Applied Simulation and Modelling    (ASM 2008)

June 23 – 25, 2008
Corfu, Greece
Editor(s): F. De Felice
335 pages
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Track Behavioural and Biomechanical Modelling FreeSubscription
609-016 Boundary Conditions and Locality in an Agent-based Predator-Prey Model
C.J. Scogings, K.A. Hawick (New Zealand), and H.A. James (Australia)
609-018 Virtual Human Hand: Autonomous Grasping Strategy
E.P. Pitarch (Spain, USA), J. Yang (USA), M.A. Guardiola, N. Tico (Spain), and K. Abdel-Malek (USA)
609-035 Global Constraints and Diffusion in a Localised Animat Agent Model
C.J. Scogings and K.A. Hawick (New Zealand)
609-059 Santos: A Digital Human in the Making
K. Abdel-Malek, J. Arora, L.F. Law, C. Swan, S. Beck, T. Xia, R. Bhatt, J. Kim, Y. Xiang, M.K. Rasmussen, C. Murphy, A. Laake, A. Mathai, T. Marler, J. Yang, and J.P. Obusek (USA)
609-113 Modelling Different Patterns of Human Walking based on Individual Properties
J.-H. Lee, G.-J. Jung, and J.-H. Park (Korea)
Track Simulation and Optimization FreeSubscription
609-036 Stable Deadbeat Controllers Design with Constrained Input
A. Balestrino, V. Calabr, and A. Landi (Italy)
609-040 Simulation of Hydraulic Brake System Components
J. Mosayebi, A. Hooshmand, and M. Asadi Garmaroudi (Iran)
609-048 Understanding the Dynamics Underlying Dutch Waste Management Transition
G. Ycel and E. van Daalen (The Netherlands)
609-053 A Neurosurgical Training System Embedded on an Operating Microscope
A. De Mauro, J. Raczkowsky, R. Wirtz, and H. Wrn (Germany)
609-067 Finite Element Analysis based Optimization of an Actuation System in a Smart Tube with Rectangular Cross-Section
S. Shevtsov, A. Soloviev, and S. Bragin (Russia)
609-800 A Statistical/Algorithmic Framework for Modeling Fixed Odds Games
N. Glinos, Y.C. Stamatiou, and M. Vamvakari (Greece)
Track Applied Simulation in the Energy Sector FreeSubscription
609-034 Modelling Waste-to-Energy Technologies in National Energy Systems
M. Mnster (Denmark)
609-049 Simulation Results Regarding Harmonics Filtering, Reactive Power Compensation and Load Balancing on Power Loads
M. Panoiu, C. Panoiu, and I. Sora (Romania)
609-050 The Development of a Virtual Synchrotron Light Source for Educational Applications
Y.-T. Liu, W. Tarng, C.-M. Lin, T.-C. Fan, K.-Y. Pan, and C.-W. Shiu (Taiwan)
609-056 A Comprehensive CFD Tool for the Analysis of ICES Powered by Bioethanol
A. Viggiano (Italy)
609-060 Plants' Shading Effect in a Test Cell A CFD Study
C.A. Baxevanou, D.K. Fidaros, and A.D. Tzachanis (Greece)
Track Mathematical and 3-Dimensional Modelling FreeSubscription
609-010 The Study of the Linearized Solution of a Class of Descriptor Weakly Nonlinear Systems
G.I. Kalogeropoulos, A.D. Karageorgos, and A.A. Pantelous (Greece)
609-028 Distance Evaluation between Vehicle Trajectories in the Functional Space
A. Koita, D. Daucher, and A.M. Caucci (France)
609-045 Reverse Engineering Techniques to Evaluate Palatal Morphologic and Volumetric Changes after the Use of a Rapid Expander
A. Mazzoli, M. Germani, R. Raffaeli, and G. Moriconi (Italy)
609-069 Influence of Stochastic Parameters on Warehouse Performances
D. Petrovic and U. Bugaric (Serbia)
609-075 A Kinetic Spatial Data Structure in Support of a 3D Free-Lagrangian Hydrodynamics Algorithm
L.H. Beni and M.A. Mostafavi (Canada)
609-080 A Web-based Approach for 3D Mechanism Components Modeling and Visualization
C. Popirlan and M. Dupac (Romania)
609-090 Natural Language (ARABIC) as a Strengthening Layer for Stream Ciphers in Wireless Networks
M. Mahmud (Saudi Arabia)
609-106 Modelling of Consolidation Settlement Subjected to a Point Sink in an Isotropic Porous Elastic Half Space
J.C.-C. Lu and F.-T. Lin (Taiwan)
609-112 Application of ACO to the Terrain Generation in 3 Dimensional Continuous Search Space
R. Abu-zitar and Y.H. Jbara (Jordan)
Track Dynamic and Soft Computing FreeSubscription
