Robotics and Applications    (RA 2006)

August 14 – 16, 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
210 pages
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537-014 Unmanned Ground Vehicle Non-Line-of-Sight Operations using Relaying Radios
N. Pezeshkian, H.G. Nguyen, and A. Burmeister (USA)
537-024 SIRIUSc: Fully Automated Facade Cleaning Robot for High-Rise Building
N. Elkmann, D. Kunst, M. Lucke, T. Krüger, and T. Stürze (Germany)
537-027 Visual-based System for Tracking of Mobile Robots with Support of Infra-Red Sensor
R. Deliyski (Bulgaria, UK) and P. Mitrouchev (France)
537-028 Stereo Vision 3D Map Registration for Airships using Vision-Inertial Sensing
L. Mirisola, J. Lobo, and J. Dias (Portugal)
537-030 Towards a New Mobility Concept for Cities: Architecture & Programming of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
R. Rocha, J. Dias, A. Cunha, and J. Varanda (Portugal)
537-036 Multi-Robot Searching for a Target using Game Theory
Y. Meng and K. Cao (USA)
537-043 Automated Production of One-of-a-Kind Fiber Composite Preforms
A.S. Sørensen and L. Dalgaard (Denmark)
537-044 Manufacture of the Injection Mold with the Direct Metallic Rapid Tooling System
J.-H. Tzou (Taiwan)
537-045 Multi-Robot Cooperation Strategies in a Searching Task with Limited Communication
Y. Meng, J.V. Nickerson, and J. Gan (USA)
537-049 ASSEMIC: A European Project for Advance Microhandling and Assembly
A. Almansa, D. Fratila, S. Bou, and W. Brenner (Austria)
537-053 Scenario based Robot Programming
T.A. Choi (USA)
537-071 Autonomous Agents with Control Systems Based on Genetic Algorithms
S. Goschin, E. Franti, M. Dascalu, and M. Pietraroiu (Romania)
537-074 A Real-Time Vision-based Outdoor Navigation System for the Wheelchair Robot
X. Qi and Y. Ge (USA)
537-076 Identification of Self-Position of Autonomous Mobile Robot with Size-Variable Image Templates
K. Doki, N. Isetani, A. Torii, and A. Ueda (Japan)
537-077 3D Stereo Visualization for Mobile Robot Tele-Guide
S. Livatino (Denmark) and F. Privitera (Italy)
537-080 An Experiment System of Space Robot for Capturing Target
C. Li, W. Xu, B. Liang, W. Qiang, and Y. Xu (PRC)
537-081 A Simulation Medium for a Single Wheel Mobile Robot using Neurofuzzy
M.K. Rashid and A.M. Al-Shabibi (Oman)
537-085 uFlow: A Pragmatic Model for Tasks of Home Service Robots
S.-I. Lee, S.-H. Kim, W.-Y. Kwon, and J.-B. Kim (Korea)
Track Design and Architecture FreeSubscription
537-002 Develop an Internet based Home Security Robot
S.H. Chia, K.L. Su, and T.L. Chien (Taiwan)
537-012 A Remote Control Platform for Collaborative Robots
G.G. de Rivera, R. Ribalda, and J. Garrido (Spain)
537-039 Towards Designing an Energy-Efficient Semi-Active Bipedal Walker that Performs Tai-Chi Gait
T.-Y. Wu and T.-J. Yeh (Taiwan)
537-063 An Intuitive Human-Robot Interface for Rescue Operation of a 3D Snake Robot - The Intuitive Human-Robot Interface Aims for Non-Professional Operators
R. Murai, K. Ito, and F. Matsuno (Japan)
537-070 Space-Time Cellular Automata in Multiple Mobile Robots Motion-Planning
F.M. Marchese (Italy)
537-073 A Design of a Modular Force Sensing Robot Arm for Self-Assembling Robots in a System
M. Kim, J. Weber (USA), and S. Cha (Korea)
537-084 Communication Language for Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems
P. Doerschuk, L. Wang, A. Keswani, N.M. Lingala, T.S. Mokha, and D.O. Doerschuk (USA)
Track Manipulators, Motion, and Path Planning FreeSubscription
537-005 A Position Controller's Evaluation using a Cartesian Robot and a Joint Robot Arm
P. Sánchez-Sánchez and F. Reyes-Cortés (Mexico)
537-007 Robotic Forceps Manipulator for Laparoscopic Surgery using Double-Screw-Drive Mechanism
C. Ishii and K. Kobayashi (Japan)
537-008 Autonomous Motion Planning in Global Dynamic Environment using FDTD Method
A.M. Hussein and A.K. Hamid (UAE)
537-022 Micromanipulation System with Stereoscopic Imaging
H. Hötzendorfer, M. Ferros, (Spain) I. Giouroudi, and W. Brenner (Austria)
537-034 A Study on the Dual Curvature Theory of a Ruled Surface for the Precision Control of a Robot Trajectory
B.-S. Ryuh, K.-M. Lee, and M.-J. Moon (Korea)
537-040 Stability Proof of a New Motion Controller using Strong Lyapunov Function
J.L. Oviedo-Barriga, F. Reyes-Cortés, and P. Sánchez-Sánchez (Mexico)
537-050 Performance Analysis of Balancing Robot for Long Elastic Rotors
E. Keskinen (Finland) and M. Cotsaftis (France)
537-055 Miniature Five-Fingered Robot Hand Driven by Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
T. Maeno and T. Hino (Japan)
537-069 Three Dimensional Obstacle Avoidance Maneuver Planning using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
T.A. Ademoye, A. Davari, and W. Cao (USA)
537-078 A Recursive Approach to Roadmap-based Path Planning
D.W. Dougall and J.K. Archibald (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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Robot Design and Architecture; Programming; Artificial Intelligence; Modelling, Identification, and Control; Motion Planning and Scheduling; Manipulators; Computer Vision; Robot Sensing and Data Fusion; Biomimetic Robotics; Telerobotics; Micro-robotics; Multimedia Robotics; Robot Simulation; Space Robotics; Personal Robots; Aerospace; Agriculture; Automotives; Biomechanics; Bioscience; Construction Robotics; Design Automation; Education; Entertainment and Games; Flight Simulators; Health Care and Rehabilitation; Industrial Automation; Transportation; Manufacturing; Medical Robotics; Surgical Applications; Satellite Navigation; and Unmanned and Underwater Vehicles.

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