Computers and Advanced Technology in Education    (CATE 2012)

June 25 – 27, 2012
Napoli, Italy
Editor(s): V. Uskov
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Track Software/Hardware Systems for Advanced Technology-Based Education FreeSubscription
774-020 Clickers: Enabling Valuable Diagnostic Feedback to Both Students and Instructors in Real Time
Iouri Belski and Regina Belski
774-005 Plagiarism Detection System for Reports based on Large-Scale Distributed Environment using Idle Computers
Noriko Hanakawa and Masaki Obana
774-048 Customise Your Own User-Centered e-Learning Instruction: An Adaptive Educational Instructional/Learning System
Elspeth McKay and John F. Izard
774-043 A Web-based System for Student-Project Allocation
Jean-Pierre Gerval and Yann Le Ru
774-007 A Searching Image based Knowledge Memory System by using Colors
Mariko Komatsu, Shuichi Kurabayashi, and Yasusi Kiyoki
774-033 Affective Aspects of the Experience with Low Cost Laptops in Educational Context
Elaine C.S. Hayashi, Rita M.M. Khater, and Maria Cecília C. Baranauskas
774-060 Effective Lesson Plan Development using SMARTIES
Jaemu Lee, Yusuke Hayashi, and Riichiro Mizoguchi
774-074 Proposal of an Innovative Architecture for Web based Education Systems
Rubén Peredo-Valderrama and Iván Peredo-Valderrama
774-071 Language Education by HAIKU-Like Simple Sentences
Yoshihiko Nitta
774-021 Finding Patterns of Students from Activity Data
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Marian Cristian Mihăescu, Costel Marian Ionascu, and Bogdan Logofatu
Track Innovative Teachnology-based Curriculum, Courseware, Teaching and Learning FreeSubscription
774-038 Changing the Paradigm of Engineering Technology Education through Engaging Hands-On Design Activities
Andy S. Zhang and Iem Heng
774-052 Diagnosis of Understanding Level by Self Organization Map in Self-Learning
Michihiro Namba
774-072 Strategies used and Lessons Learned in Teaching Programming I for First Year Undergraduate Students
Xiaoyuan Suo
774-040 Collaborative Learning Environment for Identifier Naming in Source Codes
Ryo Shikimi and Saeko Matsuura
774-036 Teaching to Write Software Engineering Documents with Focus on Document Design by Means of Mind Maps
Dmitrij V. Koznov
774-064 Expressing the Implicit Instructional Design Language Embedded in an LMS: Motivations and Process
Aymen Abedmouleh, Lahcen Oubahssi, Pierre Laforcade, and Christophe Choquet
774-062 A Pattern-based and Teacher-Centered Approach for Learning Design
Jean-Pierre Clayer, Claudine Toffolon, and Christophe Choquet
774-025 Web-based Statics Course with Learning Dashboard for Instructors
Anna Dollár and Paul S. Steif
774-058 Using Python Tools to Explore High Performance Computing
William F. Punch
774-034 Evolving the Usage of Lego Robots in CS1 to Facilitate High-Level Problem Solving
Andrew Ray
Track Assessment, Control and Evaluation in Advanced Technology-Based Education FreeSubscription
774-032 Assessing PBL with Software Factory and Agile Processes: A Case Study to Develop Mobile Software´s Engineers
Simone C. dos Santos and Andrea Pinto
774-066 Estimating the Selection Probability of Multiple-Choice Questions from the Similarity of Answer Choices
Shinichi Ikeda, Teruhiko Takagi, Masanori Takagi, and Yoshimi Teshigawara
774-067 J07 Follow-Up Survey: Achievement Level Analysis of Colleges and Students
Mika Ohtsuki and Testuro Kakeshita
774-014 From Traditional Lecture to Video-Podcast based Lecture, Case Studies
Jerzy Rutkowski and Katarzyna Moscinska
774-023 An Empirical Research on the Influencing Factors of Spatial Learning Effect
Xuefang Zhang, Qinhua Huang, and Shengnan Chen
Track Case Studies in Advanced Technology-Based Education FreeSubscription
774-028 Computer Educational Games in Practice
Bogdan Logofatu, Anisoara Dumitrache, and Michaela Logofatu
774-056 Towards a Better Adoption of the Pedagogy of Integration within the Moroccan Educational System
Imane Ryane, Moncef Bentaleb, Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi, and Samir Bennani
774-029 BADA Internship: Developing Learners' Skills through Problem-based Learning and Agile Methods within a Work Environment
Taciana P. Falcão, Davi H. Neiva, and Eduardo A. Oliveira
774-024 Increasing Teaching Efficiency - Are They Ready for New Technology?
Katarzyna Moscinska and Jerzy Rutkowski
774-017 From Course Design to Critical Thinking: A Case Study
Lisa E. Bernstein and Richard Schumaker
Track International Competition of PhD Students in CATE Area FreeSubscription
774-009 Flexible Curricula based on Educational Thesaurus
Zoja Raud and Valery Vodovozov
774-022 Utilizing Social Media for Observational Goal Setting
Sébastien Louvigné, Neil Rubens, Fumihiko Anma, and Toshio Okamoto
774-065 Peer-Review of Reusable Learning Objects for eBooks in a Peer-To-Peer Network Architecture
Rajendra G. Singh and Margaret A. Bernard
774-070 Automatic Marking of NL to FOL Conversions
Isidoros Perikos, Foteini Grivokostopoulou, and Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis
Track International Competition of Non-Commercial Software Systems and Tools for CATE FreeSubscription
774-003 The Application of Advanced Technology to Education: The Aviation Inspection Example
Anand K. Gramopadhye and Kapil Chalil Madathil
774-068 The Student Module of ReProTool – Allowing Student Input in ECTS Re-Engineering of University Programmes
Philippos Pouyioutas, Harald Gjermundrod, Ioanna Dionysiou, Vasilis Rigas, and Euclid Keramopoulos
774-026 Simultaneous Classroom and Online Course Delivery using Open Source Software
John M. Pullen, Priscilla McAndrews, and Nicholas Clark
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
774-073 An Emotional Intelligence Course Generation System
Heba Elbeh and Susanne Biundo
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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