609-013 Air Pollution Forecasting using Neural Networks in an Industrialized Area
G. Ibarra-Berastegi, J. Saenz, A. Ezcurra, J.D. Argandoa, A. Elias, and A. Barona (Spain)
609-044 Application of Symbolic Piecewise Aggregate Approximation (PAA) Analysis to ECG Signals
B. Kulahcioglu, S. Ozdemir, and B. Kumova (Turkey)
609-054 State Transition Probability Analysis of Protein Folding based on Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulation
S. Tokunaga, K. Ikeda, S. Honda, Y. Sawada, Y. Muraoka, T. Noguchi, and M. Sekijima (Japan)
609-074 Adaptive Control System for an Electrohydraulic Vibration Isolation System
A.H.D. Sorkhabi (Iran) and S.M. Hashemi (Germany)
609-077 Modeling Urban Terrain for Simulating Search and Rescue Operations to Train Artificial Planners
J. Vaccaro and C. Guest (USA)
609-078 Fault Detection in Waste-Water Treatment Plant using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model
I. krjanc (Slovenia)
609-083 The Convergence of the Algorithms for the Optimization of Regulator for an Object with Restriction and Delay
A.A. Voevoda, R.Yu. Ishimtsev, and V.A. Zhmud
Track Modelling, Simulation, and Applications FreeSubscription
609-007 Modelling of Interference Caused by Uplink Signal for Low Earth Orbiting Satellite Ground Stations
S. Cakaj (Kosovo), K. Malaric (Croatia), and A.L. Scholtz (Austria)
609-008 Constrained Generalized Predictive Control for ARIMAX/ARMAX System
A. Krolikowski and D. Horla (Poland)
609-038 Data Modelling for Complex Reality: An Application to the Clinical Risk Management
V. Di Lecce, A. Quarto, R. Dario, A. Amato, and M. Calabrese (Italy)
609-041 A Model of Flexible Sliding Joint in Beam Structure
H. Marjamki and J. Mkinen (Finland)
609-043 Full Vehicle Handling Analysis under Constant Radius-Variable Velocity
J. Mosayebi, M. Asadi Garmaroudi, and A. Hooshmand (Iran)
609-047 Modelling the Liver RF Thermal Lesions
S. Rossi, M. Gallati, G. Braschi, and M. Raboni (Italy)
609-051 An Experimental Parameter Estimation Approach for the Simulation of Hydraulic Drive Systems
C. Angeli and A. Chatzinikolaou (Greece)
609-068 The Influence of Different Grid Approaches on a Cardiovascular Computational Model.
A.E.S. Silva, P.A.M. Lobarinhas, and S.F.C.F. Teixeira (Portugal)
609-079 A Comparative Study of Finite Difference and Pseudo-Spectral Methods for a Nonlinear Dynamic Problem
A.T. Jameel (Malaysia) and A. Sharma (India)
609-082 The Use of By-Pass High-Frequency Channel in Feedback Control Systems
V.A. Zhmud, V.M. Semibalamut, A.A. Voevoda, and R.Yu. Ishimtsev (Russia)
609-092 Reconstruction of Respiratory Patterns from ECG Signals based on the Characterized QRS Series
S.-L. Lin and K.-S. Liu (Taiwan)
609-093 Analysis and Optimization of the Production of Propylene Glycol by Direct Entropy Minimization
J. Manzi, G. Cavalcanti, R. Vianna, and H. Bispo (Brazil)
609-095 MACS Modular Affective Computing Simulator
N.B. Serbedzija (Germany)
609-096 A Versatile Approach to Structural Identifiability Test of Linear Systems using Parameter Space Separators
T.V. Avdeenko (Russia)
609-103 Modeling Carbon Sequestration Potential of Organic Pasture used STELLA
T. Phonbumrung, S. Watanasak, C. Sintunawa, and C. Navanukraha (Thailand)
609-108 OSOITE: Towards Real-World Search
N. Thepvilojanapong, M. Iwai, K. Yamada, Y. Shiraishi, K. Takashio, K. Umeda, Y. Tamura, and Y. Tobe (Japan)
609-110 Model for Electrode Kinetics of Copper-Copper System
A. Mendelson and R. Tenno (Finland)
609-111 Temperature Adaptive Control based on Modeling the Heating Process of an Electric Resistance Furnace
C. Panoiu, M. Panoiu, and L. Toma (Romania)
609-114 SDL Formalization of a Hydrologic Model
J. Lpez, P. Fonseca I Casas, and J. Casanovas (Spain)
Track Simulation Tools and Techniques FreeSubscription
609-004 FEM Method Simulation of Aluminium - Iron - Copper Bonding using Explosive Welding Method
M. Tabatabaee and J. Mahmoudi (Sweden)
609-022 A Temporally Heterogeneous High-Resolution Large-Scale Gaussian Random Field Model for Australian Rainfall
