Computers and Advanced Technology in Education    (CATE 2011)

July 11 – 13, 2011
Cambridge, UK
Editor(s): V. Uskov
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Track Evaluation in Advanced Technology-based Education FreeSubscription
734-007 Facilitation of the Rewarding Process in e-Management Control and Evaluation System for Educational Institutions
Ashok Kulkarni and Valeri Pougatchev
734-014 Experiences using an Automated Testing and Learning System
Alyosha Pushak, Deb Carter, Teresa Wrzesniewski, and Ramon Lawrence
734-063 An Automated Exam Marking System for Paper-based Multiple-Choice Tests
Pei Hsiu Chien and Greg C. Lee
734-056 Using Hand Gestures to Capture Students’ Design Rationale
Firat Batmaz and Roger G. Stone
734-001 Effective Global Perspectives Influencing of Practicing Teachers’ Technological Literacy
Judith A. Bazler
Track Innovative Technology-based Curriculum, Courseware, Teaching, and Learning FreeSubscription
734-059 Evaluating Quality in an Educational Software
Serhat Arslan and Ahmet Eskıcumali
734-008 Creating Optimal Groups of Students in e-Learning using Alternative Methodologies
Mircea-Florin Vaida, Florin-Claudiu Pop, Marcel Cremene, and Lenuta Alboaie
734-051 How Well Are Current OCW Offerings Meeting Users' Expectation?: A Study from Presentation Format and Delivery Mode Perspective
Lei Jin, Weikai Xie, and Ruimin Shen
734-031 Designing XML Schema of a Competence Structure from Course Intended Learning Outcomes
Athitaya Nitchot, Lester Gilbert, and Gary B. Wills
734-011 An Exploratory Study of Mobile Learning based on Qualitative Meta-Analysis
Wen-Hsiung Wu, Chun-Yu Chen, Pai-Lu Wu, Che-Hung Lin, and Sih-Han Huang
734-028 Digital Info-Inclusion in the City of Marília: A Proposal of an Instructional Technology Program
Plácida L.V. Amorim da Costa Santos, Ricardo P. do Prado, and Maria José V. Jorente
734-029 Using PBL to Develop Software Test Engineers
Caliane de Oliveira Figuerêdo, Simone C. dos Santos, Paulo H.M. Borba, and Gustavo H.S. Alexandre
734-039 Accessible and Collaborative Moodle-based Learning Management Environment for Web Users with Varying Degrees of Hearing
Primož Kosec, Matjaž Debevc, Ines Kožuh, Milan Rotovnik, and Andreas Holzinger
734-036 The Use of Lecture Videos: Attendance and Student Performance
Ismo Hakala and Mikko Myllymäki
734-021 Technology for Construction of Individual Trajectory using Knowledge Script Examples in Adaptive Systems of Distance Learning
Pavlo Fedoruk
734-035 Online Learning Preferences, Mathematic Difficulty and Mathematic-Related Beliefs - A Comparative Case Study
Norihan Abu-Hassan
734-025 Designing a Blended Software Testing Course for Embedded C Software Engineers
Marcelo Jenkins, Alexandra Martinez, Jose Rodriguez, and Erick Rojas
734-041 Learning Paths and Online Communities in Educational Processes
Milena Casagranda, Luigi Colazzo, Andrea Molinari, Silvia Purpuri, and Nicola Villa
Track Games-based Learning and Mobile Learning FreeSubscription
734-049 When Computer Vision Technology Meets Pupils’ Learning - Developing Marine Interactive Multimedia Game Materials
Ying-Chieh Liu, Su-Ju Lu, Ying-Yu Chen, and Ting-Shiang Shiu
734-048 The Learning Model “S2P” as a Conceptual Framework for Understanding the “Serious Game"
Salah Eddine Bahji, Youssef Lefdaoui, and Jamila El Alami
734-033 Express Survey with Real Time Feedback
Jean-Pierre Gerval and Yann Le Ru
734-032 Using Digital Games as a Learning and Teaching Tool in Hong Kong Classrooms
Clara Hui and Frankie Tam
Track Best Practices in Advanced Technology-based Education FreeSubscription
734-017 Links between Technology-based Education and Engineering Education Research - Electric Circuit Theory Case Study
Jerzy Rutkowski and Katarzyna Moscinska
734-023 Satisfaction with Online Education and Issues of Academic Integrity: Viewed from the Student's Perspective
Michele T. Cole, Daniel J. Shelley, and Louis B. Swartz
734-018 Can eLearning Provide Tools for Capacity-Building to Improve Performance in the Nonprofit Sector?
Michele T. Cole, Brian J. Garner, and Jo Coldwell
734-024 Motivation and Self-Efficacy of 1st Time e-Learners by Gender and Age
Julia M. Matuga
734-055 Decreasing Extraneous Cognitive Load in Multimedia Environment: Effects of the Pedagogical Agent
Hsin I Yung
734-019 A Method to Explore Information Field of Social Groups
Boris P. Leontyev
734-042 Adaptive Authoring of Adaptive Hypermedia Towards, Role-based, Adaptive Authoring
Javed Khan, Alexandra I. Cristea, and Craig Stewart
734-037 Object-Oriented Programming - What do Students Think of Objects and Classes?
Stelios Xinogalos
734-061 Help Generation in a System for Learning Natural Language to First Order Logic Conversion
Isidoros Perikos, Foteini Grivokostopoulou, and Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis
734-058 Construction of a Web based Corpus for Educational Uses
Nick Hatzigeorgiu and Nikos Sidiropoulos
Track Systems for Technology-based Education FreeSubscription
734-002 e-Learning Recommender System based on Linear Regression
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Marian Cristian Mihăescu, Costel Marian Ionascu, and Bogdan Logofatu
734-010 Student Gesture Recognition System in Classroom 2.0
Chiung-Yao Fang, Min-Han Kuo, Greg-C Lee, and Sei-Wang Chen
734-038 Research and Implementation of an Online Experiment System based on the Interaction Mode of the Virtual and Remote Experiments
Xiuling Han, Guang Chen, Zhuzhen Bu, Tianming Tao, and Zhuojun Ren
734-050 A New Interactive Simulation System for Radiology Education – Merging Physical and Virtual Realities
Andy K.W. Ma and Ali A. Alghamdi
734-016 Associative Cellular Neural Network and its Application to Intelligent Tutoring System
Michihiro Namba
734-045 Creation of an Online Virtual Cisco Router Learning Environment
Roman Rietsche, Gordon Russell, and Achim P. Karduck
734-047 Voice-Controlled Typesetting Robot of Alphabets
Hou-Tsan Lee, Chan-Lin Lu, Chi-Wei Chu, Bo-Han Chen, and Tser-Chun Chou
734-060 Experiences on Sharing eLearning Resources using Service Technologies
Shanshan Yang, Mike Joy, and Jason R.C. Nurse
734-015 The Development of the Adaptive Support System Initiated for Student Teachers (ASSIST)
Chao-Hsiu Chen, Ming-Dao Lee, Li-An Hsieh, and Pei-Hsuan Wu
734-062 Learnability, Usability, and Educational Effectiveness in an Authoring Tool for Computer Program Code Animation
Mark Dixon
734-067 Development of SNS-based Learning Management System based on e-Learning 2.0
Fumihiko Anma and Toshio Okamoto
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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