Engineering and Applied Science    (EAS 2012)

December 27 – 29, 2012
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Editor(s): B.M. Chen, M.T. Khan, K.-K. Tan
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Track Mechanical Engineering FreeSubscription
785-012 Experimental Investigation of Static Deflection and Loaded Natural Frequencies of Stiffened Plates
Anirban Mitra, Prasanta Sahoo, and Kashinath Saha
785-005 Computational Testing and Design of Materials for Wind Energy and Structural Applications
Leon Mishnaevsky Jr.
785-048 Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of a Standalone Solar Thermal Organic Rankine Cycle with a Thermal Storage
Sasiri V.R. Gamage, Hanthanan A.K. Madhushan, Amarasinghage T.D. Perera, and Pubudu Kumarage
785-065 The Effectiveness of using Variable Speed Limit on the Performance of an Interrupted Flow
Hamdi Al-Nuaimi, Ron Ayers, and Kathirgamalingam Somasundaraswaran
Track Electrical Engineering FreeSubscription
785-015 A Measurement based Approach to Circuit Design
Navid Mohsenizadeh, Hazem Nounou, Mohamed Nounou, Aniruddha Datta, and Shankar P. Bhattacharyya
785-019 Detection and Recognition of Power Quality Disturbances using Lifting Wavelet Transform
Edwin S. Jose and Titus S. Sigamony
785-026 Optimal Location of Multi-Type FACTS Devices for Enhancement of Loadability using Differential Evolution Algorithm
Vanitha Rajendran and Sudhakaran Mahalingam
785-106 A Modified SVPWM Algorithm Providing Solution to Capacitor Balancing Problem in Diode-Clamped MLI in the Entire Modulation Region
Bharatiraja Chokkalingam, Jeevananthan Seenithangam, Vijayalakshmi Subramanian, and Subhransu Sekhar Dash
785-104 A Concurrency Modeling Technique for Performance Evaluation of Multiprocessor and Multicore Systems
Govipalagodage H. Gunasekara and Abu Asaduzzaman
785-105 Impact of Data Dependent Computation of Parallel Programming in Multiprocessor Systems
Abu Asaduzzaman and Govipalagodage H. Gunasekara
Track Network and Mobile Systems FreeSubscription
785-092 A Holistic Mobile based Information System to Enhance Farming Activities in Sri Lanka
Lasanthi N.C. De Silva, Jeevani S. Goonetillake, Gihan N. Wikramanayake, and Athula Ginige
785-070 Securing and Governing Access in Ad-Hoc Networks of Internet of Things
Ilung Pranata, Rukshan I. Athauda, and Geoff Skinner
785-027 Low Complexity Generalized Punctured Convolutional Codes for OFDM-CDMA based Mobile Radio Communications
Kishana R. Kashwan and Amsavalli Arumugam
785-017 Simulating and Measuring Burnout Robustness of Damaged Mesh Spatial Networks
Mitchell G.B. Johnson and Ken A. Hawick
Track Control System and Design FreeSubscription
785-018 Servo Problem within Fuel Consumption Optimization
Evgenia Suzdaleva, Ivan Nagy, Lenka Pavelková, and Tereza Mlynářová
785-029 Multivariable Fractional Order PI Controller for Time Delay Processes
Cristina I. Muresan, Eva H. Dulf, and Clara Ionescu
785-020 Robust Servomechanism Problem for Neutral Distributed Time-Delay Systems
Altuğ İftar
785-098 Variant-Factor Technique for Tracking Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Input Saturation
Kemao Peng and Ben M. Chen
785-116 Development of an Enhanced Ground Control System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Peidong Liu, Xiangxu Dong, Ben M. Chen, and Tong H. Lee
785-058 Optimal Iterative Learning Feedforward Control of Wafer Temperature Uniformity in Vacuum Reflow Soldering
Min Sig Kang and Won Ho Jee
Track Mechatronics FreeSubscription
785-022 Power Chopper Modelling using the Kron’s Method
