Power and Energy Systems    (AfricaPES 2008)

September 8 – 10, 2008
Gaborone, Botswana
Editor(s): G. O. Anderson
230 pages
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Track Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering FreeSubscription
602-014 Feasability Study of Ultra Long Distance HVDC Transmission to Japan
M. Ishikawa, T. Hano, and Souichirou (Japan)
602-017 Analysis of a Phase-Converter Performance
A. Litchev and K. Yanev (Botswana)
602-032 A Survey and Classification of Telecommunication Needs in Power Systems
A.A. Adeyemo, A.A. Jimoh, J.L. Munda, and O.J. Oyedapo (South Africa)
602-034 Design of a Reliable and Low-Cost Stand-Alone Micro Hydropower Station
K. Kusakana and J.L. Munda (South Africa)
602-036 Application of FACTS Devices to the 330kV Nigerian System for Voltage and Power Control
O.A. Komolafe, G. Adepoju (Nigeria), and R. Garcia-Valle (Denmark)
602-042 Towards a Practical Partial Core Transformer - Compensation of Reactive Power Requirements with a VSC
V. Bendre, P. Bodger, and A. Wood (New Zealand)
602-057 Comparative Analysis of Third Harmonic Injection PWM and SPWM Control Techniques for UPS Inverter
T. Wanjekeche, D.V. Nicolae, and A.A. Jimoh (South Africa)
602-070 Demand Side Optimal Strategy for Voluntary Load Shedding
J. Zhang, X. Xia, and D. Alexander (South Africa)
602-081 Stability Analysis of Centurion Electric Power System
Y. Galu, J.L. Munda, and A.A. Jimoh (South Africa)
602-082 Power Flow Studies in HVAC and HVDC Transmission Lines
D.T. Oyedokun and K.A. Folly (South Africa)
602-810 Use of Simplified Dynamic Equivalent for the Power System Stability Analysis
E.V. Mgaya, J. Tlust, and Z. Mller (Czech Republic)
602-811 Investigation and Analysis of Industrial Power Meters in Industrial Plant
J.H.C. Pretorius, K.C. Modipane, and H. Dewerajram (South Africa)
602-812 Disturbance in the Power System Caused by Auxiliary DC Installation Failure of Switchyard
M. Mesić, S. Tenjak, and S. Skok (Croatia)
Track Motors and Drives FreeSubscription
602-026 Loading Effects of a Capacitor Excited Induction Generator
E.T. Rakgati and S. Setlhaolo (Botswana)
602-033 Test Results on Synchronous Reluctance Machine with Auxilliary Winding for Leading Reactive Power Injection
A.S.O. Ogunjuyigbe, A.A. Jimoh, and D.V. Nicolae (South Africa)
602-048 Performance Evaluation of a Three-Phase Induction Machine with Auxiliary Winding Fed by a Leading Reactive Current
M.C. Muteba, A.A. Jimoh, D.V. Nicolae, and A.S.O. Ogunjuyigbe (South Africa)
602-061 A Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine-based Power Generation Research Programme
P. Gaynor, R. Webb, C. Lloyd, and P. Bodger (New Zealand)
602-080 Flatness-based Stabilisation of a Single-Axis Synchronous Generator Model with Embedded Trajectories of Motion
E.C. Anene, U.O. Aliyu (Nigeria), and J.T. Agee (Botswana)
Track Domestic Appliances FreeSubscription
602-027 Compact Flourescent Lamp (CFL) Current Spectral Analysis
A. Jakoef and H.J. Vermeulen (South Africa)
602-028 Energy Conservation in Household
P. Shipkovs, G. Kaskarova, I. Purina, K. Lebedeva, M. Rubina, J. Golunovs, I. Niedrite, and M. Jirgens (Latvia)
602-044 Energy Management in Hotel Facilities
W. Schellong (Germany)
Track Renewable Energy FreeSubscription
602-016 Effect of Brining on the Drying Rate of Tilapia in a Solar Tunnel Dryer
G.M. Kituu, D. Shitanda, C.L. Kanali, and J.T. Mailutha (Kenya)
602-029 Modelling of Generator Failures WITHIN a Wind Turbine
J.A. Andrawus (UK)
602-049 Modeling of a Solar Collectors Absorber
