Software Engineering    (SE 2007)

February 13 – 15, 2007
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): W. Hasselbring
399 pages
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Track Project Management and Development Process FreeSubscription
552-033 Designing an Automated Staff and Organization Performance Appraisal System: A Web-based Approach
L. Ab Rahim, A.I.Z. Abidin, and A.R. Shazi (Malaysia)
552-059 A Checklist for Evaluating the Software Problem Management Model: A Case Study
M. Jäntti, A. Miettinen, and K. Vähäkainu (Finland)
552-064 Nextmove: A Distributed Project Management Tool
D.K.M. Mak and P.K. Kruchten (Canada)
552-095 PROMEP: A Metamodel for Define, Implement and Improve the Project Management Processes in SMES
G. Cuevas, J.A. Calvo-Manzano, I. Garcia, and T. San Feliu (Spain)
552-118 Towards Engineering Web-Services
A. Zeid and R. Amir (Egypt)
552-120 Discussion of Issues and Recommendations in Running One Semester Major Development Project for Postgraduate Courses
J. Kumar (Australia)
552-141 Empirical Investigation on Knowledge Packaging Supporting Risk Management in Software Processes
P. Ardimento, N. Boffoli, M. Cimitile, A. Masone, and A. Tammaro (Italy)
552-166 A Development Methodology for Moderately Open Multi-Agent Systems
A. Garcés, R. Quirós, M. Chover, J. Huerta, and E. Camahort (Spain)
552-803 LOWCOST: Local Organization Search with Consolidated Ontologies for Name, Space and Time
C. Snae and M. Brueckner (Thailand)
Track Agility, Evolution, and Requirements FreeSubscription
552-014 Improving Agile Software Development by the Application of Method Engineering Practices
B. Henderson-Sellers, M.K. Serour, C. Gonzalez-Perez, and A. Qumer (Australia)
552-038 Towards an Agile Process Pattern Modeling Framework
X. Larrucea and T. Bozheva (Spain)
552-070 Requirements Change Management Process Models: An Evaluation
N. Ikram and S. Ramzan (Pakistan)
552-081 Enhancing Extreme Programming (XP) with Environment Analysis
F. Keenan (Ireland) and D. Bustard (UK)
552-111 A Revision-based Logical Framework for Evolvable Software
H. Barringer, D. Rydeheard, B. Warboys, and D. Gabbay (UK)
552-135 The Role of Domain Knowledge Representation in Requirements Elicitation
A. Osada, D. Ozawa, H. Kaiya, and K. Kaijiri (Japan)
552-144 Applying MAS-CommonKADS Methodology in Knowledge Management Problem in Call Centers
F. Peyravi and F. Taghyareh (Iran)
552-801 Improving Requirements Engineering from the Client's Perspective in the Health Care Domain
I. Minkkinen and A. Eerola (Finland)
Track Concurrency and Distributed Systems FreeSubscription
552-048 Load Balancing for RFID Middlewares based on Agent Technology
J.F. Cui and H.S. Chae (South Korea)
552-063 A Network Programming Language based on Concurrent Processes and Regular Expressions
K. Hatori and K. Hiraki (Japan)
552-066 Runtime Race Detection for Multi-Threaded C++ Server Applications
A. Mühlenfeld and F. Wotawa (Austria)
552-086 Web based Middleware Framework for Interoperability between Heterogeneous, Distributed Biodiversity Data Resources
R. Sundaravadivelu, R.J. White, A.C. Jones, and W.A. Gray (UK)
552-088 On Synchronization with Direct Delaying and Resuming
L. Kotulski, L. Fryz, and T. Gorazd (Poland)
552-149 A Survey of Context-Aware Middleware
K.E. Kjær (Denmark)
552-152 Model-Driven Declaration-based Event-Enabled Application-to-Portal Integration
K. Sankarachary (USA)
552-807 3-Dimensional Simulator for Multiple Robot System using TCP-IP
N.Y. Ko, D.J. Seo, K.J. Kim, J.A. Park, J. Lee, J. Hwang, and J. Jun (Korea)
Track Tools FreeSubscription
552-053 GRACE: Automated Slicing for Visual Basic
J. Korpi and J. Koskinen (Finland)
552-077 Aragon: An Industrial Strength Eclipse Tool for MMI Design for Mobile Systems
J. Pichler, H. Praehofer, G. Reisinger, and G. Leonhartsberger (Austria)
552-090 An Efficient Mechanism for Matching Multiple Patterns with Streamed XML Data
A. Hinnerichs and E. Höfig (Germany)
552-112 IR-Case Tool
J. Ferreira, A. Silva, and J. Delgado (Portugal)
552-116 Java Debugging Laboratory for Automatic Generation and Analysis of Trace Data
S. Alekseev (Germany)
552-117 Source Code Enhancement using Reduction of Duplicated Code
S.M. Nasehi, G.R. Sotudeh, and M. Gomrokchi (Iran)
552-122 Using Computing-All-Slices Algorithm in Measuring Functional Cohesion
J. Al Dallal (Kuwait)
552-129 A Practical Approach to Task-Dialog and Abstract Presentation Modeling of Graphical User Interfaces
S. Römer, J. Mayer, F. Schweiggert, M. Maier, and T. Vollmer (Germany)
Track Product Lines and Components FreeSubscription
552-024 Component-based Software Development with Component Variants
Y. Altunel and M.R. Tolun (Turkey)