Philippe Durand, Folla Boussandel, and Olivier Maurice
785-032 Passive Dynamic Analysis: Motivation for Use and Method Extension
Joel S. Short, Aun-Neow Poo, Marcelo H. Ang Jr., and Chee W. Lim
785-044 Application of Bacteria Foraging Strategy for Short Term Hydro Thermal Scheduling Problem
Mariappane Egambaram, Thyagarajah Kuppusamy, and Sudhakaran Mahalingam
785-135 Auction-based Fault-Tolerant Multi-Robot Cooperation
Muhammad T. Khan, Clarence W. de Silva, and Afzal Khan
Track Computer and Algorithms FreeSubscription
785-096 Mechanized Semantics of UML Sequence Diagrams
Ying Zuo, Liang Dou, Lihua Xu, and Zongyuan Yang
785-023 At-Speed Functional Built-In Self-Test Methodology for Processors
Raimund Ubar, Viljar Indus, and Oliver Kalmend
785-047 A UMTS Enhanced Cocktail Protocol
Chin-Chen Chang, Chia-Chi Wu, and Iuon-Chang Lin
785-109 Automated Code Analyser
Hansini M. Fernando, Damith R. Kothalawala, Dilshan I. De Silva, and Nuwan Kodagoda
785-113 Transients in a Forest-Fire Simulation Model with Varying Combustion Neighbourhoods and Watercourse Firebreaks
Ken A. Hawick
785-055 A Comparative Investigation of Psuedo Random Binary Sequence Triangular Carrier based Space Vector Modulation Technique in Matrix Converter
Jayamala Rajendra and Jeevananthan Seenithangam
Track Intelligent Systems FreeSubscription
785-025 An Application of NARX-Network to Reduce Contour Errors
Feng Huo, Peter Chao-Yu Chen, and Aun-Neow Poo
785-089 Reducing Warpage in Injection Moulding Processes using Taguchi Method Approach: ANOVA
Yousef Amer, Mehdi Moayyedian, Zeinab Hajiabolhasani, and Lida Moayyedian
785-108 Multi Objective Optimization and Multi Criterion Decision Making in Expanding Existing Standalone Energy Systems Combining Renewable Energy Sources
Amarasinghage T.D. Perera, M. Pubudu G. Sirimanna, Rahula A. Attalage, Kukulage K.C.K. Perera, and Vishwanath P.C. Dassanayake
785-114 Harmony Search Algorithm Trained Neural Networks for Market Forecasting and Planning
Kishana R. Kashwan and Velu C. Muni
785-049 A Cryptanalysis to Lv et al.'s Scheme
Chao-Wen Chan, Shao-Fan Tseng, and Iuon-Chang Lin
785-054 Intelligent and Personalized Travel Planning System for Tourism through a Cognitive Inspired Framework
L.W.A.I. Dulmini H. De Silva, Dilhan J. Thilakarathne, and Asoka S. Karunananda
Track Education FreeSubscription
785-102 An Analysis of Students' Perspectives in using Virtual Labs in an Undergraduate IT Course
Nada Alharbie, Rukshan I. Athauda, and Simon Simon
785-030 A CAI System to Identify Weak Parts of a Learner: On the Numbers of Category Layers and Questions in a Set of Questions
Fuminori Hirose, Kazuhiro Uenosono, and Seiichi Komiya
785-043 Open Learning Sky: A Conceptual Framework for a Cloud based Open eLearning Environment
Heba Fasihuddin, Geoff Skinner, and Rukshan I. Athauda
Track Green Technologies and Environment FreeSubscription
785-072 Modeling of Eco-House Hybrid Energy System
Abdullah H. Al-Badi, Hassan Yousef, Mohammed Al-Ghailani, Hamdan Al Jafari, and Ali Al Maskari
785-031 Green Roofs with Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste in Urban Stormwater Retention
Fabricio Bianchini and Kasun Hewage
785-034 Lessons Learned through the Development of a Performance Monitoring Program for Gross Pollutant Traps
Mohamed Ansaf Kachchu Mohamed and Terry Lucke
785-110 Numerical Estimation of View Factors for Simple Roof Enclosures with Five Surfaces
M. Pubudu G. Sirimanna, Amarasinghage T.D. Perera, and Rahula A. Attalage
785-037 Common Gateway for Green Banking Solutions