P. Shipkovs, M. Vanags, G. Kashkarova, K. Lebedeva, J. Shipkovs, V. Barkans, and M. Jirgens (Latvia)
602-062 Examination of MPP Algorithms for Photovoltaic Inverter Concerning Transmission Efficiency
J.C. Calvo, H. Gldner, and J. Rost (Germany)
602-063 Application of Solar Technology to Improve Energy Demand in Botswana: A Case Study
G.O. Anderson, A.Opok Opok, and B. Molefhi (Botswana)
602-065 Electrification of Isolated Areas by Interconnecting Renewable Sources (ERD Research-Action Project): Lessons Learned
B. Michelon (Switzerland), A. Nejmi (Morocco), J.D. Ghali (Switzerland), A.D. Sadi (Morocco), and J.-C. Bolay (Switzerland)
602-067 An Investigation of the Wave Energy Resource off the South African Southwest Coast
J. Joubert and E. Bosman (South Africa)
602-079 Technical Intergration Requirements for Grid Connected Wind Farms
T.T. Madangombe, K.A. Folly, A.B. Sebitosi, and P. Pillay (South Africa)
602-802 Technical Evaluation of Renewable Energy Integration into Tshwane Electricity Network
J. Giogini, J.L. Munda, and A.A. Jimoh (South Africa)
602-803 Renewable Energy Resources Barriers in Africa
U.T. Umoh (Botswana) and I.J. Ekpoh (Nigeria)
602-805 Dynamic Model and Control of Power Converters for Grid Connected Renewable Energy Systems
A.F. Nnachi, D.V. Nicolae, and A.A. Jimoh (South Africa)
602-807 Achieving Sustainable Electric Power for Southern Africa: Issues and Options
J.D. Sakala (Botswana) and J. Mutale (UK)
602-808 Technology Management Challenges Facing Wind Pumping Projects in Tanzania
J. Kihedu and C.Z.M. Kimambo (Tanzania)
Track Modelling FreeSubscription
602-051 Forecasting Model for Energy Consumption in South Africa Correlated with the Income
M.W. Siti, D.V. Nicolae, and A.A. Jimoh (South Africa)
602-066 Modeling of a Piezoelectric Beam for Voltage Generation
A. Nechivute and A.R. Akande (Botswana)
602-073 Power Balance Control using Evolutionary Algorithm
J. Novk, P. Chalupa, and V. Bobl (Czech Republic)
602-085 Usage of Direct Search Methods in Predictive Control of Ancillary Services
P. Chalupa, J. Novk, and V Bobl (Czech Republic)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
602-069 Optimal Utilization of Generators in Igbinedion University Campuses (A Case Study of the Main Campus)
S.T. Wara and A. Abayomi-Alli (Nigeria)
602-075 The Optimization of Base Station Site Placement for Unevenly Distributed Traffic using Genetic Algorithm
B.R. Philemon, A. Kurien, and Y. Hamam (South Africa)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Alternative Energy and the Environment * Renewable Energy Sources * Fuel Cell Technology * Wind Energy * Water Energy * Solar Energy * Plasma Technology * Energy Conversion * Energy Conservation Power Transmission and Generation * Power System Planning * Power System Operation * Power System Design * Converters and Inverters * HV Power Lines * Power System Stability and Control * Reliability and Security * Power Quality * Network Harmonics * Power Flow Analysis * Power Distribution * Fault Diagnosis * Grounding and Protection Systems * Nuclear Energy Regulations, Management, and Economics * Energy Policies and Regulation * Energy Management Systems * Optimization Techniques * Demand Management * Forecasting * Computer Applications and Software Development * Pricing Policies * Power Economics * Power System Planning * Power Market Deregulation * Global Restructuring * Energy Pricing * Retail Power Markets * Electricity Power Pools * Power Engineering and Education * Investment Coordination * ROI Caps * Breakdown Impacts * Problems of the Power Industry

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