552-029 Rationale-based Variability Management in Product Line Requirements Engineering
A.K. Thurimella (Germany)
552-044 Automated Exchange of Software Resources, Components, Services, and Products
T. Putnam and K. Liu (UK)
552-047 A Collaborative Approach for Product Line Scoping: A Case Study in Collaboration Engineering
M.A. Noor, P. Grünbacher (Austria), and R.O. Briggs (USA)
552-055 Modelling Compositions of Modular Embedded Software Product Lines
W. Friess, J. Sincero, and W. Schroeder-Preikschat (Germany)
552-115 Introducing Fault Tree Analysis into Product Line Software Engineering for Exception Handling Feature Exploitation
A. Noda, T. Nakanishi, T. Kitasuka, and A. Fukuda (Japan)
552-130 Design Time Employment Optimization for Component based Systems
B. Boone, T. Verdickt, B. Dhoedt, and F. De Turck (Belgium)
Track Testing FreeSubscription
552-030 Input Parameter Modeling for Combination Strategies
M. Grindal (Sweden) and J. Offutt (USA)
552-037 Systematic Approach for using the Classification Tree Method for Testing Complex Software-Systems
S. Alekseev, R. Tiede, and P. Tollkühn (Germany)
552-041 An Approach for the Maximum Clique Finding Problem Test Tool Software Engineering
D. Kumlander (Estonia)
552-058 Test-Case Prioritization with Model-Checkers
G. Fraser and F. Wotawa (Austria)
552-087 A Learning Support Tool for Testing Java Programs
N. Kamigochi and S. Matsuura (Japan)
552-092 Generative Hierarchical Contracts for Conformance Testing of Sequential Containers
J.-P. Corriveau and S. Bashardoust-Tajali (Canada)
552-146 Software Defect Prediction using Artificial Immune Recognition System
C. Catal and B. Diri (Turkey)
552-168 Accelerating Time to Market by Reducing System Test Time
A. Santana, T.C.M.B. Carvalho (Brazil), P.G. Crumley, J.E. Moreira, A. Sanomiya, and R.A. Swetz (USA)
Track Embedded Systems and Security FreeSubscription
552-028 Flow-Insensitive Static Analysis for Detecting Integer Anomalies in Programs
D. Sarkar, M. Jagannathan, J. Thiagarajan, and R. Venkatapathy (USA)
552-039 Java Virtual Machines Behavior on Embedded Systems
K. Ammous, N. Benameur, and S. Niar (France)
552-061 A Survey of the Problems of Time-Stamping or Why it is Necessary to Have Another Time-Stamping Scheme
C. Marinescu and N. Ţǎpuş (Romania)
552-080 Runtime Adaptation in Safety-Critical Automotive Systems
M. Trapp, R. Adler, M. Förster, and J. Junger (Germany)
552-131 Runtime Implementation Switching for Resource Constrainted Devices
R. Hens, F. De Turck, and B. Dhoedt (Belgium)
552-155 Integrating Testability into the Development Process of Reactive Systems
H.V. Do, M. Delaunay, and C. Robach (France)
552-162 Embedded Functional Programming in Hume
G. Patai and P. Hanák (Hungary)
Track Software Architecture FreeSubscription
552-010 Quality Management Activities for Software Architecture and Software Architecture Process
N. Hämäläinen (Finland)
552-043 Towards a Semantic Web Layered Architecture
A.J. Gerber, A. Barnard, and A.J. van der Merwe (South Africa)
552-051 Aligning System Architectures on Requirements of Mobile Business Processes
V. Gruhn and A. Köhler (Germany)
552-139 Architecture and Algorithms of a CSCW-based Sales Forecasting System
F. Xu, Z. Fang, H. Yang, T. Pan, and D. Zhang (PRC)
552-153 Security Architecture for Process Management in Heterogeneous Data Warehouse Environments
G.A. Santana Torrellas (Mexico)
552-159 Large Scale Modeling Efforts: A Survey on Challenges and Best Practices
H. Störrle (Austria)
552-165 Addressing Separation of Concerns in Software Engineering Environments
E.Y. Nakagawa, A. da Silva Simão, and J.C. Maldonado (Brazil)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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Requirements; Software Architectures; Software Methodologies; Software Algorithms; Software Design and Development; Software Engineering; Software Tools; Software Maintenance; Software Metrics; Software Testing; Reliability; Quality Assurance; Software Evaluation; Reusability; Verification and Validation; Fault Tolerance; Software Agents; Programming Tools and Languages; Internet Computing (JAVA, CORBA, XML); Web-based Software Engineering; The Internet and Intranet; Semantic Web; Object-Oriented Analysis and Design; Visualization; Optimization; Security; Software for Parallel and Distributed Systems; Mobile and Wireless Computing; Communication Software and Protocols; Graphical User Interfaces; Human Computer Interaction; Copyright Issues; Cooperative Work Support; Standards; Project Management; Education; Software Performance Engineering; and Applications.

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