Kuganathan K. Visavanathamuthaliyar and Gihan N. Wikramanayake
Track Manufacturing FreeSubscription
785-013 Product Design Optimization Method Considering the Integrated Satisfaction Level
Masataka Yoshimura, Masaki Satou, Tomoyuki Miyashita, and Hiroshi Yamakawa
785-095 Function Driven Object-Oriented (FUDOO) Methodology for Design and Reconfiguration of Reconfigurable Bending Press Tools (RBPTs)
Norman Gwangwava, Khumbulani Mpofu, Nkgatho Tlale, and Yan Yu
785-041 A Modified Cross-Entropy Method for Detecting Change-Points in the Sri-Lankan Stock Market
Madawa Priyadarshana and Georgy Yu. Sofronov
785-040 A Mixed Time-/Condition-based Precognitive Maintenance Framework using Support Vectors
Chee Khiang Pang, Xiaoyun Wang, and Junhong Zhou
Track Medical Technology FreeSubscription
785-090 Design of a Precision Guidance System for Epidural Anesthesia
Shuang Yu and Kok Kiong Tan
785-033 Stationary Transfer Component Analysis for Brain Computer Interfacing
Sidath R. Liyanage, Jialin S. Pan, Haihong Zhang, Kai Keng Ang, Cuntai Guan, Jian-Xin Xu, and Tong H. Lee
785-087 Haptic Teleoperation using Impedance Control with Application in Homecare Robotics
Muhammad Tufail and Clarence W. de Silva
Track Student Design Competition FreeSubscription
785-077 Development of a Video Streaming System for Telehealth Applications
Arun Shankar Narayanan, Woon Cherk Lam, Kok Kiong Tan, Choon Huat Koh, and Clarence W. de Silva
785-079 Development of Hearing Aids with Frugal Objectivity
Poi Voon Er, Kok Kiong Tan, Hsueh Yee Lim, Arun Shankar Narayanan, and Clarence W. de Silva
785-078 Development of an Inexpensive Health Monitoring System for the Lone Elderly
Yuan Jian, Poi Voon Er, Shuang Yu, Kok Kiong Tan, Choon Huat Koh, Arun Shankar Narayanan, and Tong H. Lee
Track Invited Sessions FreeSubscription
785-127 Energy Efficient Cross Layer Hybrid MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Swapna K. Surendran and Kishana R. Kashwan
785-126 PV Cell based Converter for Robotic Applications
Rahul Vamanan and Swapna K. Surendran
785-124 Comparative Evaluation of Speckle Reduction Filters for Ultrasound Kidney Images
Loganayagi Thiyagarajan
785-123 Design and Performance Comparison Analysis of Hybrid Adders
Rajkumar Sarma and Jyotirmoy Pathak
785-122 Implementation of 4×4-Parallel-Multiplier using Modified Bypassing Architecture
Pawandeep Kaur, Jyotirmoy Pathak, and Gurwinder S. Cheema
785-128 Design and VLSI Implementation of Modified AES with Neural Networks for Image Coding
Kanakatte A. Dattathreya
785-125 Design and FPGA Implementation of a Router for NoC
Selvaraj George
Track Wireless Communications FreeSubscription
785-130 Coalition Game Theoretic Approach: For Cooperative MIMO MAC Protocol using STBC in WSN
Raja Periyasamy and Dananjayan Perumal
785-133 Interference based Sub Carrier Group Assignment and Power Distribution for MCCDMA-MIMO System using Iterative Water Filling Game Theory
Sundhar Arumugam and Dananjayan Perumal
785-132 BER Analysis of OFDM Receiver using LS Channel Estimation Method with Modified PTS for Different Sub-Blocks
Thanigasalam Muthaiyan and Dananjayan Perumal
785-134 Modified PTS based on Superimposed Training Sequence Method for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals with Different Subblocks
Mukunthan Pandurangan and Dananjayan Perumal
785-131 Utility Improvement by Power Control using MIDRS Codes in Hexagonally Deployed VMIMO WSN
Valli Rajendran, Sathian Dananjayan, and Dananjayan Perumal
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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