A. Osti, M. Leonard, M.F. Lambert, and A.V. Metcalfe (Australia)
609-030 Applying the DORIS Framework: Software-based Modelling for Contextual Development
M. Hamdhaidari, P. Watten, N. Martin, and P. Newbury (UK)
609-037 A Multi Agent System for Hazardous Material Transport Management
V. Di Lecce, A. Amato, F. De Luca, A. Giove, and M. Calabrese (Italy)
609-058 Modelling Hydraulic Systems as Finite Elements
J. Mkinen and H. Marjamki (Finland)
609-062 Simulating Spot Electricity Prices with Regenerative Blocks
M. Cornec and H. Harari-Kermadec (France)
609-064 Scale-Up of Chemical Process Models: Re-Calibrating Fundamental Models using Data Mining
A.J. Owens (USA)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
609-071 The Effect of Outflow Distribution on the Recirculation Properties during the Cardiac Cycle in the Iliac Bifurcation
F. Carneiro, V.G. Ribeiro, J.C.F. Teixeira, and S.F.C.F. Teixeira (Portugal)
609-802 The Spacer Shape Effect on the Flow Field WITHIN the Volumatic® and Nebuchamber®
S. Abreu, L.F. Silva, S.F.C.F. Teixeira, and H. Antunes (Portugal)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Modelling and Simulation Methods - * Modelling * Simulation * Identification * Estimation * Bond Graphs * Statistical Modelling * Numerical Methods * Mathematical Modelling * Physically-based Modelling * Agent-based Modelling * Dynamic Modelling * 3-Dimensional Modelling * Computational Geometry * Time Series Analysis * Finite Element Methods; Simulation Tools and Techniques - * Simulation Tools * Mathematical Programming * Discrete Event Simulation * Petri Nets * Object-Oriented Implementation * Web-based Simulation * Java-based Simulation * Monte Carlo Simulation * Parallel and Distributed Simulation * Simulation Optimization * Neural Networks * Artificial Intelligence * Expert Systems * Knowledge-based Systems * Fuzzy Systems * Genetic Algorithms * Evolutionary Methods * Data Modelling * Computer-Aided Design * Multi-Paradigm Simulation * Visualization; Environmental Modelling and Simulation - * Air Modelling and Simulation * Atmospheric Modelling * Contamination * Hazardous Material * Mobile Source Emissions * Hydrological Modelling and Simulation * Hydrological Forecasting * Hydrological Processes * Water Balance Calculations * Modelling of Ground Water * Salinity Modelling * Water Pollutants * Water Quality * Effects of Climate Variability * Aquatic Ecosystems * Marine Ecosystems * Fresh Water Ecosystems * Biological Systems * Agricultural Modelling * Population Dynamics * Landscape Ecology * Terrain Analysis * Meteorological Modelling * Earth System Modelling * Climatic Modelling * Ecosystem Management * Natural Resource Management * Terrestrial Ecosystems * Resource Management * Risk Analysis * Forecasting * Economic Revitalization; Applied Simulation in the Energy Sector - * Power Systems Modelling * Modelling of Energy Sources * Power Plants Modelling * Turbine Modelling * Transmission Line Modelling * Transient Analysis * Stability Studies * Harmonics Modelling * Power Quality Analysis * Fault Simulation * Power Network Simulation * Energy Demand Modelling * Energy Economics * Electricity Market Modelling; Biomechanics Modelling - * Biotechnology * Biomedical Modelling * Medical Robotics * Medical Computer Modelling * Medical Instruments * Patient Simulators * Surgical Simulators * Surgical Training * Surgical Modelling * Simulators for General Anesthesia * Image-Guided Surgery * Cardiovascular Modelling * Arterial Wall Mechanics * Respiratory Mechanics * Artificial Heart and Valves * Orthopedic Modelling * Joint Modelling * Limb Modelling * CT Scanning * Dental Modelling * Muscular Modelling * Modelling of Sports Injuries * Medical Imaging * Tele-Medicine * Medical Education * Medical Vision * Virtual Reality * Human Animation * Health Care Modelling.

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