireless Sensing System for Capturing Human Arm Postures in Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
C.K. Lim, I.-M. Chen, Z. Luo, and S.H. Yeo (Singapore)
680-145 Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential Response - Impact of the Time Segment Length
I. Volosyak, H. Cecotti, and A. Gräser (Germany)
680-180 Detection of Activity Transitions toward Developing a Memory Aid for People with Higher Brain Dysfunction
M. Kondo, Y. Yamada, and T. Hirotomi (Japan)
Track Vol. 1: BioMEMS and Molecular Engineering FreeSubscription
Track Vol. 1 Special Session: Signals and Systems in Human Motion FreeSubscription
680-192 Strength-Duration Properties of the Upper Limb under Surface Electrical Stimulation for Rehabilitation
M. Goffredo, S. Conforto, M. Schmid, and T. D'Alessio (Italy)
680-194 Measurement of Head Rotation using Triangular Face Model
A. Kuzmanic Skelin, M. Bonkovic, and V. Papic (Croatia)
680-196 Robust Structured Light Coding for Fast Antropometry Measurements
I. Stančić, T. Šupuk, and M. Cecić (Croatia)
Track Vol. 1: Additional Papers FreeSubscription
Track Vol. 2: Biomedical Modelling and Simulation FreeSubscription
680-087 Simulation of Extracorporal Circulation for the Design of a Fuzzy Controlled Perfusion
A. Mendoza García, B. Baumgartner, U. Schreiber, S. Eichhorn, M. Krane, R. Bauernschmitt,and A. Knoll (Germany)
680-115 Fractured Bone Position and Shape Estimation based on Recursive 2-D/3-D Registration of Deformable Models
Y. Nakajima, T. Saito, S. Onogi, N. Sugita, H. Hashizume, T. Inoue, K. Kuramoto, Y. Nakashima,and M. Mitsuishi (Japan)
680-119 Analysis and Simulation of a Magnetic Trap for Magnetically and Fluorescently Labeled Microparticles
M. Brandl, M. Mayer, T. Posnicek, C. Fabian, and D. Falkenhagen (Austria)
Track Vol. 2: Biomedical Signal Processing FreeSubscription
680-106 Wavelet and Fourier based Analysis of Essential Tremor Motion using MEMS Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
W.J. Teskey, M. Elhabiby, and N. El-Sheimy (Canada)
Track Vol. 2: Biomedical Instrumentations FreeSubscription
680-041 Noninvasive Sensing of Skin Cancer for Early Diagnosis using Cathespin L
M. Yamaguchi, A. Date, W. Suzuki, Y. Tahara, and M. Sasaki (Japan)
680-071 A Concept of Objective Electrogustometry
T. Kamiński and A. Grzanka (Poland)
680-129 An Electro Pneumatic Anaesthesia Ventilator for Controlled Ventilation: Design and Development
J. Kaur, J. Kumar, P. Kapur, and B.S. Sohi (India)
680-157 MRI-Compliant Linear Piezo Micro-Motors for Medical Implants and Robotic Surgery Applications
C. Belly, H. Mathieu, F. Claeyssen, and R. Le Letty (France)
Track Vol. 2: Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing FreeSubscription
680-007 Structure and Micro Dynamics of the Optical Breakdown in Ethanol at λ=1064 NM
G. Toker, V. Bulatov, T. Kovalchuk, and I. Schechter (Israel)
680-064 PET Attenuation Correction WITHOUT Transmission Scan
A. Soriano, A. Orero, F. Sánchez, J. Benlloch, A. González, and C. Correcher (Spain)
Track Vol. 2: Health Care Technology FreeSubscription
680-058 High Efficiency Double-Paired Inductive Coils for Wireless Powering of a Retinal Prosthesis
D.C. Ng, S. Bai, C. Boyd, N. Tran, J. Yang, M. Halpern, and E. Skafidas (Australia)
680-075 Virtual Environment Sensorimotor Hand Dexterity Training System
K.G. August (Switzerland, UK, USA), M. Sellathurai (UK), D. Bleichenbacher,A. Skairek, G. Fluet, A. Merians, and S. Adamovich (USA)
680-080 Intelligent Device for Control of Active Ankle-Foot Orthosis
I. Veneva (Bulgaria)
680-155 Development of a Wearable Hand Rehabilitation Device for Stroke Patients
Y.-m. Kim and I. Moon (Korea)
680-161 Force Assistance System for Seating Motion
D. Chugo, H. Ozaki, Y. Sakaida, S. Yokota, and K. Takase (Japan)
Track Vol. 2: BioMEMS and Molecular Engineering FreeSubscription
680-018 Neuronal Differentiation of P19 Embryonal Cells in Polyhydroxybutyrate Scaffold as a Model for Nerve Tissue Engineering
M.T. Khorasani, S.A. Mirmohammadi, and S. Irani (Iran)
680-163 Carbon Nanotube-Assisted Microwave Thermal Bonding of Plastic Biochip
J.L.P. Wong, T.M.H. Lee, and K.L. Yung (PRC)
680-176 Geometric Modulation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Signaling
K.A. Barbee, A.M. Andrews, D. Roy, P.I. Lelkes, and D. Jaron (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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