Environmental Modelling and Simulation    (EMS 2004)

November 22 – 24, 2004
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Editor(s): L. Ubertini
214 pages
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Track Keynote Address FreeSubscription
Track Ecosystems and Hydrology FreeSubscription
432-009 A General Equilibrium Analysis of Climate Change Impacts: Methodology and Early Results
R. Roson (Italy)
432-016 Ecological Energetics and Spatial Processes in Individual-based Population Models
T.G. Hallam, Q. Deng, and W.M. Holls, III (USA)
432-028 Simulation and Information Technologies for Regional Environmental Management
A. Kurkovsky (USA)
432-045 Modelling Environmental Data using System Identification Techniques
D.I. Jones and J. Farrar (UK)
432-046 Reducing the Environmental Load by Encouraging a Modal Shift in Commuting
H. Ueda, K. Nakazawa, and H. Takafumi (Japan)
432-056 IDACT: Automating Scientific Knowledge Discovery
B. Hay and K.L. Nance (USA)
432-060 Discrete-Event Simulation: Assessing Environmental Issues of Intermodal Terminals
J.T. Sawyer, J.B. Fuqua, and B.C. Kulick (USA)
432-063 Mixing Length for Establishment of Longitudinal Dispersion in Streams
Z. Ahmad (India)
432-086 Soil Liquefaction at Depth Scientific Visualization
F. Amini, T.L. Biddlecome, S. Rahman, and M.K. Sharpe (USA)
432-094 Evaluation of the Magnetic Field Levels Produced by a Railway Line
C. Buccella, M. Feliziani, F. Maradei, and G. Manzi (Italy)
Track Land Use and Terrain Analysis FreeSubscription
432-015 Spatial Analysis and Modeling Tool – Structure, Possibilities and Applications
R. Wieland and M. Voss (Germany)
432-029 The Automatic Segmentation of High Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar Stripmap Imagery of Natural and Mixed Urban Terrains
J.M. Henson, M.C. Grund, and W.P. Waite (USA)
432-076 Spatially Distributed Integrated Modeling of Land Use Change Impact on Hydrology
A.P. Kirilenko (USA)
432-078 Selecting Appropriate Models of Antarctic Lake Ice Dynamics
T.D. Reid and N.M.J. Crout (UK)
432-081 A Parametric Index to Assess Groundwater Risk of Trace Elements
L. Padovani, M. Trevisan, and E. Capri (Italy)
432-092 Assessing the Vulnerability of Forests and Farmlands to Development in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
P.R. Claggett and C. Bisland (USA)
432-093 A Cellular Automata and Intelligent Agents use to Model Natural Disasters with Discrete Simulation
P. Fonseca, J. Casanovas, and J. Montero (Spain)
Track Natural Resource Management FreeSubscription
432-025 Modeling and Control for Distributed Parameter Systems of Gas in Mines
Q. Baida (PRC)
432-027 Transport of Soil Particles by Overland Flow in an Agricultural Catchment
E. López-Periago, M. Arias Estévez, and B. Soto González (Spain)
432-031 Consumer Attitudes Toward GM Fish: Industry and Policy Implications
B. Bennett and G. D'Souza (USA)
432-032 A Distributed Hydrologic Simulation Environment with Latin Hypercube Sampling
M.L. Neilsen, D.M. Temple, and J.L. Wibowo (USA)
432-052 Hydrodynamic Model Intercomparison for the Patos Lagoon (Brazil)
F. Martins and E.H.L. Fernandes (Brazil)
432-082 Environmental Management Systems of Tour Operators in Western Canada
I. Herremans and H. Saito (Canada)
Track 3D Data Modelling and Visualization FreeSubscription
432-040 GIS-based Automatic Generation of 3-D Building Model from Building Polygons Filtered
K. Sugihara (Japan)
432-051 Use of Satellite Imagery for Estimating Sowing Dates of Wheat in Uttaranchal, India
A.S. Nain, K.C. Kersebaum, and V.K. Dadhwal (India)
432-058 GIS based Complex 3D Geometric Modeling for High Performance Computing Chemical/Biological Dispersion Simulation
R. Baffour, S. Aliabadi, and A. Ji (USA)
432-073 3D Visualization of 2D Topographic Data
B. Baker and S.K. Semwal (USA)
432-088 Wavelet Analysis Combined with Fuzzy Inference for Image Process
J. Zhang and W. Pan (PRC)
Track Special Session: Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modelling FreeSubscription
432-023 The 1870 Flood Event in Rome: History and Hydraulics
L. Ubertini, M. Ferrante, and F. Zoffoli (Italy)
432-801 Mapping of Dam-Break Flood Risk Prone Areas
L. Natale, G. Petaccia, and F. Savi (Italy)
432-802 3D Mathematical Simulation of Dambreak Flow
A. DeMaio, F. Savi, and L. Sclafani (Italy)
432-803 Entropic Characterization of the Mean Flow Velocity in Natural Channels
T. Moramarco and C. Saltalippi (Italy)
432-804 Numerical Simulation of a Wave Driven Rotating Vane using a Two-fluid Solver
L. Qian, C. Mingham, D.M. Causon, and D.M. Ingram (UK)
432-805 A Parameterized Local Infiltration Model for Complex Rainfall Patterns
A. Flammini, C. Corradini, R. Morbidelli, and C. Saltalippi (Italy)
432-806 Weibull Distribution Parameters Computation in Low Flow Phenomena
P. Manciola, A. Pierleoni, M. Bellezza, and S. Casadei (Italy)
432-808 Multipurpose Reservoir Management and River Network Modelling
M. Bellezza, S. Casadei, and A. Pierleoni (Italy)
432-809 A 3-Copula Function Application to Flood Frequency Analysis
F. Serinaldi, S. Grimaldi, F. Napolitano, and L. Ubertini (Italy)
432-810 A Simple River Stage Forecasting Model for Sites WITHOUT Rating Curve
S. Barbetta, F. Melone, and T. Moramarco (Italy)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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This publications covers the following topics: Ecosystems and Hydrology, Land Use and Terrain Analysis, Natural Resource Management, 3D Modelling and Visualization, Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modelling.

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