Software Engineering    (SE 2009)

February 17 – 19, 2009
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): R. Breu
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Track Modelling FreeSubscription
642-006 An Integrated View on Modeling with Multiple Domain-Specific Languages
H. Lochmann (Germany) and A. Hessellund (Denmark)
642-011 Applying Semiautomatic Generation of Conceptual Models to Decision Support Systems Domain
M. Nurminen, P. Suominen, S. Äyrämö, and T. Kärkkäinen (Finland)
642-015 Extension and Evaluation of an Automatic Visualization Tool �Avis� for Programming Education
Y. Kita, T. Tokunaga, T. Katayama, and S. Tomita (Japan)
642-026 Software Visualization with Attachable Display Classes
T. Shimomura, K. Ikeda, and M. Takahashi (Japan)
642-031 Towards a Fast, Efficient and Customizable Domain-Specific Modeling Framework
L. Angyal, M. Asztalos, L. Lengyel, T. Levendovszky, I. Madari, G. Mezei, T. Mészáros, L. Siroki, and T. Vajk (Hungary)
642-033 Defining a Notation for Creating and Tailoring Reusable Processes to Develop Educational Software
I. Garcia, C. Pacheco, and W. Garcia (Mexico)
Track Quality Management FreeSubscription
642-023 Saving and Restoring Server Side Information for Regression Testing of Web Application
Y. Imazeki and S. Takada (Japan)
642-027 Server-Side Regression Test for Web Application Developments
Q.L. Chen, T. Shimomura, and K. Ikeda (Japan)
642-030 Three-Level Analysis for Shared Understanding of Information Systems Development
M. Toivanen, I. Luukkonen, and J. Mykkänen (Finland)
642-034 Weighted Criteria Hybrid Model for Ranking Commercial Off-The-Shelf Products
H. Ibrahim, B.H. Far (Canada), and A. Eberlein (UAE)
Track Requirements and Processes FreeSubscription
642-012 A Systematic Approach for the Identification of Process Reference Models
A.J. van der Merwe and P. Kotzé (South Africa)
642-037 Dynamic Software Development: A Customer-Oriented Approach
A. Meligy and Y. Al-Masa'fah (Jordan)
642-046 Factors in Project Management Influencing Repeat Business
J. van Ekris (The Netherlands)
642-054 Effective Communication and Coordination: A Comparison of Requirements Validation Techniques in GSD
A. Munir and N. Ikram (Pakistan)
642-059 A Survey of Software Engineering Practices in the Software Industry
A. Zainol and S. Mansoor (UK)
Track Security Engineering and Architecture FreeSubscription
642-003 A Security Patch Management Model
T. Uemura and T. Dohi (Japan)
642-017 Requirements of a Security Framework for the Semantic Web
I.R. Mbaya, A.J. Gerber, and A.J. van der Merwe (South Africa)
642-025 Towards Writing Secure Software Requirements
C. Busby-Earle and E.K. Mugisa (Jamaica)
642-044 Dynamic Integration of Context Model Constraints in Web Service Processes
K.Y. Bandara, M.X. Wang, and C. Pahl (Ireland)
642-049 Fat Edges: A New Approach for Partial Persistence of Hierarchical Data in a Relational Database
C. Ernstbrunner, W. Hargassner, and J. Pichler (Austria)
642-056 Effects of Technical Abilities and Phishing Knowledge on Phishing Websites Detection
A. Alnajim and M. Munro (UK)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
642-016 Generic Arbitrations for Test Reporting
J. Chimiak-Opoka, S. Löw, M. Felderer, R. Breu (Austria), F. Fiedler, F. Schupp (Germany), and M. Breu (Austria)
642-018 Concepts for Model-based Requirements Testing of Service Oriented Systems
M. Felderer, R. Breu, J. Chimiak-Opoka, M. Breu (Austria), and F. Schupp (Germany)
642-021 An Efficient Lineage Tracing in a Data Warehouse
I.A.R. Moghrabi (Kuwait)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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